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A more angsty fic I wrote. I just pounded this out because writer's block sucks. Sorry about the random pairings, but I like the pairings below. Well, not all. There's some Nessie?Nahuel, a smidge of Rosalie/Edward, Esme/Alistair, Leah/Jake (best pairing in the entire La Push!) and more maybe (can't even remember). R&R please, dearies.

Pretty Little Liars

... Underneath the perfect pretty girls, there are always secrets to be revealed.

Rosalie Lillian Hale

She lies because if they knew that she was jealous of Bella Swan (because she's so so alive and willing to give that away for love) they'd never let her live it down.

She'd be forced to suffer Alice's knowing looks,

Edward's smirks,

Jasper's taunting half smile,

Esme's pity,

Emmett's jokes

(though she loved him—the jokes got old, especially when they were aimed at her)

Mary Alice Cullen

She lies because if they knew her old lover was still alive and looking for her, they'd be angry and Jasper'd be oh-so-hurt and it'd kill her.

She'd have to start over from scratch;

Gaining their trust,

And she was sicksicksick of leaving

(Because when she left, Bella jumped)

And the guilt would tear out her non-beating heart all over again

(and she wouldn't feel so guilty if she had stopped Edward)

Isabelle Marie Swan-Cullen

She lies because if Edward knew she still had strong feelings for her best friend (the werewolf, *gasp*),

He'd let her leave.

He wouldn't be angry;

He'd let her take Nessie and be happy

And, man, did she hate that word.

And leaving would hurt too much

(after all, she knows about how it hurts when true love leaves)

Esme Cullen

She lies because she wouldn't admit to sleeping with her husband's close friend. Because really, she didn't sleep with Alistair—vampires couldn't sleep.

He'd hurt.

She'd hurt,

Because she knew they were the ones from the start,

She doesn't ever (never, never, never-ever) regret jumping from the cliff

(but she'll always regret the night spent in bed with another man)

Renesmee Carlie Cullen

She lies because she won't let a soul know she loves Nahuel. It's so, very, very wrong; yet at the same time so right.

Jacob imprinted on her,

She just couldn't pack up and leave.

She did love him,

Just like he loves her,

but when Nahuel runs his warm hand along her cheek, down her neck, shoulders, sides, she'd do it all again

if it weren't for Jacob

(Though he loved her mother first, and probably still does, he loves me and I love him)

Leah Clearwater

She lies because if Jacob knew she was in the pack because of him and not Seth, he'd kick her out (after all, he was the Alpha).

She wanted her way to get away from Sam,

And she found it in him.

Someone to compete for her heart,

Compete for the top spot in her heart

(though it wasn't really a competition because neither of them wanted to fight for it)

They'd rather fight for Emily (Sam) and Bella (Jacob)

(though she wishes and wishes they did- but who wants the broken girl?)

Underneath all the pretty plastic and perfect marble were pretty little liars, who had secrets to hide. And no one needed to know…