End of Sententia.

Result report

Game time: Three hours

Fatalities: 3

Casualties: 2

Winner: The Umbrella Academy

Verdict: Earth is to be used as a preserve handled by Hargreeves's pawns. They can give or restrict access as they wish. So far they have restricted any and all access of Stignadians to the planet known as Earth.

"You got them both?" asked Séance as he cleaned his nails.

It was two days after the end of Sententia and Séance was standing with Lupo in the City's hospital. Lupo would've preferred talking to Kraken or even Spaceboy but instead he'd gotten the substance-abusing Goth brother. Lupo had asked where the others were at the beginning of the conversation. Séance had shrugged before saying;

"They're downstairs with their girlfriends."

Lupo had then thought it wise to let the matter drop.

"Yeah," said Lupo as he lit a cigarette.

A doctor walked by Lupo and tapped him on the shoulder.

"We have a no-smoking policy," he said, "I'm afraid that it's zero tolerance."

"I have a no-hitting doctors policy," said Lupo as he narrowed his eyes, "But unlike you I'm willing to make an exception."

The doctor quickly scuttled off.

"So what'll happen to the Cain siblings?" asked Séance.

"Conspiracy to commit world destruction became a crime back in '76," said Lupo, "Which means they automatically get the death penalty. In effect tonight."

He took a deep breath in of the cigarette before asking;

"So how're your sisters?"

"Allison might've been fine," said Séance vaguely, "but then she spoke. Saved her life but destroyed the chance of her vocal chords getting repaired. It's funny really."

Séance actually cackled unpleasantly after he said that. Shuddering inwardly Lupo asked;

"And the other one?"

"Don't know," shrugged Séance, "She hasn't woken up yet. Now I'm running late for my appointment at the beauty salon. So anything else unusual to report?"

"Orderlies claimed that when they were going to pull the plug on a comatose vegetable she changed appearance and ran out," answered Lupo noncommittally.

"It appears that they have a no-smoking policy but not a no-drinking one," Séance chortled as he walked off.




"We know you're concerned Mr. Hargreeves, but-" started the doctor.

Pogo laid a restraining hand on Kraken's arm as he pulled it back in an attempt to hit the doctor. The look he gave Pogo was filled with frustration and anger. Nonetheless Pogo shook his head firmly. It would do no good to go around hitting doctors. Letting out an angry breath Kraken backed down. Then he looked back at Vanya, laid out and still on a hospital bed.

The doctors had operated on her as soon as she got to the hospital. They hadn't removed the bullet for fear of causing further damage though. They'd been told that they were confident that no real damage had been done to either her memory or her motor abilities. However, they doubted if she would ever play the violin again. He'd told them that that wasn't important.

A sudden spike in her heart rate sent the three doctors in the room running. Kraken stood behind them, careful to stay out of their way. One of the doctors was looking at her vital signs and nodding approvingly. Pogo heard Kraken's breath catch. At least it was all over now.

"She's waking up," one of them said.

Once more Kraken moved forward a little as Vanya's eyes fluttered open.

"How's it going?" he asked as he gave her a relieved grin.

A look of sheer confusion passed over her eyes.

"Who are you?"

Kraken's look froze in place.

"Who are any of you?" she said, looking around frantically, "Why can't I move?"

"Calm down," one of the doctors said, looking nervous himself.

"Is this temporary?" asked Pogo, concerned, "You said that nothing was wrong."

"That's what we thought. Apparently we were wrong," said the doctor slowly, "As for if it's temporary, probably not considering where the bullet was."

"Are you saying that all of this is permanent?" Kraken asked sharply.

"Movement no, memory yes," replied the doctor, "I'm unsure if she'll ever regain any of them at all if this continues. You see, I suppose the bullet-"

"What bullet? Where am I?" Vanya asked with fear and panic creeping into her voice, "Oh God, what's my name?"

As the doctors argued and tried to reassure her Pogo suddenly noticed that Kraken wasn't in the room anymore. He saw the door to the room swinging back and forth like someone had opened it in a hurry. Adopting the same look of distress and resignation he had developed over the years of watching the Hargreeves he went after him.

It took him awhile to catch up to him as he stomped down the hall resolutely.

"Diego-" he said.

"Don't even start," growled Kraken.

"It's not her fault," Pogo said, struggling to keep up with Kraken.

"Do you think I'm some sort of moron?" Kraken snapped back, "I know it's not."

"Diego listen-" Pogo started again.

"No!" snarled Kraken as he whirled around, "You listen to me for once!"

Pogo started as Kraken's voice changed from an angry hiss to a furious shout. A few of the doctors looked concerned and started to edge away.

"A long time ago I gave up on seeing her again," he hissed, "Then she ends up on my doorstep and says she loves me. I thought the universe was saying something to me. I was happy. For the first time in my fucking life I was HAPPY!"

Involuntarily Pogo stepped a step backwards at Kraken's onslaught. A fire and fury blazed in Kraken's eyes, fury at the world.

"Now all of it's gone," he hissed, "I love her and she doesn't even remember who I am! She'll never recognize me! How would you feel if you had everything taken away from you and it was still there at the same time?"

Pogo didn't say anything. He didn't dare.

"I was right about one thing at least," Kraken hissed, "The universe is speaking to me. And do you know what its saying? It's saying fuck you Diego, fuck you."

With that Kraken stormed down the hall, shoving a medical gurney out of his way and into the wall as he went. Pogo sighed.




Rumor had been non-responsive since she realized that her voice was gone. Even so Space visited every day. He tried to get a response out of her by saying that the Eiffel Tower had crushed their backyard. Any closer and it might've destroyed the house. From the look she had given him it told him that she didn't believe him, even though it was actually true.

Tiredly he looked at the time. There was a lot to be done, mostly in the way of sleeping arrangements. Hargreeves had long since turned .05's bedroom into a pool room so now he didn't have anywhere to sleep. .05 was protesting that he should get the Horror's room seeing as he no longer used it. Despite the practicality, if not rather coldness, of the demand Space was refusing to grant it. That had led to some rather drawn out arguments with his brother. Sighing he got up to leave.

Just as he got up he thought he heard a faint scratching sound. He turned around to see Rumor finish writing something down. She showed it to him with slight desperation in her eyes. It simply read;

"Don't leave me."

Spaceboy shook his head and sat back down again.





Late that night a phone rang. Kraken made a snatch for it as Space came in through the front door. Yawning he rubbed his eyes. Kraken hadn't slept in days and the stress was beginning to show. In a monotone he said;

"If you have this number you've got a problem."

"Hey Kraken," sighed Lupo, "Yes, we have a problem."


"The Cain siblings escaped their execution," Lupo said, "Reaper killed the lock and they killed the guards. We've got some hounds but we're not particularly hopeful."

"I thought that he wasn't allowed anything as sharp as a spoon," growled Kraken, "He was on suicide watch. And what about the fifty snipers you had guarding them?"

"Somehow he got something. As for the snipers, most of them are dead," Lupo replied, "but both of the survivors say that it seemed like...you're not going to like this."

"What?" snapped Kraken.

"Like a ghost was protecting them."

"I'll get on it," sighed Kraken.

Hanging up he turned to Spaceboy.

"What did he want?" asked Space.

"Remember that time," said Kraken as he tapped his fingers on the wooden phone stand, "where the freezers in that ice-cream factory were getting stolen in an attempt by Captain Penguin to start a new ice age?"

"Yeah," said Space, the corners of his mouth twitching, "But what does this have to do with anything?"

"Just hear me out. Then do you remember how we ate all the ice-cream in the place in celebration," Kraken continued, "and ended up barfing up and down the halls for the next five days?"

"That really killed the win," laughed Space.

"This is kind of like that," Kraken said, "Cains escaped."

"Can't say I'm surprised," shrugged Space.

"Hmm," said Kraken as he twirled his knife effortlessly between his fingers, "Neither am I. But now it appears that there are two very powerful enemies who probably want us all dead and a city on the brink of chaos from the after effects of that star."

He tilted his head at Spaceboy.

"It looks like you've got your work cut out for you flyboy," he said nastily.

Space turned around and walked towards the kitchen.

"We sure do," he replied.

He decided to start by making a sandwich.