1st Attempt

Kate exited the ninth Capture Arena room with forced calmness. As she went to recharge her styler, Keith called "How would you rate that one?"

Kate made a face. "The individual Pokemon were fine, but the boss is tricky. I'm giving it an eight."

Keith raised his eyebrows. "That's your highest rating so far."

"Yes, well, it's logical that the rooms would increase in difficulty as you progress." She finished charging her styler and immediately headed back to the door, Shel the Shieldon following loyally behind her. "Let me at it one more time – I think I can get it."

Keith shrugged. "As long as you're done within half an hour."

5th Attempt

Kate's face had been getting progressively more contorted each time that she exited the room. Keith winced at the latest face; her lip were pressed together so tight that she barely had a mouth.

"Those freaking Weavile!"

"Yes," Keith said, nodding. "You mentioned those last time."

"One more try, Keith. I can do it." Kate stormed back into the trial room without waiting for an answer.

Keith leaned back against the wall. "Yes, you said that last time, too…"

7th Attempt

"We have to go. The arena's closing soon and we have a meeting anyway."

Kate loosed her fiery stare upon him. "No. I will not leave until I'm done with those Weavile."

Keith sighed. "Okay, calm down. Talk me through it."

Kate made a face.

"Come on. What order do you capture the Pokemon in?"

"The Banette, then the Ariados-"

"Kate, there's an Ariados? Why not just use that against the Weavile?"

Kate froze. Blinked. "What?"

Keith narrowed his eyes. "Bug is strong against dark, isn't it?"

"No, I mean – you don't have to release them? You can use the other Pokemon against the boss?"

Keith just stared.

Two chapters in a month. Look at that. Woop woop. Hope these are as fun to read as they are to write!