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Author's Note: So this is my second fanfic...it's another oneshot...It's mean to be want happened in between Cloud leaving Healin Lodge and Kadaj arriving. For some reason I had a strong urge to write this! I literally did this in an hour so it may not be a great piece of writing!! PLEASE review as I really enjoy reading your views and they inspire me to get better!!! It would make me very very happy! And so would requests :D Anyway stop reading this and get on with reading the fic!! Hope you enjoy!! :D

''C'mon! With your help, together we can rebuild Shin-Ra!'' Reno smiled at the blonde in front of him.

''Not interested...'' Cloud shook his head, pushing past Reno.

''Reno!...'' Rude and the President growled at the young Turk.

The red head cringed as the door swung shut, leaving him once again locked out.

I should really learn to keep my mouth shut....

Reno looked at the door in front of him and approached it cautiously as if it might bite him. Slowly he knocked on the door.

''Yo...dude's...let me in...'' the Turk shouted through the door.

All Reno could hear was the gentle slashing from the waterfall and the soft breeze blowing through the trees which surrounded the Healin Lodge.

It seemed like forever until he finally got a response.

''No'' Grunted a voice from inside.

''Ah...come on Rude! It's chilly out here and I'm a delicate flower!'' Reno was now getting quite cold.

''You can stay out there until you learn to hold your tongue'' He recognised the presidents voice immediately.

''But...I...'' Reno began, but soon realised he was fighting a losing battle...

Five more minutes pasted, while Reno stood on the spot, rocking back and forward on his heals...

He was getting bored.

''...Oh come on Rufus I'm sorry OK!!!'' The Turk shouted through the door. He never did have much patience.

''The President's gone back to his room Reno...''

''Well now sit 'n' spin's gone can't you let me in?!''


''Fine! I'll stay out here!''

Screw him then...it's bloody freezing out here...I hope my skin doesn't get chapped...I'm to pretty to have chapped skin...stupid Cloud...blonde spiky haired freak...all angsty...always brooding...he'd make a great vampire...

Reno had been so wrapped up in his thoughts he hadn't noticed the three bikes approaching. It was only when they got quite close he finally saw them.

Huh...wonder what they want...They look familiar...I never knew Sephiroth had sisters...Yo and hot sister's too!

''Hey Rude! Did you know Sephiroth had sister's?!''

''Excuse me...'' Reno had certainly got his attention.

''Yeah some silver haired hotties are approaching...Yo and in leather too!'' Reno smirked...he liked a girl in leather...

''Reno...I don't think they're his sister's'' Rude had come outside and now stood behind him. ''I believe that's Kadaj and his gang...''

''What! They're dude's!''

Great...the only good looking people to actually come here and they're bloody guys...I gotta get out more...

Rude placed his hand on on Reno's shoulder.

''I think we better inform the President.''