In this world, there are several thousand different types of creatures. There are four types of beings that command power over the others. In order of importance, they are Gods, Angels, Demons, and Humans. They have powers that help keep the balance in our universe.

Gods are beings of magnificent power. They have total control of the nature of our universe. Each god is entrusted to watch over a specific part of the universe. Angels are messengers of joy and peace. They possess the power to heal both physical and spiritual wounds. Humans possess 1/1,000,000,000th of the power of a god. This power, known as chakra, allows the humans to show reign over the domain that is the Earth.

And then there are demons. These creatures are not evil as one is led to believe. They are dark creatures, yes, but they are messengers of death for the unjust, beacons of light for those that are wrongly oppressed. Demons use the dark power of gods, known as yokai, to do such a thing.

The laws of the universe state that these life forms cannot turn into the other. Should that happen chaos will be bound to the universe. But a man seeks to break this law. In fact he is directly in the process of accomplishing his dastardly goal. To counterbalance the inevitable chaos that will follow, the King of Gods will do the unthinkable…

A human will be merged with a demon.

Darkness enshrouds the terrain; daybreak is coming. Up a narrow dirt path, a massive forest can be seen. Most common people walk through Hi no Hayashi (The Forest of Fire), and never, ever notice them. They sit amongst the trees, always watching, ready to strike down the first threat to their home.

What is this home you ask? Who are these people? That home is Konohagakure no Sato (The Village Hidden within the Leaves); these people are Konohagakure Shinobi. The village, known as Konoha, is a massive village located in the center of the forest. It is a ninja village, a place where ninja are trained for combat.

Now Konoha sleeps peacefully in the humid night air. Shinobi stealthy move throughout the streets, making sure no crimes are committed. The civilians sleep with no amount of worry in their bones. Animals of the night made their hunting cries. It was a normal night.

In a remote part of the village, several men and a woman sat in total darkness. They had an air of prestige amongst them. The leader of the group stood and cleared his throat. He was a young man, no older than 25 or 26. He had hair blonde like straw. His tan skin was flawless. He had blue eyes that were clear like a pool of water. The man wore a long white lab coat, a green military flak jacket underneath, and baggy black pants. The man scanned the room, noticing that a seat was empty. He sighed and said, "It seems Fugaku is taking a day off. It's a damn shame. I actually needed him here.

"(Sigh) Right, anyway, we have a pressing issue. The Kyuubi no Kitsune (The Demon Fox with Nine Tails) has appeared in Ame no Kuni (Land of Rain)." A man raised his hand, interrupting the blonde leader. He had long jet black hair and pale skin. He would have looked like the average man, if it were not for the fact that his eyes were completely white. His rich clothing, a simple silk kimono dyed the color of the sky at twilight, also made him stand out. The blonde leader acknowledged the man with a look of steel. You would never guess the two were lifelong best friends. "Yes Lord Hyuuga?"

"What do we have to worry about? The Kyuubi is our ally." The blonde leader hesitated before saying, "He is back. The accursed one." This elicited several gasps from the other lord in the room. The one woman in the room, who looked more like a wild creature than a female, said, "I thought that the Shodaime sealed him away in hell?"

"I wish I could explain Tsume but I can't. The point is that he was last seen in Ame. Put it together you guys." It didn't take a genius to realize what would happen next.

A portly man with a wild mane of red hair quietly said, "What can we do against a demon?" The leader sighed and said, "Get everyone the hell out of dodge." A blonde man sitting next to the robust red-head said, "Are you going to…"

"Yeah. Tomorrow, I'm issuing martial law."

The young lord materialized in front of his home. He opened the secret door and was met by a glowing white blade. It was wielded by a boy who appeared to be about 15 years of age. He had short spiky grey hair and tan skin. He wore the Konoha headband most ninja wear. It was tilted so that it covered his left eye. He wore a blue body suit that had brown straps. Metal shoulder pads adorned the suit. Finally, a matching blue half mask covered his face.

"The incident in Tsuchi," the boy stated calmly. The young lord began laughing and said, "You almost lost your virginity to that cross dresser. Obito and I had to save you from being renamed Lil' Sweet Cheeks." The boy deactivated his saber before scowling under his mask and saying, "Hey! I knew it was a guy! I was trying to do some reconnaissance. I didn't need your help Minato-sensei."

"Sure Kakashi-kun," Minato said. The amusement in his face vanished and the same look of steel returned. Minato's voice became stuck in his throat before saying, "How is Kushina-chan?" Kakashi straightened up and smiled. "Tsunade-sama arrived before sunset. She healed Lady Kushina! She and the baby will be alright, although the baby may get sick easier than most."

Minato smiled and said, "Kakashi-kun, tell Rin and Obito to meet at the Hokage Tower in the morning. Tell them it's important. " Minato walked past the boy and said, "I love you Kakashi-kun. The baby won't change that." The man continued up the stairs, leaving Kakashi confused as to how he could sense what was in his heart.

The next morning, Kakashi sat in front of a large tower in the center of the village. He kept darting furtive looks at the girl across from him. She had short, straight, reddish-brown hair. Her smooth, creamy skin seemed to glow in the sunlight. On both cheeks were two tattoos, both in the shape of fangs. A small white dog sat on her lap, asleep. She fiddled with her pink kimono and sighed from boredom. Kakashi finally broke the silence by saying, "Obito is always late."

"He's your best friend. You should have a talk with him about it," the girl said tiredly. 'Why can't I ask her out on a date? I've fought against squads of Jonin, but I can't work up the nerve to ask a teenage girl to go to the movies. I'm such a loser.' The grey haired boy sighed.

Suddenly, a boy came running around the corner. He had short spiky black hair, and matching eyes. His skin wasn't tan like Kakashi's but it was darker than normal. He was shorter than Kakashi as well. The boy wore a black and orange jumpsuit.

"Yo Rin! Lil' Sweet Cheeks! What's shaking?" the boy shouted loudly before cracking up…and tripping. Kakashi shook his head before saying, "I can't believe I almost lost to you in the Chuunin Exams last year." The girl, Rin, giggled and said, "Obito-kun, you should be more careful. And why are you so late?" Obito began laughing and said, "I stayed at Misumi's last night and I lost track of time. You know how it is right Kakashi?" The dark hair boy winked at Kakashi and earned a punch from Rin.

"You damn perv!" she screamed. Kakashi mumbled something under his breath, but the sound was picked up by Rin's acute ears. She smiled at him and said, "We should go inside." Rin begins to head to the door and the small puppy runs after her. Kakashi stares at her as she walks by. "Dude, are you gonna ask her out or are you gonna keep staring at her ass when she walks past?"

"I don't stare at her butt. Do I?" Kakashi asked. Obito laughed got up and the two friends walked into the tower. They walked up the stairs and entered the door at the end of the hall. Minato stood at the window and looked at the villagers, blissfully unaware of the dangers lurking out there.

"Now that you're all here," Minato said, turning to look at them, "I have missions for you three. Kakashi Hatake, Jonin of Konoha, I have an SS-Rank mission for you. You must help the other Jonin and ANBU defend the village from an oncoming invasion." The three gasped at this news. The war ended only a few months ago; was this newfound peace gone already? "Who's invading sensei?" Kakashi asked. "Two men; the Kyuubi no Kitsune and the accursed one." Obito's skin paled at hearing this. "No way! I thought that he—" Minato raised his hand and said, "It's not important now. All Jonin and ANBU must stay to help."

"I accept sensei." Minato nods at him. "Now for you two. Rin Inuzuka, Chuunin of Konoha, I have an A-Rank mission for you. You will also stay in the village with Tsunade and heal any casualties. Do you accept?" Rin nodded.

"Now for you Obito Uchiha, Tokubestu Jonin of Konoha, I have an S-Rank mission for you. I want you to defend the civilians in case we fail to stop them. Do you accept?" Obito stared at Minato before replying, "Why can't I stay and help? I'm damn near a Jonin!"

Minato sighed and said, "I think you would be better suited in the Hokage Mountains. If you do not accept, its fine, but you can't stay in Konoha." Obito growled and said, "I accept."

For the next few weeks, Konoha was unnaturally still. All civilians were in hiding in the mountains, while the Shinobi waited in the village. It seemed that the accursed one was not coming after them. The blonde leader walked through the village, surveying his men when suddenly; a dark force gripped his soul. "HE'S HERE!!!!"

Suddenly, dark clouds materialized over the village. Bolts of black lightning struck the village, and it burst into flames. Suddenly, the main gate of the village exploded. Two men strolled in as if they were walking through the forest on a Sunday morning. The short man wore a long black cloak that covered his face. The other man was much taller. He had wild red hair that seemed to spike. His red eyes were soulless, obvious signs that he was under some type of mind control. His face was marked by whiskers like a fox. He wore a vest made of red fox pelts and no shirt underneath, exposing his chiseled torso. He wore black pants that fit his lower half snugly. Nine long, red, white-tipped tails where behind him, twisting and contorting as if they had minds of their own.

"Wow, Konoha has really changed in the last 70 years! It's unfortunate I'm about to lay it to waste." Minato looked at the man and said, "The Konoha ninja won't back down. ATTACK!" The ninja flung themselves at the two men. The Kyuubi made some hand seals and said, "Oni Bijutsu: Rasenfuzei (Demon Art: Spiraling Air)!" The air shot forth in the form of a tornado and consumed the army, flinging them all over the village.

Kakashi leapt up and made hand seals. He held his palm out and a current of water formed. He charged the Kyuubi and said, "Suiton: Hahonryuu (Water Release: Destruction Torrent)!" Just before Kakashi could reach him, the Kyuubi's red eyes turned the darkest shade of black. Kakashi stopped running, and screamed as black flames erupted all over his body. The Kyuubi stared lifelessly at the boy as he writhed in pain. Kakashi finally stopped moving, and melted into water!

The ground behind the Kyuubi gave way and Kakashi leapt out, the current of water still in his palm. He thrust his palm into the back of the demon lord's head, and a massive explosion of water sent the beast into the air. "Sensei! Your turn!" Kakashi shouted.

Minato opened his hand and leapt after the Kyuubi. A small blue sphere formed in his palm. It quickly increased in size until it was as big as a coconut. It turned yellow and lightning surrounded it. "Raiton: Rasengan (Lightning Release: Spiraling Sphere)!" Once those words escaped Minato's lips, he slammed his hand into the beast's chest. The Kyuubi screamed in pain and dropped to the ground with a sickening thud. His body twitched as lightning covered his form.

The cloaked man was impressed and began clapping. "It seems that the village itself was not the only thing to improve! The ninja are much stronger as well. Too bad you will die in about, oh, one second!" He screamed. The Kyuubi's clawed hand pierced Minato's chest.

Obito was silently hiding behind a building. He watched his best friend and master attack the beast and defeat him. Obito sighed, thinking the battle was over. Until the beast leapt up and killed his master!

Obito jumped out of his hiding place and made hand seals. "Katon: Dai Endan (Fire Release: Great Fireball)!!" A massive fireball was flung from Obito's mouth and was sent sailing towards the Kyuubi.

The Demon Lord simply raised his free hand and caught the fireball. He then threw it at a group of ninja who were attempting to attack him, thus ending their own lives. Obito paled, realizing he killed five of his comrades.

The Kyuubi removed his hand from Minato's chest and flung himself at Obito. Suddenly, a katana pierced the Kyuubi's side. Minato thrust his palm into the Kyuubi's face and screamed, "Rasenshushou(Spiraling Palm)!!!"

Kyuubi screamed as the very space around him seemed to spin and contort. The sound of a gunshot was heard and Kyuubi was sent flying into the sky. "What are you doing here, Obito?!?!" Before the boy could reply, Minato grabbed him and they vanished as the ground they were standing on burst into black flames.

The Kyuubi dropped back to the ground and roared. The sound of birds was heard and Kakashi came running out of the blue. "Raikiri (Lightning Blade)!!!!!" His hand was encompassed in white lightning as he thrust his hand through the Kyuubi's chest. He continued to thrust his hand in over and over until the beast smacked him away with his tails.

The beast began making hand seals and screamed, "Oni Bijutsu: Honoo Seirei (Demonic Art: Flaming Spirit)!!!!!" A large stream of fire spewed from Kyuubi's mouth and made its way to Kakashi. Before it could reach, Hiashi, garbed in Konoha battle attire, leapt in front of him and began spinning. A shield of chakra formed and diverted the blast toward an abandoned building.

Two cyclones began pounding into Kyuubi. "Gatsuuga (Fang over Fang)!!!!!" Kyuubi grabbed the two cyclones and revealed the wild looking woman from the meeting and a large wolf like dog. He flung them into a building nearby, causing it to collapse on them. Suddenly, thousands of insects surrounded the Kyuubi and began eating away at his chakra.

"The Kikai will eat away at your chakra until there's nothing left. I'm sorry it had to end this way," said a man garbed in a white lab coat, white pants, and black shades. The accursed one laughed and said, "Your plan would have worked if Kyuubi possessed chakra!" As if on cue, red energy exploded around Kyuubi. All the insects died almost instantly. The white man gasped and tried to move back. A fist of the strange red energy pounded him into the ground.

Kyuubi walked toward the man to kill him and put him out of his misery. Suddenly, he could not move! His shadow was being restrained by another man's, a man with spiky, black hair pulled into a ponytail resembling a pineapple. His outfit was similar to Kyuubi's, except his pelts were made from deer fur. "Kumorigarandou (Shadow Void)!!!!!" The shadows at Kyuubi's feet began to pool until it extended a few feet from him on all sides. Tendrils of shadow burst from the pool and wrapped themselves around Kyuubi. They began to pull him into the pool of shadows slowly. The man began sweating due to the amount of chakra the attack required and the strength of the demon lord. The tendrils gave way and Kyuubi freed himself before being swallowed by the portal. He quickly closed the gap between the two and began pounding the man into oblivion.

Hiashi flung kunai at Kyuubi to draw his attention away from the defenseless man. They buried themselves in his back and he howled in annoyance. He flung himself at Hiashi with the intent to kill. A massive foot smashed into them, flattening Kyuubi and destroying Hiashi's clone. The massive foot belonged to the portly man from the meeting. The Kyuubi lifted the man up with one hand and flung him in the air. He crashed into the village, flattening several buildings, including the Hokage Tower.

The last remaining opposition was the blonde man, also from the meeting. He made quick hand seals and shouted, "Ninpou: Shinranshin no Jutsu (Ninja Art: Mind-Body Disturbance Technique)!!!" Kyuubi stopped moving and his eyes went black. He couldn't control himself and his body burst into black flames. Kyuubi screamed as his body was wracked with unbelievable pain. Despite the flames or his own pain, he gathered his yokai into his throat and screamed, knocking the blond man out and making his ears bleed profusely.

Minato materialized out of thin air, a massive, yellow Rasengan in his hand. "Raiton: Rasengan no Seken (Lightning Style: Spiraling Sphere of the World)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" The massive sphere absorbed the Kyuubi's burning body and flung him toward the Hokage Mountains. Minato screamed, "Obito, Kakashi, let's go!!! We have only one shot at this!!!" The two boys leapt from their hiding places and grabbed their sensei. A flash of yellow light appeared and they were gone.

The yellow orb of energy smashed into one of the mountains and obliterated the top of it. Unfortunately, this was the very mountain the villagers were hiding in! They screamed and ran as the ninja there prepared to protect them. One woman did not run. She had long red hair that flowed to her waist and deep green eyes that could look into the depths of your soul. She had a knockout figure and, if they weren't scared to die, the men in the room would definitely be staring at her. The woman was garbed in a simple white robe and held a pale, blonde baby in her arms. She was Kushina Uzumaki, the wife of Minato Namikaze, the 4th Hokage of Konohagakure no Sato.

Kyuubi dropped to the floor, still and unmoving. His body was burnt horribly beyond recognition and seemed to not be healing like his other wounds had. Slowly, he stood up, screaming from the pain. He staggered toward the woman, his burnt hands pointed toward her.

A yellow flash appeared and Minato, Kakashi, and Obito stood side to side. Minato and Kakashi's eyes were now blue spirals; Obito was sporting a fully completed Sharingan. "Do it now!!!" Minato screamed. Kakashi and Obito began to focus and their chakra became visible. "Fist gate! Kaimon (Gate of Opening)!" Kakashi shouted. The chakra began to flare and increase. "Second gate! Kyumon (Gate of Healing)!" The chakra began whipping about wildly. "THIRD GATE!!! SEIMON (Gate of Life)!!!" they screamed in unison. Their chakra turned yellow and their skin red. The two boys dropped into Taijutsu stances.

Obito attacked first, kneeing Kyuubi in the stomach. He begins punching the Demon Lord several times in his head before uppercutting him into the sky. The boy quickly launches himself over Kyuubi's head and scissor kicks him into the ground. He gathers energy into his right hand, forming a dragon's head around his fist. "Ryuusakeme (Dragon's Tears)!!!!" Obito rapidly punches Kyuubi, each punch causing an explosion bigger than the last. His final punch causes a massive explosion and Kakashi moves in for his turn.

The white-haired boy flips and grabs Kyuubi's hair. He slams the Demon Lord into the wall and rapidly punches him in his burnt chest. Kakashi flips backwards and continues his rapid assault, this time with his feet. He flips forward and wraps his legs around Kyuubi's neck and leaps into the air by thrusting from his hands. Kakashi releases and flips himself up right again, using a helicopter kick to knock Kyuubi away. He focuses his chakra into his arms and legs and screams, "Kagi Ookami Banteki (Wolf's Savage Assault)!!!" Kakashi releases a volley of super powered punches and kicks, all connecting and breaking bones. The final hit is a haymaker that causes Kyuubi to fall into a wall. Both Kakashi and Obito dash to him and grab his arms.

During this brutal attack, Minato had been going through long, complicated, and archaic hand seals. He was going to proudly use the Shiki Fujin (Reaper Death Seal) to seal the fox within himself. He knew the jutsu was a double-edged sword; he would die the instant Kyuubi was sealed away within him. Just before he could complete his jutsu, lavender light flashed and time was frozen.

A man, about the same height as Minato, appeared. He was lean, his skin pale and flawless. He had white hair, red eyes, and a long beard. The man wore a white toga and a brass gold ring. "Minato Namikaze, the Konoha no Kiiroi Senko (Konoha's Yellow Flash), do not complete that jutsu! Killing Kyo-san will completely throw off the balance of the universe!"

Minato would have ignored the elder man's request, if he could move his body. He found that his lips were capable of moving and asked simply, "Why?" The elder man cleared his throat and said, "Because I need Kyo-san's essence to create a new Kyuubi. I cannot explain it all now, but the universe's balance will be thrown off by two men. A man trying to become the ultimate demon, and a lowly snake trying to become a god.

"I will take control of your body and complete a very archaic jutsu that will recreate the Kyuubi no Kitsune. All I need is a human willing to…"

"Willing to what?" Minato inquired, straining to move his body. The elder man sighed and said, "Willing to sacrifice their humanity and become the demon." Minato was quiet for a moment. He slowly said, "Use me then. I'll become the new—"

"You won't do. While you are a good person, you have seen too much evil to combat the dark power of yokai. I need someone pure as a newborn baby." The old man began stroking his beard as he thought of a suitable sacrifice. Minato, in the meantime, had a crazy idea. "I know the perfect vessel."

Time resumed and Minato continued stringing along his hand seals. Kakashi and Obito noticed the change and the Uchiha shouted, "What are you doing sensei!!!!!!" By then Minato had finished his hand seals and screamed, "Let him go and get behind me! TENTOU NO SEKI: AWAI HOWAIDO (Gates of Heaven: White Light)!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Kakashi grabbed Obito and the two boys vanished. A massive white light erupted from the young leader, blinding everyone in the village. The light shone so bright that it could be seen all over the continent. Kyuubi roared and the baby cried. The light shone for a few more moments before it finally died down. The baby was lying in the center of the cave. Minato gave the baby a tired look, noting something about him seemed off before collapsing. The last sound he heard was Kushina's screams, and the last face he saw was hers as he drifted off into the darkness.

"He's a tough man…chances…slim…99.9%...affairs in order…"

Minato awoke and found himself in a white room. He was wearing a hospital robe and was lying on a bed. An open window allowed a warm summer breeze to gently caress Minato's skin. 'Summer breeze? I thought it was October?' Minato thought as he forced his tired, pained body to trudge to the window. He saw Konoha in the process of reconstruction. It was only then did the events of the battle replay in his mind. He couldn't figure out how he survived the Shiki Fujin, though.

"Minato, you're awake!" a voice behind him shouted. Minato turned around and was tackled by Kushina. She began kissing him all over his face and said, "Tsunade was convinced you'd be a vegetable for the rest of your life!" Minato smiled and said, "I'm the Yondaime; I'm not going anywhere for a long time." She smiled and a grunt was heard. Team Minato was standing at the door. They had new outfits and had changed greatly since Minato had last seen them.

Rin was now sporting a standard Jonin outfit. Her long red hair has grown longer, and she looked more mature. Her puppy was now quite big too. Kakashi's hair had become longer and he had become taller. He was now wearing an ANBU outfit, as was Obito, had gotten taller and his voice much deeper when he said, "Sensei, just waking up and already getting down to the do huh?" Rin kicked him in his kidneys and yelled, "You damn perv!! That's our sensei!"

'*Sigh* Some things never change,' thought Minato. "How long was I out of it? A couple weeks?" Minato inquired. He saw the hesitant expressions on his team and love's faces. Kakashi finally spoke, his voice very monotonous (that hadn't changed either), "You've been in a coma for two years Tou-san." Minato was purely stupefied at this news; there's no way he could have been so unaware of the change in time.

Before Minato could speak, he felt a small, but distinct energy behind Rin. A young boy poked his head out and slowly but surely walked to Minato. He looked like the Hokage's mini-me, but there were two distinct differences. The first was a set of whiskers on his face like a fox's. The last, and most noticeable, was a pair of fox ears on the top of his head. Kushina beamed proudly at the boy and turned to Minato. "This is Naruto. Our son." Minato couldn't believe the boy's appearance.

He is the new Kyuubi no Kitsune; despite this, he is still your son and needs all your love and care to get him through the most difficult 18 years of his life. Minato looked around, wondering who said that to him. His thoughts were interrupted by Naruto leaping into his arms and saying, "Dada!"

Next Time: Life has moved on and Naruto is graduating from the Ninja Academy! But not if Mizuki has anything to do with it! What kind of nefarious scheme does Konoha's resident sociopath have up his sleeve?