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Chapter 1

It was a sunny Thursday afternoon, and Carly and I were sitting on her couch, watching Girly Cow and sipping experimental rhubarb pie smoothies (my recipe). They tasted like heaven itself. Oh, sweet, sweet summer vacation.

"Sam, Carly, you'll never guess!" Freddie bounded through the door of Carly's apartment.

"You're moving out of your crib and into a big boy bed?" Ha. She shoots, she scores.

Freddie gave me that one 'not-amused' face of his. "Ha, ha. Mature, Sam. "

I grinned at him. Cute little dork.

"Anyways, if you care to – "

"Taste this smoothie," I handed him my tall glass. He looked at it suspiciously.

"I washed my hands, and I didn't put anything funny in there."

Cautiously, he took a sip, then his face lit up a little.

"Wow," he said after a moment. "That's amazing! What's in it?"

"Pulverized rhubarb pie, cranberry juice, applesauce, little of this, little of that, lots of looooove," I recited. "It rocks, right?"

"Mmhmm…" he slurped at my smoothie. "I can totally taste the love," he laughed.

"Hey, dork, you can't have all of it!" I lunged at him and tried to pry the smoothie from his fingers. He held it easily out of my reach. When did he get so tall? Darn puberty.

"You know what?" He said, smirking at my vain attempts to steal back my drink, "This is better than amazing. It's…nice."

He emphasized the word. My throat contracted as I caught his drift, and I felt my ears burn. He hadn't mentioned that since….

Get a hold of yourself, Puckett, I thought frantically. He wasn't going to get away with that.

I took a deep breath and said, "Well, I totally hate it, so that's probably why." I made a face and hoped it came out as confident and conspiratorial. Freddie smirked.

"Okay, what the hell?" asked Carly from the couch. I'd kinda forgotten about her. I looked at myself. My hand was resting on Freddie's chest as he held the rhubarb smoothie over my head. Our faces were suspiciously close together.

Well this must look strange.

I stepped back, clearing my throat.

Carly started in, "What are you two—"



"Back to the thing…" Freddie whipped something out of his pocket with supreme dork dramatic-ness. "I have…three tickets to the Cuttlefish Concert on the beach this Saturday!"

Carly and I were silent for a moment, processing it, and then we simultaneously squealed like a couple of fangirls. Freddie looked very pleased with himself.


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