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So I present the end of the short story I wrote for lovingo0Kawaii0oGirl it's going to take me a bit to update the other story but I promise to do it, okay?

Chapter 3: My Happily Ever After

"I was expecting to find Hinata cooking my favorite meal! Where is she?" Kisame is being a pain.

"She heard things she wasn't supposed to so I had her forget all about her time here and I returned her back to the village," I respond.

"What did she hear?" he asks me, I stare at him.

"If I tell you I'll have to kill you," I say seriously.

"I'll miss her," Kisame quietly says. I walk away making my way to my room, he's going to start to talk about her if I stay with him. I don't want to hear anything about Hinata. Because if I do I'll regret everything I did and I'd risk going into the village to take her back…

I run as fast as I can, please let him still be in the house. Let Itachi be there!! The Hokage gave me permission to leave and if something were to happen I was to use the scroll she gave me.

She showed me how to use it and if the need for it comes then I will use the scroll.

I'm close just a little farther and that's when I see the house, I open the door without calling out I go to Itachi's room and open the door only to find it empty. I swallow down my worry.

"Itachi! Kisame!" I yell out, no response I activate my Byakugan, no one is in here!

Shit! I missed them! Where could they be? Are thy on a mission?

I'm stupid! I'm wasting time standing around worrying. I run out the front door. I'll ask myself questions as I search. I should've brought my team…wait…I-I-I forgot…my team…is dead…How could I have…

I'm sorry you guys…I never meant to forget…I don't intend to…please forgive me!

Where could he be? I love him but know nothing about him! What does he like to do? Does he read? If so what kind of books does he like? I just want to know more about him…

Wait is that?

"Kisame!" I yell out as I jump off the tree branch, he looks at me his eyes grow wide.

"I thought Itachi erased your memories," he says shocked.

"Kisame where is he?" I shout he looks away. Kisame knows something, I get closer and grab his arm and lightly shake the huge man. "Please tell me where Itachi is!" Kisame looks me in the eyes and I sense what he is about to tell me will hurt…

"He's fighting Sasuke about now," he tells me his voice sounds a bit odd.

"Where?" I've got to be strong, yeah, can't allow myself to break down; I must put a stop to Itachi. I have to save him!

"I can't tell you," he answers looking away from me. I want to shake him and demand he answer but he looks down at me. "But if anyone can save him it's you Hinata. Follow me I'll take you to them," he says as he starts to run, I follow after him. Kisame believes in me so I should trust myself too.

Just as we go closer to the hideout Kisame mentioned I look up at the top and something catches my eyes, I jump up only to find Itachi surrounded by some kind of huge spirit like yamabushi. I watch as Itachi slowly makes his way to an exhausted Sasuke, what are those black flames surrounding us? I'm terrified…how am I supposed to stop the last two Uchiha's? But then suddenly I find myself standing in front of Sasuke with my arms stretched out to the side. I look up and meet Itachi's empty eyes.

Itachi watches me, like always he doesn't let on what he feels or thinks it's not shown on his expression.

"I can't believe you were strong enough to break the Genjutsu after such a short period of time. You are too late because I will kill Sasuke to take his eyes. I have to if I want to live," he says it in such a believable tone, that it makes me want to step aside and let him finish Sasuke off.

"Stop lying! For once speak with your heart instead of denying it!" I scream out at Itachi, he shows his shock at my outburst and I feel a little bit of happiness. I then turn my head back to look down at Sasuke. "You must listen to me! You have to know the real reason why Itachi killed your clan!" I turn my head to look at Itachi and see him fall to his knees growing tired and out of breath like Sasuke behind me.

"Shut up Hinata, or else you'll leave me no choice but to kill you," I think about it but Itachi wouldn't kill me, I trust him.

"Itachi had to kill the clan because they were planning a coup d'état. They wanted to overthrow the Third Hokage! Itachi couldn't let countless innocent villagers to be killed for the Uchiha's selfish gain! Itachi, he had a great love for the whole village and didn't want to see the village he loved in ruins, so he put himself up against your whole clan under the Hokage's orders! The Hokage and village Councilors ordered him to kill all the Uchiha's but he failed," I say.

"What are you talking about? He did! He killed them all!" Sasuke cries out. I turn around to face the angry Sasuke giving Itachi my back.

"No, he didn't," I say in a sad whisper, I kneel down in front of him and stare into his eyes. "You are still alive. When he was supposed to kill you he didn't go through with it. Sasuke it shows that Itachi loved you more than the village! It's proof of his love for you!" I yell down at him.

"That's stupid! Move out of the way if you don't I'll kill you!" Sasuke yells forcing himself to stand.

"Itachi could've easily killed you that night! Doesn't that prove what I said as the truth?" I question him, he glares at me.

"Move I'm going to finish this. That guy he's a merciless killer! He wouldn't do anything nice! What you said can't be…nothing is true…none of it!" he screams out. A part of me feels sad that I'm the one who's telling him all of this. It should be Itachi, he should tell the truth. I look back to find him coughing up blood I want to run to his side but I have to get through to Sasuke.

"Sasuke listen to me! Think back to that night! Try to recall what really happened! If you do then you'll know what I say is true!" I shout hoping to reach Sasuke who looks like he's lost.

This must be painful for him. His whole life has been a lie. Everything he believed in was not the truth. I watch him; those dark Sharingan eyes change into a different type. He must have realized that everything I said wasn't a lie. He drew his own conclusions.

His weird Sharingan eyes grow sinister and suddenly he screams out as if he's in great pain. I take a step back watching the pissed off Sasuke. Something about him is freaking me out. Did he suddenly just snap could he not take any of it anymore?

Just then his whole body begins to throw electricity from all of his body; he looks up at the sky and lets out an animal like scream.

A very powerful electrical current is thrown at me. It's too late, I can't move nor duck. I can't run away from this. Instead I just close my eyes and let the happiness I feel wash over me.

I'm happy that I was able to bring both brothers back together. They were a part for so long…at least Itachi has Sasuke now…

Wait a minute…I open my eyes finding it weird that Sasuke's electricity hasn't hit me yet. No! Itachi he wouldn't throw me out of the way to save me! He wouldn't put himself in danger to rescue me!

I see Kisame standing in front of me and Itachi laying on the ground next to him.

"Now what kind of friend would I be if I let my best friend die?" Kisame asks me before turning into smoke. That was just a clone! Thank goodness Kisame is okay.

I run to Itachi and hold him up he lays his head on my lap. I choke back my tears; he doesn't want to see me cry!

"Stay with me!" I whisper, his eyes meet mine and I feel his wet hand caress my cheek, I hold his hand against my cheek.

"I can't…I have to leave…my time in this world is up…I can't live here anymore…all the pain…I inflicted on you…and Sasuke…" I stop him as I shout.

"I forgive you!" his eyes turn sad.

"I can't…forgive myself…" he whispers in such a low voice that I'm afraid he's really at deaths door.

"I order you to stop being a pain in the ass! Get up now and walk on your own two feet!" I shout in the meanest voice I have. I hear him chuckle.

"This…is…a….new…side to you…that I won't…be…able to…see…" his voice is too low, his breathing is louder. "I'm sorry…for the pain…I made you…suffer through…" his eyes close and my heart feels as if it's being squeezed. This pain and sadness is making my eyes water. "If I'm reborn into a new world…and your soul is brought to the same world…my own soul will seek yours. This time our love wasn't meant to be…but from the next life on, we'll find one another…we'll always find each other…because I don't plan to miss out…" the sobs make it hard for me to breath. He opens his eyes to look up at Sasuke who has come to be by Itachi's side.

Sasuke has calmed down but he realizes that Itachi won't make it.

"I'm sorry," Itachi says with all of his heart, I don't look up to see Sasuke's reaction. "Please Sasuke…take care of Hinata…I won't be able to…but you will…my eyes…too heavy…" with that he closes them.

What? I'm…I have to…

My world is black, my thoughts are of Hinata and Sasuke…aren't I supposed to be met by someone? Where am I?

"It's my turn! I'm supposed to feed him the broth!" wait is that Hinata?

"Shut up! You are such a liar, I wrote it down and today is my turn to feed my brother!" Sasuke? Why are they arguing?

"When he wakes up we are leaving you behind!" she shouts.

"Liar! My brother loves me more then you!" hey yells back at her.

"Ha! Itachi is mine so leave us alone!"

"Hinata! Itachi doesn't want you! He only needs-"

"Both of you shut up or else you'll be banned from this room!" some girl's voice I don't know yells out.

"Sorry!" both Hinata and Sasuke whisper.

"Now behave! God you're worse than children!" why am I dreaming this? Have I not moved on yet?

I'm so tired of waiting…

"Brother I just don't get what you see in her? All she ever talks about is the two of you, her plans for the two of you…she cries a lot you know…I haven't actually seen her but her eyes are always red and puffy. She pretends to be strong but she isn't she's a weak girl with a big heart. She forgave me so easily…you know she takes care of me as if she's my sister…I won't let her take you away because you are my brother…But you should wake up now so she can stop crying. She's too much trouble. I don't want to take care of her anymore…"

"Sasuke Uchiha what lies are you fabrication to your brother? Look that day it was an accident! Itachi I never wanted to see him naked! He's a liar! Sasuke left the bathroom door unlocked and I really had to go so when I saw him in the bathroom naked and out of the shower…I never wanted to see him like that!" she yells.

"I never said any of that," Sasuke responds in a tired voice.

"Eh?! Did I really? Stupid Sasuke! I hate you!!!!"


"You guys…" that's a new female I never heard before, no wait isn't that…

"Sorry Hokage!" Hinata yells out.

So they are getting along pretty well…that's good…if anyone has to marry Hinata I would rather it be Sasuke…

I start to think of Hinata and ask her. If I could be reborn can it be with you?

"How about?" wait why am I hearing her voice so closely? It's almost as if she's responding. "You stay with me until the next time comes?" I turn my head wondering where her voice is coming from. "Open your eyes," I hear her whisper. I do and become shocked to see her. Hinata's smile is so big that it brings one to my own mouth.

"You are a jerk for making me believe that you died!" she says. I sit up and start to get off the bed but she comes to me and softly pushes me down. She shakes her head, her tears fly around. "Don't you dare move or close your eyes! I'll be right back I have to go call the Hokage to come over." Her voice is breaking and she runs out the door and I hear as she screams out "Hokage!!" This is a great dream…this can't be real. My imagination is getting to me.

"It isn't," that's, I look over to find Sasuke walk in to the room. I hear Hinata in the background still screaming out "Hokage." "This is all real. I tried taking care of Hinata for you brother but she's too much of a baby. Hinata kept repeating that she can't live without you." Today has been nothing but shocks; Sasuke is talking to me as if nothing happened.

"Hinata planned ahead when she came looking for you. The Hokage sent team seven, my old team, after Hinata. After you passed out Hinata took out a scroll and summoned the Hokage there, where we were. And the Hokage began to heal you there and she brought the two of us back to the village." Sasuke finishes keeping his eyes on the floor while he was talking to me he didn't look up once.

Wait?! Why?! How?! This…everything is too much…I can't keep my thoughts straight.

"Please forgive me brother. If you accept me, I'd like to be the little brother of the greatest man," Sasuke says in a honest voice. His words embarrass him but they make me really happy. I look away not able to meet his eyes.

"I wouldn't have it any other way," I say looking at him. Sasuke comes closer and leans down to hug me, I hug him back.

"Hey! No fair! Stupid Sasuke, why the hell are you hugging my husband?" Hinata yells running to us.

"Hmph! He was my brother before he ever met you," he says holding me tighter.

"Sasuke Uchiha, you let go of my husband!" she yells grabbing onto his arm and tries to pull him away.

"Hn! He isn't even your husband! I doubt my brother would want you," he says in a child like tone.

"Both of you shut up! I've had enough! All this arguing is pissing me off! Either you shut your mouths or I'll make you two idiots suffer!" The Hokage yells out. Sasuke lets go of me and Hinata smiles at me and walks to be but is stopped. The Hokage grabs her obi to stop her. Hinata's beautiful face losses its color and Sasuke snickers as she stands next to him.

"They have been a thorn at my side since you've been here!" The Hokage shouts at me. I look over at Hinata and she smiles at me. My cheeks grow hot and I stare at her to see those pale cheeks turn bright red.

Five years later…

I spoke to the Hokage about everything and her punishment for Sasuke and me is that the two of us must live in the village until we die. She really was the Third Hokage's student. At first some of the villagers were afraid of us but with Hinata's help it got better. After all who would openly defy the "Princess" of the village?

The Fifth Hokage explained that the illness I had wasn't real but a result of the guilt I felt over what happened to the Uchiha's. That my brain made my body sick as a punishment on myself, which is crazy if you ask me…

I married Hinata much to Sasuke's dismay.

I look up over at my pregnant wife who is carrying our fourth child, our daughter: Kagura holds onto Hinata's leg as Hinata stands at the stove cooking.

I admit that I'm really happy and wish to stay this way forever.

Sasuke then comes into our house at the Uchiha compound and he calls out for us. Kagura let's go of her mom's leg to run to her uncle.

"Really Kagura, I don't see how a cute girl like you can be the daughter of your mother!" he always says the same thing. I look over at my pissed off wife, this is bad; she's holding onto a knife, she wouldn't…

"What are you talking about? She's the splitting image of her mother!" Naruto yells.

"Shut up dope!" both Kagura and Sasuke say in unison, Naruto takes a step back the shock he feels is shown on his face.

"Eh?!" he shouts.

"Sasuke stop teaching her to say that!" Hinata says looking over her shoulder to glare at him.

"But mommy it's true!" she says clinging onto Sasuke's neck.

"Your mom has a better attitude," Naruto says.

"Hey watch your mouth!" Hinata, Sasuke and Kagura say together. Naruto takes a couple more steps back and his face becomes pale.

"Didn't this all happen yesterday Kakashi-sensei?" Sakura asks looking back at Kakashi who has his nose stuck in a book.

"Yeah, and the day before, and the day before that, it's an unending cycle," he says, it's true. Naruto will continue to fall for this for a long time to come.

Kagura comes up on my lap and sits on my leg her small arms try to go around my stomach but they aren't long enough.

"Daddy did you need a hug?" she asks me, this innocent question causes me to choke up.

"Yeah, from you always," I tell her softly as I hug her back. She looks up at me her eyes are the same as Hinata's.

"Kagura he's my brother you know if anyone should give him a hug it should be me!" Sasuke shouts.

"You'd break my daddy's legs! You're too big and I'm his daughter! He loves me more!" she shouts back at Sasuke.

"Both of you are wrong, he loves his wife more than a stupid brother and an adorable daughter," Hinata never lets this kind of talk go.

Hopefully the boys come soon they know what to do when this kind of conversation happens.

"You've got quite a family Itachi. Never would've pictured you as the kind of guy who would settle down and marry," Kakashi tells me as he takes a seat next to me at the huge dining table we have in our kitchen.

"I never did either," I answer honestly as I look over at him. Is he smiling under that mask?

"Have you talked to them about your eyes?" he asks, I nod.

"Hokage-sama came to the conclusion that the Mangekyo Sharingan was the cause. I'm not to use I anymore if I want to keep my vision." I look over at Hinata who is talking loudly to Sasuke, he talks louder to her. "I want to keep seeing them," I respond for some reason. I sense his eyes on me as I keep a close watch on my wife and brother.

"We're back!" Hashirama and Hiro, our twin boys say together as they enter the kitchen.

"How was training at the Hyuga's?" I ask them.

"They are learning the gentle fist quite fast," Neji, Hinata's cousin and our boy's sensei, answers the question I asked my boy's.

"Are they better then you?" I ask him, he looks away with a sour look on his face.

"Well they still have a long way-" he begins but is stopped by Hashirama.

"We beat sensei already; he went to a corner and began to cry like a baby."

"Saying stuff like: 'Hinata left me to marry stupid Itachi and now to make my already bleeding wound hurt more, she has genius children. If only Hinata chose-" but Neji covers Hiro's mouth and he can't continue what he was about to say. I look up at an embarrassed Neji.

"Kids like to make things up, I would never-" but Hashirama once more interrupts him.

"Hiro isn't lying I heard him too!"

"Now boys, you leave sensei alone and go wash your hands, take Kagura with you. She touched your uncle Sasuke and who knows what kind of diseases he has," Hinata says.

"Hey!" Sasuke yells a bit hurt by Hinata's words.

"We understand mama," they say with a wicked smile.

"What are you teaching my nephews?!" Sasuke asks her.

"Hey, don't you raise your voice at my cousin!" Neji shouts walking to Hinata. I should be jealous of Neji's love for Hinata but she only loves me so it's fine.

"How was work today?" Sakura asks me, she's used to this so she ignores Neji and Sasuke as they continue to yell at one another.

"Are those brats mean to you?" Naruto asks sitting next to his sensei.

"It was fine. They aren't, they all want to be taught by me so they suck up to me," I say to them.

"Can you teach me about Genjutsu? Kakashi-sensei always said that I would be good with Genjutsu but I've never known anyone who was good at them." Sakura tells me.

"Sure, I've been meaning to teach my kids about Genjutsu so as I teach them I'll teach you too," I say to her.

"Eh?! Well then teach me too!" Naruto shouts.

"I thought you sucked at Genjutsu?" I ask him.

"I do! Who knows if I'm taught by you then maybe I'll be good!" Naruto admits with a smile. I smile back, this is the sucking up I was talking about.

Really all these compliments and friends; especially my family I deserve none of it. A man like me deserves no happiness.

"Yes, you do," Hinata whispers as she hugs me from behind. "You do because you are the greatest man in the village." I smile down at the table. If Hinata says that I do, then I guess it's true.

"This isn't the Itachi I want!" Naruto shouts out of nowhere and hits the wood table with his fist. "Itachi has become too soft! What the hell is up with that?"

"It doesn't matter what you want," Sasuke speaks up. "This Itachi is the one I want, because he's just like how he was back then."

"You too have changed! Why? What's wrong with you guys?!" Naruto continues to yell.

"I know," Sasuke responds in a low voice. "The hate that drove me has turned into love for my family," he says but then he looks up at Hinata, "except for you!"

"If I'm reborn I'd like to experience all of this once more with all of you," I say standing up and looking at our group and my eyes seek out Hinata's bright smile. I stretch my hand out at her and she takes it.

"My soul will always seek yours. It won't rest until it finds you," she answers with such confidence that all I can do is grin at her.

"Mama we're hungry!" all three of our children say as they walk to us.

"Okay, are all of you staying too?" Hinata asks, the rest of the people who've gathered in our home. They nod but I don't let go of her hand instead I pull her towards me and force her to sit down in the chair I've moved close to me.

"You will stay here. Sasuke and Neji will serve us," I say our kids follow me and sit down at the table across from us. Hinata stares at me and nods.

I have to take care of her since most of the time she cares for everyone else but herself. But that's what makes Hinata…

"I was planning to anyway not because of what you said!" Neji shouts. I nod grinning at Hinata as she scoots her chair even closer to me and rest her head on my shoulder. This is how I plan to live until I die and once I'm born into a new world I'll live like this in that life too…

Because my soul won't stop until it seeks Hinata's…

The End!

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I had to give Itachi a happy ending, he deserves it, I think...