Chapter One

Some people believe that there three dimensions. The past, the present, and the future. But the question is, is there a wormhole from which we can go forward or back into the past?. Is the past going on right now?. Maybe so. But only one person knows the answers and that person was Lila Henson.

The sight was breathtaking. That was Lila's thought as she watched the sun go down as if it were going into the ocean. It never ceased to awe her. The only thing Lila truly wanted was love. A kind of unconditional love that Lila could only dream of. Her best friend was supposed to meet her on the beach in few minutes. May had been Lila's friend ever since fourth grade. Lila had been a new student in a new town when May had shown her that friendship could last for years."Hey" May called from the distance. The sudden shout drew Lila out of her thoughts into reality. When May finally reached her she was out of breath and panting." Hey May' Lila greeted her friend warmly "The reason I wanted you to meet me on the beach is because I had to tell you that I'm going to Georgia for a few weeks and I'll miss your birthday". Lila had promised to always be there for May on her birthday because that's when her mother died, what a great birthday present Lila thought."Oh,it's ok I'll have Jade come over instead" May said sadly." "Well if your sure I'll be leaving on a train tomorrow then."

The next morning Lila got up to the bright crossed the room to look into the mirror as she did every face she saw was so honey hair and cat like emerald eyes she looked nothing like her parents with their darker features.

. Yesterday she felt guilty about missing May's birthday and breaking her promise but now she was relieved and couldn't wait to see Michael.

Now standing at the train station so excited she could hardly contain herself, Lila's thoughts drifted to Michael whom she hadn't seen since she was five when her parents decided to move to Florida. The decision for her to come to Georgia was made while talking to Michael a week ago.19 years old and this was Lila's first time riding on a train." All aboard called the conductor.

All of a sudden there was a middle aged man by her side." May I help you with you with your luggage little lady?." Yes, thank you sir" she replied to the big man." So what's your name?" he asked her." Lila, and yours"?."Ben"he told her.

Sitting in her seat Lila thought about the big man who had helped her, he had given this strange ancient brooch then he had disappeared. How strange she thought, then she drifted into peaceful sleep. Dreams about what Georgia would be like. Beautiful country land where you feel as though you float up into oblivion up into the heavens above. The most pretty tints of purples and pinks when the sun went down. A place where peace was made not destroyed. That's how Michael had described it on the phone. God, she could only imagine. Lila needed to get away to away from the noisy beaches of Florida.

Lila awoke with a start to see a man's face looming before hers