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Chapter 1: Fate's on my side!

I've been living with these two men for over a year now, Kisame and I get along great it's the other man I'm worried about, Itachi has continued to ignore me for more than a year now, I mean he'll talk to me every once in a while but he's just so cold. I look over at Kisame who is in the kitchen with me; he's drinking his cup of coffee and talking to me as I wash the dishes.

"Kisame," I listen as Itachi comes into the entryway of the kitchen, I turn back as Kisame looks in my direction and I nod, my eyes wander to Itachi's back as he walks out of the entryway and into the living room to talk in private with the man he's partnered with in the Organization known as: Akatsuki, they'll probably be going on a mission. After a few minutes Kisame comes back into the kitchen with a sad expression and an empty mug, I get a hold of the cup before he could think of washing it.

"Sorry Hinata! We've got to get going! Well come back once we're done," I smile and nod my eyes look at Itachi as he passes by the kitchen's entrance and think back to the day he found me wounded and in the rain…

(I know some people hate italics but they so work for recalling memories!!)

My team and I were sent on a mission and once we completed the mission we saw Sasuke pass by in the village we were currently leaving. Kurenai-sensei said we shouldn't do anything it wasn't part of our current mission but I asked her to please make an exception, I was reacting like this because I know how much Sasuke means to Naruto, the boy I love. She gave in after Kiba and Shino said that it was our duty as Konoha shinobi to bring back our fellow classmate, I was thankful to them. Kurenai-sensei told us that our mission was to tail Sasuke and find out his location we weren't to engage him.

But we did, he found us and killed my team and left me for dead with them. Sadly I lived and felt I was in fact going to die. I dug their graves for all four teammates. I figured if I were to die because I was digging their grave then that was the least I can do, after all I was the cause of their death, if I hadn't asked them then none of this would've happened.

But, it wasn't meant to be and instead of dying; I was meant to take revenge on their behalf!

So I got up and looked down at the fresh dirt graves and bowed my head with tears streaming down my cheeks.

"Right here in front of you guys, I promise to kill Sasuke for you guys!! I promise! I won't care how Naruto feels because the way I feel…I feel so…" but I couldn't go on instead I fell to my knees crying so hard that the wounds in stomach and chest had my blood gushing out of them.

I wandered around for I don't know how long, I can recall people seeing me and running away in fear, they didn't help me instead they fled at the sight of me, I didn't receive any help and so I stopped trying to ask for help instead I wandered into the forest wondering at every moment if I was going to die then and there.

The truth is I've given up but one day as it rained heavily and it felt that I gained twenty pounds too heavy to walk I just laid there waiting for me to finally die. My wounds were nasty crusty on the outside but gooey and rotten inside, I just looked up at the moon my eyelids growing heavy when I heard two sets of feet come close to me, I looked up at them and saw one man surrounded in darkness put his exterior was glowing, what I do remember was my hand stretching out to touch him hoping to make him brighter because something in me wished for him to walk proudly in the sun…

Next thing I knew I woke up in a warm bed, I was confused one minute I was laying in the rain awaiting my death and now I'm in a comfortable bed sleeping, my eyelids felt heavy and wanted to go down, the light shining in the room was too much for me and I slid down in the huge bed to hide from the light and brought up the covers. I felt a sting at the location of my wounds but that's all that was when I noticed that I wasn't dressed, like I usually am, I had on loose man's pajama bottoms and a man's pajama top.

"Oi, Itachi I think she's awake because I can't see her head, she's probably under the covers all embarrassed that we saw her naked!! Shouldn't you come to check on her? After all she's your patient!" I hear a man yell, I take a peek as I kind of remove the covers and see a blue shark man towering over me, I can't help it and I scream out in fear and hide back under the covers. "Better than I expected, for a minute I thought you were going to faint," I hear him mutter.

"W-what?" I find myself whispering to the man.

"Ah, it's because you look like one of those fragile characters and so I thought you'd faint at the sight of me," he answers, I find myself giggling under the blankets.

"N-no! I-I was just t-taken a-aback! I'm not scared nor am I fragile!" I say removing the covers from my head and I sit up, I smile up at him, and he grins showing his sharp teeth, wait he wouldn't feed me to get me fat then eat me? I swallow down my doubt and keep my smile on my mouth.

"That's good because I really wouldn't want your parents or something come after us, after all we have enough trouble with the villages," he murmurs.

"Eh?" this is not like me, and then I notice his coat and look up to see a Mist headband with the village symbol a line scratched through it, wait he couldn't be? "Are you from Akatsuki?" I inquiry him, he nods.

"You're from Leaf aren't you?" he questions me, my mouth suddenly grows dry as I nod, his smile widens, "you know the nine-tails brat?" he asks leaning a bit into me, I lean back further onto the headboard.

"N-no-o," I lie, "never-r talked to him-m; my father forbid me to make-e contact with h-him," I say.

"Really? I thought he was loved by the village," he answers.

"He isn't," I hear a voice say I look up at the doorway and see Itachi Uchiha, the man that killed his whole clan, the man of legend, he's here…he is standing right in front of me, what should I do? Should I run? But I can't my body won't respond. "Let's go," he says to the guy next to me.

"Wait! Itachi should we just leave her?" the man asks, "shouldn't we take care of her to make sure she doesn't runaway to tell her village our location?" he chases after him, I sit here shocked that the killer was in the same room as me, he talked in front of me. Should I run to the village and tell them what happened?

I think back to the promise I made my team, and find myself wanting to get close to Itachi, so that I can learn from him, after all who better to teach me about Sasuke then his older brother?

Honestly fate must be on my side…

But still it's been over an year that I'm with them and not once have I asked Itachi to take me on as his pupil, I've never had the chance…ah, who am I kidding! I haven't even thought of that not since I first came up with the idea. It must have been because of what Kisame said after they came back.

(Yes, I'm going back to the italics!!!)

I was perplexed when they came back after a week, so as I was humming to a song as I cleaned the living room and I saw the shark man stand there in the entrance of the small house with an annoyed Itachi next to him, I felt my face turn bright red, I bow at them.

"Oi, you didn't run away! I for sure thought you would! And you're cleaning the house? What the hell I need to sit!" he shouts as he sits down on one of the couches that's in the living room, Itachi doesn't even look at me as he walks away. "He's in a foul mood," he explains to me, I nod watching Itachi as he opens the door to one of the rooms I didn't go into.

"Was the mission difficult?" I inquire innocently; he shakes his head in disagreement.

"Nope! Hey what's your name?" he asks looking up at me, I smile.

"I'm Hinata Hyuga pleased to meet you," I answer as I bow at him.

"Oh, Hinata! My name is Kisame, pleased to make your acquaintance!" he tells me with a smile, good now I know his name I can call him by his name instead of shark man!

"It's nice to finally know your name," I say sitting down in the sofa opposite him.

"I know!" he says, "so how have you been for the past week?" Kisame asks me.

"Oh, I was fine! Thanks for asking," I say looking up at him.

"That's good because if you plan to stay with us, half the time we probably won't be here, we got busy lives you know," he says.

"It's okay if I do stay?" I wonder out loud.

"Yeah, after all you went through, I thought you were a goner kid!" he says, "was it your father who did that to you? Was he the one that tried to kill you?" Kisame asks me leaning away from the sofa and towards me, my eyes become wider.

"No, it was a mission and my team and I encountered a bad man and he killed them all, he thought I was dead that's why he just left, he didn't bother to find out if I was alive or what," I confess looking down at my trembling hands.

"You know we are bad men too? We've killed countless of men for Akatsuki, actually I was surprised Itachi got you like he did, we've encountered hundreds of people near death and he never once picked anyone else up to help them. He even carried you like a Princess and fed you while you were in and out of consciousness!" Kisame tells me in a surprised voice, I lean back feeling a bit shocked. Those days are a blur to me I can't recall any of them! I'm shocked that he did this for me, but why would Itachi do it?

Just then he comes out of his room and stares at Kisame.

"He summoned us," he says, I stand up and bow at Itachi.

"Thank you for saving me! Thanks," I say to him with my head bent down, I really can't express my thanks; my face turns red as I keep my gaze down at the floor.

"We have a new mission," he says walking towards the entrance of the house; I slowly get up and watch as he stands at the door waiting for Kisame.

"What? We just finished one? Can't we have a break?" I wouldn't have taken Kisame as a complainer, he turns around to look at me, and "we'll be back in a bit!" he shouts over his shoulder I nod.

"Have a safe trip!" I shout at their backs.

"You take care, and watch over the house while we're gone," he says, I smile and nod then my eyes wander to the dark and silent man's back, he didn't even look at me…

I haven't even thought about my team mates who died, I don't think about them…I feel so stupid for not worrying or thinking about them. I'm stupid for not doing anything…stupid and pathetic, I should have at least trained to become strong but no, I haven't…

I walk out of the store sighing, I bow at the man behind the counter as I close the door he smiles, I've gotten accustomed around this small village in the border of the Hidden Rain, where we live there is no shinobi village just small villages that have no allegiance to any one nation.

I kick the rock in front of me, and let out another sigh.

"Are the bags too heavy for you? We could help?" I turn back to see a group of four boys about my age following behind me, I smile and shake my head.

"Thank you for the offer but I can do it just fine on my own," I say giving them my back.

"Are you sure there are an awful lot of bags you have to carry there by yourself, do you live alone?" he asks me and some of his friends chuckle, what's so funny about that question?

"No, I live with two men," I answer glancing over my shoulder back at them.

"Are they your family?" one asks.

"No, they are…" what are they? Are they friends or what? Maybe just men I sleep with? Wait that sounds dirty!

"Who are they?" someone asks me.

"Roommates!" I answer without much thought.

"Are they at home?" my they sure ask a lot of questions!

"No, they are on a mission at the moment," I answer walking faster; the bags are pretty heavy…

"So you are alone?" the first guy who talked to me asks, I nod not knowing why I'm answering all their questions.

Maybe it is because I'm always alone and I would like someone to talk to, I wish I could make some friends. I mean Kisame is a nice man but he's just that, a guy, and Itachi, well he hardly speaks to me much less looks at me.

"Is it okay if we come over?" one guy asks, I whirl around feeling my cheeks heat up and smile.

"Really? Will you guys be my friends?" I ask, what has come over me?

"Sure!" they all answer together with a laugh, I tilt my head to the side and smile at them then I see someone behind them, and feel my smile widen as I notice who it is. "Master Itachi!!" I've gotten used to calling him that on occasion. "I'm surprised to see you so soon! Is Kisame with you?" I ask looking around for the man.

The guys turn around to look at who I'm talking to.

"I thought you said they were away?" the first guy who originally spoke to me asks.

"Who are they?" Itachi questions me walking to us.

"Some guys I found in the village, they were asking if it was okay to come over, is it fine with you Itachi?" I ask the man who slowly makes his way to us; he glares up at the boys.

"Have they been following you?" he asks not bothering to look up at me but keeps his deadly glare on the boys.

"Yes, and asking questions is something the matter?" I ask him growing a bit worried.

"Scram," he says in a low voice that for a minute I thought it was my imagination.

They guys laugh, "No," some say others look on seeming a bit terrified.

Without even reaching for his weapons pouch he throws something and I see a kunai going towards one of the boys.

"Don't you harm one hair on her, next time you see her, you run away," Itachi's voice is so cold that it brings chills up my spine, why is he talking like this? All of the guys run for it some scream like little girls others just run so fast that I think the wind is carrying them.

"What was that? Itachi are you fine?" I ask him, he glares up at me.

"Weren't you taught not to speak to strangers?" he asks me in a low voice, I nod. "Then why don't you follow what you were taught?" he questions me as he comes over to me and takes some of the bags out of my hold by force.

"They aren't strangers, they are villagers," I say as I run after Itachi who is walking quite quickly.

"Do you know them personally?" he asks sounding peeved.

"No, I just met them today on my way home," I say looking down at the ground.

"Don't talk to anyone in the village," he orders me, I feel the tears burn my eyes.

"But I get…I'm kind of lonely…" I whisper at his back. "You guys are mostly away, and leave me here all alone, I'd like to talk to people…an-and m-make-e some-e friends-s-s-s," I confess feeling like a child.

"You aren't our prisoner; you can leave any time you want, we aren't obligating you to stay with us," he says coldly and walks up ahead. I've gotten used to being with them that I've forgotten I'm not a part of their lives I'm just someone who's crashing at their home.

He never saw me as anything else, I'm such an idiot for thinking we had something more, kind of like a friendship of sorts, but I was wrong…maybe I was the only one who thought that…

I stand outside the house not wanting to go in, I…I don't understand Itachi…I sigh leaning against the front of the house; I should go in though instead of just standing out here. But if I don't stay here where would I go? Back to the village where everyone must have forgotten about me? Or should I search for Sasuke and kill him like I vowed to?

"Are you going to be mopping outside the house?" I hear Itachi say I look back at the front door of the house and find him leaning out glaring at me. "Inside," he says before going back into the house, I stand here a minute longer pondering my choices but forget everything and walk in cautiously not sure what's to come.

"U-um-m-m…w-where-e w-would-d you like-e me-e to store-e these things-s-s?" I ask him looking down at the floor to avoid his eyes; I'm such a chicken and push over.

"What I said was true, there is nothing keeping you in this place why don't you just leave already? Why must you stay with us? Wasn't your life in Konoha good? Go back and leave me alone," he says to me in a cold voice.

For all of the past year, Itachi Uchiha has not said more than twenty words to me in a day; never made eye-contact, was courteous enough; said thanks after every meal, pat me on the head about three times; called me by my name one time, never talks about his life before Akatsuki and has never talked about the stuff he and Kisame do in the Organization or why killed his family; never in the whole year I've been with him has he really acknowledged me.

Nothing deep and meaningful has ever escaped his lips at least not in my presence, so to hear him repeat himself once more in such a tone makes me break, the tears fall quickly and the hiccups shake my whole body, my core has been removed and the earth under my feet; the very same Earth that kept me up has vanished and now I have nothing to keep me up.

Everything I believed in has been shattered, like that perfect vase that was the most beautiful and made the flowers adorned in it seem to shine, I've broken into millions of pieces and no human alive can gather them all…

"W-why-y…d-d-did y-you-u-u s-s-s-save me-e-e then-n?" I scream out at him, he takes a step back his eyes growing a bit big at the shock of my outburst, my arms circle my middle, I glare up at the man that saved my life, "I-I was g-going to die-e and I-I was-s-s fine!!! I a-accepted my f-fate-e-e so why-y-y-y was I save-ed-ed by you??!"

He doesn't answer I just sense his eyes on me, will he answer or will he just give me his back like always?

"I don't know I can't figure that out…" I hear his voice over my sobs, I gasp looking up only to find him gone, I stand here alone…like always…alone…just me...

Only I feel this pain of loneliness…

I close myself off in my room, being close to her is dangerous, she's one scary girl, I stand here; can't believe me: Itachi Uchiha is scared of some girl.

I can't even understand what I did last year, why did I save her? I took care of her without any ulterior motives; I wasn't thinking of using her or anything, I just say her on the brink of death and decided to do everything I can to save her.

Honestly those were not the actions of a mass murder. But there was something about her that reminded me of Sasuke, she was helpless just like Sasuke was when I killed all the Uchiha's. She looked like an outsider who always looks in but is never invited, instead she's supposed to be happy just watching from the outside. That's what was going through my mind as I saw her there lying against the tree trunk, her whole body drenched in rain, then those near death eyes looked up at me, and her hand reached out to me and I took a hold of it; something in me hummed as I took her hand and carried her back to the house I've been staying at with Kisame.

I carried her in my arms, she was lighter then I imagined, she was almost skin and bones, the wet clothes she had on added weight but she was still really light in my arms.

I admit I by myself nursed her back to health, Kisame told me it was a lost cause but I disagreed sure I didn't say my thoughts out loud but kept them inside, and believed that she would become health and she did.

At first I thought she would hate me and run screaming when she found out it was me who nursed her back to health but to my utter surprise that wasn't the case, instead she just smiled and gave me her thanks. For a minute I was looking for the cameras waiting for someone to come out saying that I was caught on hidden camera but that didn't happen. Every day for the first week, I would wake up expecting to find her gone but nope she would always be awake and in the kitchen cooking for us.

And my heart beat would quicken at her sight in there cooking with a blush on her pale cheeks with time her figure would grow more womanly as she had steady meals, her short hair grew longer. Kisame would then tell me to order her to cut her hair but I refused…

"Come on just go in to her room and order her to cut her hair, it's too long, you can't even see her eyes!!! How fair is that? She'll listen to you because she thinks highly of you!" he shouts, I look away feeling a slight blush appear on my cheeks and if Kisame sees that he'll tease me.

"No, I'm not her dad to tell her to do something, if she wants to she'll do it," I say to him, he lets out a long exaggerated sigh.

"You are an idiot! Can't you tell she has no money to pay and she's too afraid to ask you or me for money! How do you expect her to pay for a haircut if she has no cash?" he shouts, oh, yeah, I glare up at Kisame.

"Why don't you give her?" I ask narrowing my eyes at him, he takes a step back.

"She won't accept it from me! She favors you more!"

"That's a lie, she talks to you more," I say giving him my back. What am I supposed to say? Hey why is Kisame pushing me to tell her this? Does he know something I don't?

"So? She cares more about what you think then me," Kisame says with a bit of hurt in his voice.

"Do you like her?" I question the man, he directs his eyes at me.

"No, but she's a weak child; she's shy beyond words, a pushover and someone that is easily controlled," those are all bad things where is he getting at? "Yet none of those annoying things faze me. She reminds me of what a little sister would be. She'll never ask for anything so you have to give it to her." He finishes, I turn around knowing my face isn't as red.

"Your whole point about everything is?"I question the man I've teamed up with and know he always has my back.

"You should give her money to cut her hair!" he yells all exasperated, I glare up at him.

"Why didn't you say that from the start?" I ask, I watch his whole body shake and throw his arms up in the air, he screams and pulls on his hair, I take a step back, I've never seen him like this he looks exasperated and annoyed rolled into one.

Hinata comes running in only to crash into the door, she falls back and I watch her as she sits on the floor rubbing her nose and her face is bright red.

"Oww…" she murmurs as the tears gather in her eyes.

"Are you all right?" Kisame questions the girl, she nods her bangs covering her eyes completely, she reaches up to push them away but they go back, she does it again but they just go back.

Now that I take a good look at her, she's actually sitting on her hair, when did it grow that long? She's only been here for four months. Wait the clothes she has on are all sewed up, it looks as if the clothes is really old, has she really been wearing the same clothes this whole time?

I rub my forehead and let a sigh escape my lips. I give them both my back and walk over to my nightstand, I can feel both of them watch my back, I take out some money that I've received from Pain and look up at Kisame as I remove my Akatsuki robe and remove my headband.

"We'll be back in a few hours," I say as I reach my hand out to her and pull her up. "Come on lets go," I say as she stands on her own, I sense her look back at Kisame. "He won't save you, let's go we don't have much time." I hurry out of the house and she runs after me.

"I'm-m wondering-g M-Master I-Itachi w-where are we-we going-g?" she asks me, I glare back at her and she stumbles on some rocks I sigh and grab her before she falls face first into the dirt road.

"Don't you have any hair clips or something to hold your hair up? What about clothing?" her eyes grow huge as she looks at me, her back is on my arm and her front is against my own her hair is flowing behind her and the ends touch the dirt. I should stand her straight instead of just holding her like this.

"No-o I-I don't-t wear-r any-anything in my hair, I'm so-sorry!" she shouts, "t-this is th-the only-y c-clothes-s I-I h-have! I'm-m so-sorry-y," she whispers looking at my chest, I grab her should and pull her up, she stands on her own and plays around with her fingers as she looks down at the dirt. "I-I'm so-sorry-y," she continues to whisper.

"Hinata," this is the first time I've called her by her name, she raises her head to stare at me with those huge innocent eyes. Why does she remind me of Sasuke? It must be because when he was a kid he had the same stare, yeah that's it. When she looks at me like this it makes me want to protect those eyes…to use everything in my power to keep them innocent and that's exactly what I plan to do. "I don't bite and I understand that you need things so if you ever need any money then tell me and I'll give it to you." I inform her and pat the top of her head.

She instantly smiles and nods, this girl is so simple to please…

"You never did answer my question; where are we going?" she asks me with a slight blush and a tilt of the head.

"To get you a haircut and some clothing," I simply answer her.

"Itachi, should I get a job to pay you back? Would it be all right with you?" she asks innocently, I shake my head answering her harmless question.

"You already work for Kisame and me," I say walking up ahead.

"Doing what?" she ask me from behind.

"House work," I say.

"So I'm your maid?"


"Okay…" she responds in a soft whisper, "from now on I'll call you and Kisame: Master."

"I always wanted the Hyuga Heiress to call me Master," I mutter in a joking manner.

"You know that about me?" she asks surprised, I nod recalling the day I met the five year-old Hinata she wasn't really allowed out of her house often and when she was she was always surrounded by an army of her branch family.

I was with mother and Sasuke when we saw her walking down the street our Mother told us to bow and we did, Hinata smiled coyly and bowed back, I looked up to find her staring at me and for a second our eyes met but then one of the men stood in front of me glaring down at me and I glared up at him. Once she was far enough he left me but I heard him whisper: "Uchiha scum…" I watched his back wondering what he is insinuating.

My mom said nothing she just held Sasuke's hand and asked me to walk, I didn't ask her anything, I knew who that girl was…

I look back over my shoulder and see a blushing Hinata she turns brighter as she notices me staring at her she bows her head down, her bangs making it impossible to see her bright red face.

I stare into my dark room; I didn't bother to turn on the light. Is she still crying?

I get what she means, I would like to call her my friend but it's not possible, we can't have a friendship…I've got to stay away from her…I have to keep my distance…

I feel the loneliness in my heart too.

It desires me to go to Hinata but I reject it, I don't want to hurt her, she's innocent in all of this, she isn't at fault.

I must keep being cold so that she'll go back to the village so that she might go back to the life she lost.

I stand outside his door, Itachi is on the other side, I bring my hand up and form a fist to knock on his door but my other hand gets it and forces it down to my side. My arm rests over my stomach it holds onto the other arm my fingers clutch onto it.

I should walk away but my feet are glued in place.

My head goes up and I look at the door, what he said is true I should leave but I don't want to; I want to stay here.

For the past year this place has felt more like a home than the Hyuga mansion in Konoha.

"I'm not leaving," I whisper, I won't! I'm going to stay here!

Just then the door swings open and I see Itachi's blank expression watch me; I look up to meet his cold eyes.

"I' am not leaving! I'm going to stay, you can throw me out if you want but I'll be back! I like it here, Kisame and you are like family to me! So if you tell me to leave again you won't be getting any dinner! Which by the way is done," I tell him with a smile, he stares at me for bit then I see a faint smile on his lips and he pats the top of my head.

"I can't win against you Hinata…" he tells me in a soft whisper. His words they sound funny to my ears, I see the sad expression on his face and something in me reacts. Before I think about it I hug him to me and just hold a motionless Itachi.

During the hug Itachi doesn't hug me back but he doesn't push me away either so that's a good sign. After a while he pulls me away, Itachi looks into my eyes his reflect the confusion he feels but I don't let him ask his question.

"It looked like you needed a hug," I say to him, his glare tells me he disagrees, I just smile. "Everyone needs a hug every once in a while," I say to him and walk away to the kitchen and serve dinner. My face feels really hot what exactly possessed me to do that?

If I think clearly about it, it was that expression he had…Itachi just looked really sad. I felt that I needed to do something to make him not feel so sad…Maybe it was bad that I hugged him…No, no I consider him my friend and friends hug one another, yup that's right!

It's so not because I have feelings for him! Nope that is not the reason! I don't feel like that not for Itachi.

Ah, who am I kidding? I do…I love Itachi…I don't mind that he is a murder, I don't give a damn that he's after Naruto or that he is the brother of the guy who ruined my life…

Hinata Hyuga is in love with Itachi Uchiha…

I fell in love with Itachi when he saved my life, I'll admit I wanted to die but deep inside my heart I wished I could live and that wish came true in the form of Itachi…