10 Random Facts: Next Generation Characters.

Chapter 1 – Roxanne Weasley, age 20.

Random Fact #1: Roxanne had always hated being sorted on Slytherin, because this validated the underlying fear of being different than the rest of her family that she'd always nursed while growing up. And even though her house was definitely better suited for her than any of the others, she couldn't help but feel like an outsider there. Added to the fact that she was the first Weasley in Slytherin, and that her housemates weren't exactly warm and friendly, only helped her feel like she'd never actually belonged there nor quite fit in with her family on the first place.

Random Fact #2: Sometimes Roxanne wonders if it would be best if she were an only child. Freddie gets frequently pampered and fussed by their mom, and he practically has a free pass at everything with their dad. But when he comes home from one of his adventures around the world, and she's the first person he seeks out and envelops into one of his infamous bear-hugs, she decides that maybe she likes having him around. Then he calls her "Moxie", a childhood pet name, and she goes back to wishing she were an only child after all.

Random Fact #3: The first time Roxanne kissed Lorcan, it was because he was there, and she needed to feel wanted. The second time she kissed Lorcan, it was because they were arguing and he had her backed up against a literal (and figurative) wall, and she was angry and frustrated. The third time she kissed Lorcan, it was because she couldn't think about anything else but wanting to taste him again, until she had gotten tired of it. To this day, she never did.

Random Fact #4: It doesn't matter what anyone says – at times, Roxanne stills feels like she deserved every beating she took from Chris Fawcett.

Random Fact #5: Lorcan was the first boy she fell in love with. He was also the first one to break her heart, and sometimes, she really hates him for it.

Random Fact #6: She wishes she could be as close to her mother like her cousins Lily or Dominique are with theirs, but she knows that they're both very different people that can't quite agree on anything. This doesn't stop Roxanne from feeling that her mother doesn't quite love her as much as she loves her brother Freddie, though.

Random Fact #7: Occasionally, Roxanne wished she could've gotten more along with her cousin Rose, like they did before Hogwarts. Then she would remember how much Rose's self-righteous attitude annoyed her, and push those feelings away. But at their seventh year, when Cathy Benjamin told her that her cousin was the one that encouraged Lorcan to break-up with her, Roxanne couldn't help but feel very betrayed, and decided that she would get her revenge. So, when Roxanne revealed what her cousin got up to that summer with Cameron Longbottom to Rose's boyfriend, Scorpius Malfoy, she decided she was now vindicated, and ignored a sinking feeling forming at the pit of her stomach.

It's only when she sees Rose crying, one afternoon after Potions, that she understands that the feeling on her stomach was regret. Later, they have their first honest conversation in years, and Roxanne discovers that Cathy lied to her. Right then, she decides to never trust what anyone says about her family without checking with them first.

She and Rose go back to being close friends like the past seven years hadn't happened.

Random Fact #8: When she told her mother that she wanted to become a professional model and appears on magazines, Angelina Weasley laughed and told her that it was a ridiculous dream and that she should work at the Wheezes after Hogwarts instead and carry on the family business. But when Roxanne first appeared on a famous magazine cover, after her first professional photo shoot, she received an anonymous Owl simply stating "You looked breath-taking." She smiles to herself and understands that this was the way her mother found to apologize, and forgive her for not believing in her.

Random Fact #9: After she's nearly killed by Chris, and left with a horrible scar that goes from her left cheek to her collarbone, Roxanne knows she'll never model again. But she didn't cared about that, for when Lorcan entered her room at St. Mungo's and with three strides took her in his arms, kissed her scar, and whispered "you're alive" over and over again, with his tears wetting her hair, she stills felt like the most fortunate and beautiful girl on Earth.

Random Fact #10: The day she moved into the flat her dad bought her as a gift for getting a starter position at the Magical of Law Enforcement department, she felt like an adult for the first time in her life. But when the first set of bills came in, Roxanne realized she was truly on her own, and all she wanted to do is be a child again, protected and cared for. Eventually, she learned to deal with the responsibilities of living on her own, and took a liking for being independent, even though she still felt very lonely on her overly large flat from time to time.

So when she asked Rose, Albus and Bettina Thomas to move in with her, acting on a whim, adulthood suddenly meant a lot more fun, but a lot of grievances too. Rose has knack for leaving her dirty laundry on the most unusual places, and Bettina keeps nicking everyone's socks while Al loves to bake when he can't sleep, but never tides the kitchen after it.

But she wouldn't trade her now chaotic, noise-filled flat for the previous sterile, silent one in a million years, though; especially when she returns after a gruelling day at work and Rose decides she wants to play with Roxanne's hair, while Bettina puts one of her black-and-white Muggle movies on their telly, and the smell of Al's sweet-flavoured popcorn fills the air.

At moments like these, Roxanne feels at home, at a place where she finally belongs.


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