Kyuubi no Naruto, you are a warrior of immense strength. You will become the strongest warrior of all time, even stronger than I [1]. Even without your yokai, you would still grow to be the greatest Shinobi that ever lived [2]. Kyuubi no Naruto, you will not be able to save the Rosuto from the great darkness stalking them, but fear not. You will do what we could not.

You will tame the Original. [3]

"That was pretty interesting, was it not?" an oddly shaped figure asked seemingly no one as he slowly rose from the now empty battlefield. "Yes, yes it was," he replied to himself.

The figure looked at the ravaged valley and murmured to himself, "Two children did all of this? This could be…problematic for us in the long run."

Naruto shot up in his bed, panting and covered in sweat. He looked around and realized he was in the hospital in Konoha.

'What happened?' he asked himself, vainly trying to remember anything after arriving at the Shumatsu no Tani.

You did it, Kit. You saved him.

Naruto turned his head to the left to see a sleeping Sasuke, wrapped in many thick, heavy bandages. In between them slept Minato, his head laid on a small table covered in his drool.

I have never seen something so impressive. Izanagi was right to pick you as my successor. You are a Kitsune, through and through.


The blonde Kitsune marveled as Sasuke forced himself to sit up. "I should kill you for putting me in all this pain. It hurts to blink you fucking dobe," the raven haired avenger spat. Before Naruto could lay into the Uchiha, he was interrupted by four words that no one would ever think the Uchiha heir would say.

"Thank you, Namikaze Naruto."

"Honestly, I don't know if I could have pulled off what you two did," marveled Minato as he, Kakashi, and Obito listened to Naruto and Sasuke's versions of what happened.

Naruto was stuffing his face with Ramen, his first real meal after learning both boys were unconscious for two days.

"What happened to my team though?" asked Naruto as worry and guilt engulfed him. He could tell by how his sensei and father visibly tensed.

"Well…they're alive…but it wasn't a pretty sight," murmured Kakashi.

"Rock Lee broke both of his legs and arms, a couple of ribs, and fractured his skull; Hyuuga Neji, Nara Shikamaru & Momoichi Haku suffered minor injuries, but are otherwise ok; Masurao Kiokure suffered a punctured and collapsed lung; and Toppyoushmonai Satsu is suffering from extreme chakra exhaustion," Minato listed off.

"What about Hinata-chan?" both Naruto and Sasuke asked at the same time. They could tell by Minato's pained expression that the news wasn't good.

"She suffered a massive heart injury," he whispered. "Tsunade is working on her now, but her chances of survival are extremely slim at best."

Naruto forced himself up, despite the tremendous amount of pain he was in, and whispered, "Where is she?" Minato tried to force his son to lie back down, but was shoved violently away. "I can help her! I saved her once before I can do it all over again!" Naruto shouted. "Just take me to her!"

Minato nodded to Kakashi, and the two Jonin helped the Kitsune to his feet.

"It's been nearly three days," panted one of Konoha's top medic-nin. A group of medic-nin sat around Hyuuga Hinata, who was naked and spread eagle on a massive healing pentagram. The ninja had been trying, albeit unsuccessfully, to repair the massive heart injury that the young Chuunin had suffered at the hands of Orochimaru's body guards.

"Shizune, this isn't working!" shouted another medic-nin. "We've exhausted every form of medical ninjutsu and nothing has even made the slightest of progress!"

As if on cue, the doors to the operating room opened. Naruto limped in, being supported by Minato and Kakashi like human crutches. "Yondaime-donno, you can't be in here while we are operating!" shouted Shizune.

"Naruto-kun says he can help," Minato said as he sat the boy over his dying girlfriend.

Naruto gazed at her near lifeless body, and tears began to well in his eyes. Guilt crashed down upon him as he realized he dragged her into this by going after Sasuke. Of course she would chase after him; she would never let Naruto face the possibility of death by himself. They were comrades first, lovers second.

'I've got to use the Sakeme no Kitsune (Tears of the Demon Fox),' thought Naruto as he began channeling his yokai into his tears.

That is a bijutsu that only a five tailed Kitsune can use. You will kill yourself trying to use it. I forbid you from using that jutsu alone.

'So what?' screamed Naruto mentally. 'This is my entire fault! Hina-chan wouldn't be in this situation if I wasn't her boyfriend! Nothing you say will stop me!'

You are a dumbass, Kit. I never said I would stop you. I only forbade you from performing it alone. You have a tail now; you have made the leap from pseudo-demon to a full-fledged demon now. I can lend you my yokai and help you perform the jutsu. Hina-chan is your mate, and because of our connection, I love her as well. I will not sit idly by as her death causes you pain. We will save her, Kit.

Naruto smiled as his tears began to mix with both his and his sensei's yokai, causing them to glow orange. The mystical liquid orbs dropped from Naruto's eyes and splashed all over Hinata's chest. Everyone in the room watched in amazement as Hinata's body was slowly covered in an orange shroud of yokai. The damage to her muscles and skin slowly repaired itself, leaving not even a hint that the girl had been pierced through her heart.

*YAWN* You owe me one, Kit. Me go night night now.

"Thanks Kyo-sensei," whispered Naruto as he slumped over and slipped into a dream state.

A week had passed, and Naruto and Sasuke had finally been allowed to leave the hospital. The two boys laughed as they walked out of the hospital. The entire ordeal had brought the two boys closer together, giving them the first semblance of a friendship ever. The two boys were on their way to the Hokage Tower, where they would be taken off of the injured list and be allowed to join active duty.

The closer the boys got, the hungry Naruto became. The increasingly strong smell of ramen, barbecue, and seafood tantalized his acute sense of smell. His stomach voiced his sentiments as a massive roar was unleashed by the organ.

"I'm so hungry," pouted Naruto as he rubbed his belly. "That hospital food was horrible!"

"Yeah, I am too," agreed Sasuke. "We'll get some ramen on your dime, dobe."

"WHAT?! WHY DO I HAVE TO PAY FOR IT?!" screamed Naruto.


The two boys argued, much to the amusement of the nearby villagers, all the way to the Hokage Tower. It seemed that, no matter how close the two ninja were now, some things would never change. Before the argument could get physical, the sound of cheers and claps filled the air. The courtyard of the Hokage Tower was filled with food and drinks and the two boys' closest comrades. A banner hanging from a nearby tree read, "Welcome Home, Naruto and Sasuke!"

The two young warriors were rushed by the other members of the Konoha 15, who were relieved to finally see their close friends on their feet, and, most importantly, home. Naruto pushed past all of his friends to get to the one he wanted to see the most.

"Naru-kun I—"

Hinata was cut off as Naruto pulled her to him and gave her the best kiss of her life. It lasted only twenty seconds but it felt like an eternity to the girl who spent just that long loving the young man before her. When they finally separated, all Hinata could do was stare at Naruto with such a feeling of reverent affection. The boy grabbed her hands, smiling from ear to ear.

"Hinata-chan, I love you."

Naruto lay in his bed, staring at the ceiling. He had been attempting to sleep but lately his dreams have frightened him. 'I'm too old to be scared by fucking nightmares,' he thought as he sat up and opened his window.

Do you want to talk to me about them?

'I'm surprised you don't already know seeing as you're living in a big ass castle in my mind. I should really start charging you rent or something.'

Haha, very funny. I actually respect your privacy. I only view what you see, not your dreams. In any case, tell me about these dreams.

'Well in each dream, I see these people and their lives from birth to what I think are their last moments on earth. They seem to have lived like me: a lot of pain and hatred given to them by the people who live in their village. But then it always ends with them badly beaten and being dragged away. It's creepier than it is scary.'

Kit, do you remember what I told you about the Rosuto?


How many have you seen?

'Only two…why?'

Then it has already begun. The Akatsuki is making its power move. They are beginning to capture the Bijuu.

"Now that we're all here, this meeting can begin," said Minato as he stood in front of the Clan Council, Citizen Council, and the generals of Konoha's Shinobi council.

"As you know, several months ago, we were attacked by Otogakure no Sato, which is led by Orochimaru. That, in my eyes, was an informal declaration of war. The reason I am calling this meeting is because I would like to propose that we make a formal declaration of war.

"Suna and Kumo have agreed to fight alongside us against Oto, but they will not be alone. Kiri and Iwa have both made it known to me that if we attack Oto, they will come to their aid."

"So, you are proposing that we send the world into yet another Great Shinobi War?" asked a member of the civilian council. "We barely survived the last one and Oto's attack! We're in no position for this!"

"Still your tongue!" spat Danzo. Minato watched with veiled interest, unsure of how the old bastard would react to the thought of war. "This war is needed! For too long, we have sat twiddling our thumbs when we could be showing the world just how powerful our army is! This is our chance to spread the Will of Fire to the corners of the globe!"

"Wrong," Minato calmly replied. "We are not fighting this war to dominate, but to protect not only our home but the integrity of the ninja community. We are fighting for peace, not despair."

"That's the problem with you and the last few Hokages!" spat Danzo. "We have the best military of the Great Nations! We can wipe out every one of our enemies and have true peace!"

"Wipe our current enemies out and gain new enemies in the process. I believe the proper term for such phenomena is 'addition by subtraction'," answered Minato.

"I can't promise you that this war will end quickly, or that every one of our comrades and kin will return unscathed, or that we can even win this war. But if we continue to stand idly by while tyrants like Orochimaru try to exterminate us like an infestation of roaches, we will have lost our Will of Fire, our very essence of life," Minato said.

"I can promise you that so long as I am Hokage, we will always fight for survival and that we will either live free or die proud but never on our knees."

Danzo sat and watched as the council slowly but surely voted unanimously to lead an assault against Oto. 'Fools…all of you…this is exactly what we want…our plans become that much easier to achieve,' he thought as he too rose his hand in agreement.

'Soon… this land will be ours.'

The last few months had been tense to say the least. The Five Great Nations had teetering on the precipice of war during this span. The bloodshed that would soon follow was accepted by the nations as an unfortunate inevitability, but when and where the battle would take place was something no one truly knew.

No one but Namikaze Minato, that is.

The Yondaime stared out at Konoha and the surrounding landscape from the large window in his office solemnly. This was an all too familiar feeling for the 39-year-old Kage. From the time he was 10, he had been involved in countless wars and battles. He figured that after nearly three decades of death and despair surrounding him, he would grow numb to these feelings, but instead they just grew evermore powerful.

Behind him sat his uncle Jiraiya, son Naruto and the last two Uchichas, Sasuke & Obito. They too had solemn expressions etched across their faces. They knew that the war would start at mornings light. They were unaware of what their lord had planned for them, but he would satiate their curiosity quickly.

"Jiraiya, Uchiha Obito…I have called you here to give you your mission orders for the eve of the war," began Minato. "Namikaze Naruto, Uchiha Sasuke…you will listen closely, for your missions are closely intertwined with theirs. Jiraiya…Obito…you will take Naruto and Sasuke somewhere safe and train them until I see fit for them to return to Konoha."

Both Naruto and Sasuke shot up angrily and protested the orders the Yondaime had given them. "What the fuck do you mean? You basically want me to run away from Konoha and let my comrades throw themselves in harm's way while I'm safe and secure?" shouted Naruto.

"I'm an Uchiha!" spat Sasuke. "We are warriors, and warriors fight! Don't think I'll just run and hide like fucking coward!"

"Enough!" roared Obito. The two boys kept their mouth shut; it was rare for Obito to lose his cool like this. "Yondaime-sama is doing this for a reason, so shut the fuck up, and let him talk!"

Minato continued to stare out of the window before saying, "While Jiraiya and I were investigating this "immortality" jutsu Orochimaru employs, we came across some troubling news involving the Akatsuki. It seems that in about three years' time, they will be coming for you, Naruto. I want you to be as strong as you possibly can be before that day comes so you can defend yourself from them. There's no doubt in my mind they'll use the war to cover their tracks and capture you and the rest of the Bijuu."

"So what does this have to do with me?" wondered Sasuke.

"Orochimaru wants your Sharingan, but he's as shrewd as he is cowardly. He won't show his face on the battlefield for as long as he is alive, he can keep the war going and slowly but surely dwindle our reserves. Strengthen your body and your eyes to the point where you're too enticing of a treat for him to resist.

"Obito," Minato said as he slowly turned to the four ninja, "Is there anywhere you can take Sasuke where you can remain undetected for an extended period of time?"

Obito nodded and replied, "There's an old Uchiha compound right here in Hi that used to house us during the Senju-Uchiha Clan Wars. The actual compound is housed in a dimension that can only be accessed by a Mangekyou Sharingan, and I am the only person that still knows of its location and existence. Also, without a Sharingan, one would go crazy in this dimension, protecting us from a large scale attack should Uchiha Itachi discover it and try to use Sasuke to get to Naruto."

"Excellent," murmured Minato, "Now what to do about you, Naruto?"

"I believe I can help you with that."

The five ninja looked over to the now open window where Harufuudo sat idly, reading a book of some sorts.

"It's come to the attention of the Kitsune Demon Clan that Naruto has unlocked one of his tails, and judging by the furry babe magnet behind him, I'd say our suspicions are validated," he said, never once taking his eyes away from his book.

"What does that have to do with our current situation?" inquired Minato. The Kitsune lord closed his book and gazed at his younger counterpart.

"Naruto is becoming the Kyuubi no Kitsune, and there is a certain…issue involved. The more tails he unlocks, the more my father loses. And when Naruto takes the ninth tail from him…he'll finally be lain to rest," Harufuudo murmured.

"By me getting stronger, I'm killing Kyo-sensei?" he whispered.

I knew the minute you were chosen to succeed me that that day would eventually come. This must be done. The world has been without a Kyuubi no Kitsune for far too long. I have made peace with this and accepted my fate. You should as well.


No buts, Naruto-kun. I am so proud of you. I could not have picked a better successor. I will gladly give up my own spirit when the time comes. I love you as if you were my child. You will make me proud.

Tears welled up in Naruto's eyes as he began to process what was being said. Kyo had been a father to him when Minato was not there. To know that he would soon be gone brought unimaginable pain into his heart.

"Naruto will need to learn to control that immense power and training him anywhere on earth is too risky because at any moment he could lose control and destroy entire civilizations, "continued Harufuudo. "Therefore, I am suggesting that he and Jiraiya-sama come to the Nenshoutaira (Burning Plains) where we can both train him and contain his power." Harufuudo turned to the blonde Kitsune and offered his hand to him. "What do you say, Naruto?"

"You aren't the one I had chossssen, but you will do quite niccccely when the time arrivessss," Orochimaru chuckled as he sat upon his throne, gazing at a figure obscured by shadows.

"Save it, you fucking creep," the figure spat back. "Just give me the power I crave. The power you promised Sasuke!"

"I'd be careful with my tongue if I were you!" spat Kabuto. "Lord Orochimaru doesn't take kindly to insubordination of any kind!" The snake sennin put a hand on Kabuto's shoulders, silencing his top henchman.

"SSSShow our guesssst to hissss new quarterssss. Make him feel at home," Orochimaru said. "Oh, and Kabuto, take care of Tssssumeato. He hassss that gift you've been looking for."

Kabuto walked into the shadows and beckoned for the figure to follow him. He led him to a pit in the center of the facility. It was pitch black down there, and Orochimaru's new soldier couldn't determine just how deep the hole was.

"You sure know how to make guests feel welcome here. Is there a rock I can cover the hole with or is privacy unknown here?" he asked as he walked toward the pit.

"You have quite the reckless tongue," seethed Kabuto. "It would be a shame to see it removed from your mouth."

The man flipped Kabuto the bird and leapt into the pit. Orochimaru's right hand man watched for what felt like entirely too long before a large board of wood shot from the pit and sealed it shut. The medic-nin shook his head and walked down the hall to the medical room.

The silver-haired criminal slid the door open and watched as a shirtless Tsumeato laid on a gurney. His face was wrapped with heavy bandages, still recovering from the punch Tsunade laid on him a few weeks back. Kabuto calmly walked over to the hulking man's IV and tinkered with it.

"I guess now is the best time to tell you, seeing as you're asleep," Kabuto nervously began as he watched the solutions drip into Tsumeato's arm. He unwrapped the general's bandages and continued.

"I hated you when I first met you. I was so opposed to Shodaime-donno bringing you in, much less allowing you to lead his army. But you proved to be a capable leader, and your savagery was second only to Shodaime-donno.

"When Shodaime-donno made me your partner, I was again opposed. You have no grace, no finesse—you were a distraction and I felt that you wouldn't allow me to move in the way I would have liked. And all that proved to be true, but in ways I never expected.

"I grew to care for you. I worried for you every time you threw yourself into battle. With every wound I had to heal, I felt myself growing closer and closer to you. But with every whore you fucked, with every crude joke you made about people like me, I edged away, knowing that you'd never be anything more than some silly school girl crush.

"I guess what I'm trying to say is…Tsuchi Tsumeato…I love you," Kabuto finished as he leaned down and passionately kissed the unconscious man. The silver-haired terrorist was in heaven, imagining that Tsumeato was conscious and had reciprocated both his feelings for the man and his lips.

He had no idea just how wrong he was.

A massive hand swatted Kabuto into a nearby machine, disorienting him. He watched in horror as Tsumeato slowly sat up, his face a scary mixture of anger, hatred and disgust.

"You fucking faggot, you must have lost your fucking mind!" he roared as he leapt off of the bed and ripped his IV out. Kabuto looked at it with a smirk and slowly stood up. "I'm going to fucking kill you! What did you think was gonna happen when I woke up? That I'd look you in your eyes, tell you I love you and we'd skip off into the sunset through a meadow of flowers and unicorns?"

Tsumeato launched himself at Kabuto, screaming all types of obscenities at his former partner. "No," Kabuto said smugly as Tsumeato suddenly clutched his sides and dropped to his knees, "I thought that the shit I slipped into your IV would paralyze you and let me have my way with you."

"B…But Oro…chimaru…made me im…mune to this stuff," Tsumeato whimpered as Kabuto walked behind him and kicked him onto his stomach.

Kabuto chuckled as he leaned down and kissed the general's neck. "He must have forgotten to make you immune to his snake summons' neurotoxins," he replied darkly as he ripped Tsumeato's gown off and dropped his pants. "Now, relax. I'll make sure I'm gentle seeing as this is your first time.

Tsumeato's bloodcurdling screams pierced through the normally still silence of Orochimaru's base.

Shikamaru sat at Ichiraku's with Naruto, Sasuke and Hinata. The four youngsters ate in a somber, yet strikingly jovial silence. Today was the day that Naruto and Sasuke were to leave for their training. Word had spread amongst the other Konoha 15, and it inspired them to become stronger as well. Everyone had thrown themselves into intense training, hoping that they would not be a hindrance to Naruto or Sasuke.

"You guys are gonna be gone for a while, huh?" murmured Shikamaru. Neither boy replied but their answer was more than clear. Shikamaru stood up and tossed a few ryou on the counter. "Just do me a favor, you fucks. Come back as soon as you're ready. We got a war to fight and the Konoha 15 needs its leaders."

Both Naruto and Sasuke nearly choked on their ramen as Shikamaru walked out. "It's true," Hinata whispered. "We all see you as our leaders, even Satsu, although he'd never openly admit it. We'll do our best to protect Konoha, but we're gonna miss you too. As our leaders, and more importantly, our brother," she said as she hugged Sasuke tightly, "and as my boyfriend."

Naruto and Hinata embraced and shared a soft kiss. It was killing them that they'd be away from each other for so long. He wanted to bring Hinata with him but Harufuudo advised against it, as the sheer amount of yokai in the Makai alone would kill Hinata. And if that didn't kill her, Hiashi would kill Naruto for taking her to the demon realm.

Obito and Jiraiya walked into the restaurant, and the two boys stood and grabbed their bags. "I'm gonna miss you, Hinata," said Sasuke with a rare smile. "I'll see you soon, I hope."

"I promise to you both," Naruto began as he clutched his fist, "that I'll be strong enough to kill Orochimaru when I come back!"

"And strong enough to beat Sasuke's weak ass!"

Everyone laughed as the two boys erupted into yet another fruitless argument about one being too weak to beat the other. Shikamaru and Hinata enjoyed the back-and-forth between their two comrades, but sadness overcame the laughter as they watched two boys slowly fade away from sight. Hinata bowed her head and quietly murmured a prayer to the gods for her boyfriend and comrade.

"Lord Izanagi, I ask that you keep watch over Naruto and Sasuke. Guide them to the strength that they need…that the village needs…and the entire ninja world needs to make it through this trying time. Keep the fire in their hearts burning forever."


NOTE: As of December 2013, I, EnigMAL, have been giving this account and the rights to this story by its former author, Nyghtmare. I was a big fan of the story and was extremely saddened that he never finished the story. Earlier in December, I private messaged him, hoping I would get a response but not expecting one at all. To my surprise, a few days after Christmas, he messaged me back. I begged him to complete the story, but he explained that the birth of a son has prevented him from further dedicating time to his account. I was even more greatly surprised to find out that he was willing to give me not only the rights to his story, Ierokitsune, but the outline to the next story in the series. So it is with great pleasure that I announce that sometime in the next couple months, Rosuto will be published!

1- Guess who?

2- The mystery figure is making reference to the immense power that Naruto tapped into (and has yet to fully achieve) in the canon.

3- Foreshadowing to the next story…