1st Saga: The Immortal Saiyan


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-Depictions of violence and mild gore.

-Mild language.

-Several deaths (Which by the way happens a lot in Dragon Ball… If you are offended by reading about dead people walking around in heaven, hell, or "Other World" then you should probably stop reading this and go read the Slayer's Spell Bible immediately!)

If any of these themes offend you, please do not continue to read this story.


In the original Dragon Ball Z series Gohan kind of slips off the sheet after the Cell Games Saga. I'm convinced that Akira Toriyama had no intentions of doing such a thing but was pressured by media and corporate financing to keep Goku as the main character. So this story is intended to parallel the original story after the Cell Games a bit differently with Gohan retaining the spotlight of the series. The first chapter sets the groundwork for the rest of the story so please leave comments and let me know what you think! Feel free to email me at: revu at revstuff dot com

Thanks! And on to the story!

Chapter 1: Taking Responsibility

Cell stared Gohan down, pure rage and fury apparent on his face. He had never realized that by coaxing the boy's anger that he would be subject to the unrelenting pummeling of a Demi-God… The boy was just toying with him now and had managed to deliver such a critical blow that Cell couldn't contain Android 18 within his body and was forced to expel her. He stood no chance of victory now, even Vegeta could easily defeat him in this state, but for some reason the boy was not attacking.

"GOHAN! Finish him! What are you waiting for?" Piccolo screamed across the battle field. Piccolo grunted in frustration ready to jump in and finish the job himself. He knew how much of a threat Cell still posed.

"No…" Gohan continued to stare down the genetic freak with a glint of amusement in his eye, "I want him to suffer more." His tone so level it sent chills down the spines of even the most hardened warriors present.

Goku could only stare at his son in disbelief. He hadn't the energy to support him at the moment. The beating he received from the Cell Juniors and his own stubbornness to have refused a senzu bean when it was offered to him left him in an almost crippled state kneeling on the ground and panting heavily. He tried to think of something to tell Gohan to snap him out of this trance… He knew what was going through his son's head; the sudden realization that his power was so great no force in the galaxy could stand in his way. He fought the same emotion when he originally transformed as well.

Cell's mind was reeling for a solution, computing all the possibilities and discovering no route that ended with his successful survival lest Gohan take mercy on him now. Deciding none of those actions were favorable, Cell chose the path of the cornered animal… He would take them all out with him…

Stalling for a few moments, Cell gathered his powers internally and began to build them up over themselves many times over. Finally unable to contain all the power, Cell's body began to grow and contort.

"Just what do you think you're going to accomplish with that?" Gohan called mockingly over to the deformed android, "Build up all the energy you want, you'll never be able to hit me with it!"

Cell began to laugh, maniacally laugh, and his voice echoed throughout the tattered valley, "You fool! I don't have to hit you! I will put all my life force into this blast extinguishing myself to destroy this pitiful planet with all of you on it!"

"No…" Gohan eyes widened and he dashed over to Cell in an attempt to stop him.

"Don't you dare boy! The slightest touch could cause me to ignite, and I already have more than enough energy gathered to destroy most of the earth! It's only a matter of time before I have the energy needed to take you all with it!"

Gohan senses finally returned to him as the realization set in that he had allowed this to happen. His gaze sank to the ground and his mouth hung slightly open. He had never felt more ashamed of himself in his life. He put the entire planet in jeopardy just to sate his own selfish desire for revenge and blood…

Taking a look around at his friends who could only stare in dread at the growing Cell, Gohan began to think of all the lives that would end in a moment if Cell accomplished his self-destruction… And it would all be his fault.

He couldn't allow that… Not in a million years… His father… Piccolo… everyone had trusted him with this responsibility, to take this creature down. Krillin was the first to notice Gohan's eyes sift over them. A sad smile crossed Gohan's face, "What's up with the look Gohan's giving us?" Krillin yelled still in panic from their upcoming doom.

Piccolo was able to pick up the message in Gohan's look. Deciphered through their special bond as student and teacher, he very clearly heard Gohan's "Sorry" and "Goodbye…"


Gohan encased both himself and Cell inside an energy shield. He reinforced it with all his power to make sure nothing from the explosion would damage the planet. Floating the shield up into the sky, the sphere gave off enough light to appear as a second sun floating only a few hundred feet above the destroyed arena.

"Gohan…" Goku tried to use his Instant Transmission to save his son, but his energy was too depleted. "No…"

Cell looked at the walls that encased him in panic, realizing that even this plan was being thwarted. "You… you won't have the energy to save yourself and the planet! Even if you save everyone, I'm still taking you with me!"

Gohan grinned as he clasped his hands at his side, "When I think about the alternative, trust me… I wouldn't have it any other way..." More energy began to grow between Gohan's palms. He couldn't afford any part of Cell regenerating after the blast; he had to be sure to end this completely. Even if using his energy blast and shield together would leave him no energy for defense. "KA… ME… HA… ME…" The energy in Gohan's hands intensified creating the largest focal point of ki anyone had ever before witnessed.

"NOOOO!" Cell shouted through the crackling sounds of intense energy.

The sky above the earth darkened to pitch black as the energy in the shield twinkled like that of a distant star moments before supernova, "HAAAAA!" Gohan released everything he had. The impact of the blast detonated Cell immediately. The shield bulged violently as it tried to contain the enormous explosion. With nowhere for it to escape, Gohan felt Cell's energy continuously swirling within the shield, tearing at his flesh and threatening to break through at any moment. It hurt, but he just had to hold on a little longer. He had to make sure that he absorbed enough of the blast to save the earth from harm, and to have sufficiently eliminated every last bit of Cell.

The cellular core Gohan was sensing finally burned away in the blast and Cell's life force was no more. Gohan smile turned peaceful as he realized he had no energy left to sustain the shield. From the surface, the light from the sphere in the sky intensified and in an enormous explosion reminiscent to a nuclear blast, the shell of energy shattered. The shockwave blasted through hundreds of miles in seconds, sending high winds and debris scattering throughout the entire hemisphere.

By the time the explosion cleared, the Z Fighters were all buried under the dirt displaced from the large crater in front of them. Most of the Z Fighters quickly recovered and scanned over the sky for any signs of life. Several moments went by and there were none. The air was perfectly clear, even the clouds had been blown far away.

Still on the ground Goku looked up speechless and in shock until the truth of the situation cracked his demeanor, "Gohan… GOHAN!" He began to pound on the ground with his fist, drawing more blood from his broken knuckles.

Vegeta bowed his head down taking everything in, "Such honor… truly worthy of a saiyan…"

Trunks couldn't believe such a thing could have happened. Twice now Gohan had died for him and the world and there had been nothing he could do about it. It was devastating.

All of the Z Fighters took in the shock in different ways knowing the youngest of them had given his life for everyone.

Piccolo slowly walked over to Goku, his clenched fist trembling. He wanted to strike Goku across the face as hard he could for placing Gohan in such danger, to yell and curse at the man for being a moron of a father, to vent this horrible fury building up inside him from the loss of his only true friend. Instead he rested his hand upon the man's shoulder, "We should go…" Piccolo gulped down his remaining anger as best he could, "We shouldn't make him wait too long you know…"

"Right! The Dragon Balls!" Goku slowly climbed to his feet and allowed Piccolo to feed him a little energy to get his balance back. He placed two fingers on his head and concentrated on Kami's lookout. The rest of the Z Fighers took hold and in an instant were teleported away from the battle field.

The Z Fighters had only just disappeared a moment prior to a midsize boulder being rolled off a large human form. A man wearing a white and brown karate gi and a dusty afro climbed to his feet taking a look at the aftermath of the battle.

Everyone was gone… There was no Cell… no strange people… all empty except for this huge crater. Having no memory of the last few minutes, Mister Satan could only sit back and laugh. He didn't care how but the world was safe. Starting off, the laugh had sounded purely psychotic, but quickly Mister Satan composed himself and continued to laugh in his victory pose.

As the media and Hercule's cronies began uncovering themselves, all they heard was Mr. Satan's resound of victory.


Hercule's expression fell upon hearing the man's cry and looked over his shoulder to see everyone cheering for him. Mister Satan was at a loss, he truly had not intended on this kind of scenario. He looked around nervously for any kind of remaining crowd but had found none by the time the reporter ran his way over.

"Mister Satan sir! Please you have to tell us what happened! How did you defeat Cell?" Hercule looked down at the annoying man in the glasses and thought for a moment.

Remembering who he was, Mister Satan placed his hands on his hips and began to laugh once again, "As I said it was all a bunch of tricks all along. They had a bunch of bombs placed all over the field to make it look like they were something else, but once I set off their little side show tricks and revealed how much of a coward Cell really was, it was no trouble at all taking him down! BWAHAHA!"

The reporter adjusted his glasses, "Absolutely stupendous sir! And what about those other losers who thought they stood a chance at unmasking Cell?"

"Well… They all thanked me for beating Cell for them and went on their way. Nothing else to really report about those guys…"

"THERE YOU HAVE IT LADIES AND GENT…" The announcer started yelling until he realized the camera had long since been destroyed. "Perhaps we should be getting back to Orange City?"

Mister Satan nodded, "Yeah… Good idea… your wheels still working?"

Goku and the Z Fighters appeared immediately on the lookout tower. Dende had the balls prepared already fully aware of the events recently passed below on earth. Dende hastily summoned the Dragon, darkening the sky and causing the entire lookout to tremble before the great Eternal Dragon of Wishes.

Goku took a deep breath trying to calm his nerves and turned to Piccolo, "What is the best way to go about doing this?" Goku asked.

Piccolo closed his eyes for a brief moment in thought, "If we wish for everyone killed by Cell to be brought back to life, then Gohan should be among them."

"Understood," Dende clasped his hands and reached up to the dragon, "Dragon, I wish for all those killed by Cell to be brought back to life!"

The Dragon's eyes began to glow bright crimson, "It shall be done!" Several moments passed, the severity of the storm increased as hundreds of souls from the beyond were brought back to earth to live once again.

Calming from its efforts, the dragon returned its gaze to those who summoned him, "Your wish has been granted, state your next wish!"

Goku paused for a moment. His face contorted under his scrutinizing concentration and he placed two fingers against his forehead to try harder, "I don't… I don't sense Gohan anywhere!" He looked over to Piccolo for answers.

Piccolo's arms crossed and his brow furrowed as he flipped through all of Kami's knowledge searching for a reason, "It's possible that since Gohan sacrificed himself to defeat Cell that his death isn't considered to be directly linked to Cell…" In reality Piccolo thought the Dragon should have restored even those indirectly killed… but this was the only way to be sure. "Dende, ask the Dragon to restore Gohan to life specifically."

Dende nodded hurriedly, "Right! Dragon, my second wish is to bring the warrior Son Gohan back to life!"

The Dragon's eyes began to glow bright again. Something was not right, the storms intensified beyond what they should have been and the lookout tilted under the Dragon's astral search through Other World. A moment passed and the glow of the Dragon's eyes faded, "You're wish… cannot be granted…"

Everyone stared in horror at the Dragon, "But… why?" Goku barely whispered.

"The one called Gohan no longer resides in a realm within my dominion, therefore I am unable to locate his soul and restore his spirit to this world."

"Outside…?" Goku sank to his knees and a few tears escaped his eyes. He couldn't believe his son was gone… maybe forever… and he felt so responsible for it… If only he hadn't pushed him to fight so hard… If only he had trained himself harder and taken care of Cell on his own…

There was nothing he could do now. All of his friends watched him in silence unsure of what to do or say. Goku buried his face in his hands and stood to leave. He now had to tell his wife Chichi the news of their son's passing…

The Z Fighters remained silent as they watched their leader depart. No one felt in place now to be asking the Dragon for another wish…

End Chapter