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Harley looked at the clock with a desperate expression on her face. It was eighth period in her Psychology class and she had to get to gymnastics soon or her head would explode from all the psych crap that was being thrown at her. She sighed. It had been a long day full of gossiping, whispering, giggling girls making fun of her and talking behind her back. She couldn't understand it. She had been popular once. She'd had friends who were kind and loyal to her and she was kind and loyal to them in return. What had gone wrong?

Well for one, her family life. Her mom was certifiably insane. She had Hypomania which basically meant that she was brilliant but she thought too fast and often thought she was someone else. She was so comatose sometimes that Harley had to actually bathe her and clothe her because God forbid her Dad actually do something useful. And then there were times when she would be Mrs. Stepford wife and act like the coolest person ever.

Harley smiled to herself at the thought. When she was little she thought that her mom was a fairytale princess; straight from the story book with her blonde hair and brown eyes. They would stay home and play dress up and make cookies. Her mom had been Ms. New York at one time or other and always had a closet full of beautiful gowns and tiaras from her competing days. It had been great until she turned twelve and her mom had started having fits where she would be horribly mean and cold to her. She would tell her that "if only she'd had brown eyes then maybe she could've been beautiful." She knew her mom was crazy but the comments still stung especially because they came from her.

Then there was her Dad. She didn't even want to think about her dad. He was the filthiest piece of scum that had ever walked the earth as far as she was concerned. A pedophile. He'd gotten to her when she was little, nothing more than feeling her up and beating her occasionally but she hated him.

The bell rang. Just as Harley popped up to run to her locker, the principal's voice came over the loud speaker.

"I ask that all students stay in their seats. I have some…," I shaky breath was heard.

"Bad news." The TV mounted in the top corner of the room flickered on and the news flashed on the screen. Sister Lucy continued on the loudspeaker in a faint voice.

"One of our students, Katie Addams, has been murdered," her voice broke on the last word and she clicked off.

Mary Kate Angelucci screamed and broke down into sobs. Mr. Wills had to escort her out to the nurse's office as the news came on. The news casters looked pale and drawn as they reported the crime.

"Gotham PD found the body of seventeen year old Katie Addams yesterday. The girl's body had been placed outside the family's home late yesterday night with a video on top of it. We advise that any young children be taken from the room due to the video's graphic nature."

Harley sucked in a sharp breath just picturing Katie's mom or dad going outside to get the paper and instead finding their daughter's dead body. For some reason she felt she should feel more sympathetic but all she felt was like laughing. It sounded harsh but the just the though of Katie's mom not being able to distort her face enough to cry because of all the BOTOX in her face made her want to do nothing but laugh. Katie was one of the richest and most popular girls at Saint Dymphna's who basically made life hell for girl's like Harley.

Harley retuned her focus to the screen as it went fuzzy for a second and then the image of a beaten and bleary eyed Katie came up. The room was in silence as the video progressed.

The girls were stunned. Katie never looked this bad, even when she came to school with a hangover. She was a small beautiful girl but she never looked small, especially when she was in your face cursing you out or destroying you behind her back. The teachers always took her side when the girls she made fun of complained because of how tiny and innocent looking she was. Harley personally hated her.

Katie had somehow guessed about her home life and spread the room that Harley "fucked her Daddy and liked it." Just the thought of Katie made Harley's fists clench until her knuckles turned white. The video continued.

Katie looked at whoever was behind the camera and groaned.

"Tell them your name." Katie's green eyes looked uncomprehendingly up at the camera. It took her a moment for her to move her mouth right.

"Katie…Katie Addams."

"Now where do you got to school?"

"Saint Dymphna's School for Girls," she started talking rapidly now between sobs.

"Please, my father can pay for me. I didn't do anything wrong, I swear! Please…I just want to go home…," she stopped and bowed her head as she wept. Harley noticed a cut on her hair that was bleeding heavily and wetting her trendy pixie cut.

A purple gloved hand stroked her face, mocking comfort and slapped her lightly.

"Hey, shh, shh, shhhhh. It's gonna be okay." Katie whimpered softly as the Joker's face overcame the screen.

"Let this uh, be a lesson to all the little girls who decide to wander dark alleys at night."

He lent in conspiratorially.

There's a crazy man on the loose. Oh, and uh Batman? For that little stunt you pulled. Ya know, putting me in Arkham? It was pointless. And now more people will die."

He turned towards Katie and set the camera down on a table.

"Like her."

Katie opened her eyes wide and struggled fiercely against her bonds. She screamed as he came nearer, flicking out his knife and a piece of piano wire. . He squatted down and cut her bonds. With a yell, she tried to run.

"Oh, no ya don't," he grabbed her wrist and pulled her back. She screamed at the audible pooping sound that came from her arm. It was dislocated.

He straddled her, his knees pinning her hands at her sides, and grabbed some duct tape, ripping off a piece with his teeth and smoothing it over her mouth.

"Use your inside voice," he growled at her and she quieted immediately, but tears still swam down her cheeks in silent streaks. He raised the piano wire.

"Let's save the funeral home some trouble, shall we? How about…a nice big smile?" He ripped the duct tape off and started threading the wire into her lips making a black smile stretch across her face. She stopped screaming as he threaded it further across her lips.

"Much better! Now," he walked away to a table and took off his jacket and gloves then rolled up his sleeves to just below his elbows. He danced his fingers across the tray of torture tools and upraised a pair of gardening shears with pursed lips. He threw it up in the air and caught it again like a gentleman would a cane and smiled widely.

"Let's do something about that manicure."

Katie gave a muffled scream behind her bleeding smile as he came towards her and laughed quietly, a slow building laugh until it became unbearably loud and maniacal.

The screen went fuzzy and was turned off. Mr. Wills came back inside and dismissed the girls who were all crying, whispering or praying:

"Why hasn't someone shot him yet?"

"Scum like that doesn't deserve to live!"

"She was such a sweet girl! Why her?!"

"I hated that bitch but no one deserves to die like that."

Harley listened to all of this until the room was cleared out then slowly gathered all her things and walked out of the classroom.

What she had just seen, she was sure, was pure beauty in action.

He was glorious! The most perfect thing in all existence! He was an angel who had been brought into her life at this very moment so she could realize that she didn't need to keep living her horrible life. There were alternatives. Like him, for example.

She smiled to herself and felt evil.

It felt good.

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