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Kate grabbed another almond from the bag and threw it at the paper target hung between two of the bunk beds in the girls' room. The nut hit its mark, in the middle of the red and blue collection of circles, before falling into a previously placed bowl. Grinning to herself, Kate grabbed another, this time placing it in her mouth and chewing thoughtfully.

"I still don't get why you want to stay inside, Kate," commented Rhythmi on the bottom bunk of the opposite bed. A mirror image, excluding Kate's almonds. "I mean, I want to get out of studying and work. I want to become an Operator, but I don't have to work all of the time. But why are you here? Aren't you the study freak? The talented mark-obsessed girl?"

Kate swallowed before replying, "Since when am I mark-obsessed? And besides, you just said that you didn't want to work all of the time. Maybe I'm sick of capturing Bidoof and studying type advantages. I'd rather improve my aim and eat good snacks than do boring, unnecessary work."

"You don't need to improve your aim, Kate!" This remark was punctuated and emphasized by the tiny crinkle of another almond hitting the target's paper bulls-eye.

"Fine. My excuse is that I want to practice aiming with distractions. That's certainly valid, with you talking to me." Another almond hit the target, dead center. Crinkle.

"Yet you're hitting the center every time. Is there anything that I could say that would distract you?"


There was a pause. "Jim likes Joanne, you know," Rhythmi said.

Kate sighed as she launched another perfect throw. Crinkle. "Yes, I do know. You've told me about five times now."

"I think Jo likes him back."

Sigh. Crinkle.

There was a pause. "Keith likes you."

The almond flew wildly to the left of the target, falling to the floor. "What?" Rhythmi grinned as her friend sat bolt upright, glaring. "...Hey! No lying, Rhyth!"

"It's the truth!" Rhythmi sang. "Why're you so concerned? Do you like him?"

Kate's temper flared. "No! Of course not!"

"Kate likes Keith! Kate likes Keith! Kate likes-"

She was silenced by an almond to the forehead, courtesy of an irritated Ranger-in-training. "Hey!"

Kate grabbed her type advantage textbook, opened it, and furiously stared at the inside, although she didn't process a single word on the page. Rhythmi, almost feeling a chill from the cold treatment, picked up the almond from her blanket and popped it into her mouth, promptly spitting it back out, "Ugh, this tastes like tree bark! How can you stand these?"

Kate glanced in her direction, muttering, "How would you know what tree bark tastes like?"

Rhythmi hastily said, "Stop changing the subject. It's okay if you like Keith, you know. You two would make a cute-"

Finally Kate lost it, and Rhythmi barely avoided the thick textbook that sailed towards her head.

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