Luke held his breath. Then he looked Nina. She was asleep and looked so peaceful. He reached out her hand. She opened her eyes and smiled up at him. This was all he needed at the time.

It had been a difficult past couple of months. But it was the past now and they could move on. HE watched as two kids came running into the room and attached themselves to him. All he could do was smile. As he watched as the kids hugged Nina he felt the smile grow. And he joined in on the group hug.

The nurse walked in slowly. She held a small blanket with a sleeping baby. She carefully handed it to Luke and stepped away. This was a true testimonial, he though looking down at her.

"What is her name?" the nurse asked

"Jen Talbot Garner."

The nurse nodded in remembrance. Nina looked softly at Luke and smiled. She was their third child together. A testament that they had their freedom.