This fanfiction idea recently came to my head. This story takes place in the middle of the movie where they are in the park and they come home.

Sam, Joon, and Benny were all in the park that day. Sam loved old movies and loved Buster Keaton so he always dressed up like him. They went to the park that day and had a picnic and as they were leaving, Sam started to kick his hat making it look like it kept moving. Then he drew a crowd when he did his silent acts and Benny learned he wasn't so bad after all and he was talented. So as they were leaving the park that evening, Benny told them to go right ahead and he will be home soon. He had some thinking to do.

Sam and Joon arrived home and put the stuff in the kitchen. Joon put her peanut butter back in the fridge. Joon went up to her room and took off her dress and put on her orange pants and a white t shirt. She brushed her teeth and hair. Down in the art studio, Sam took off his clothes and got his jamese on, a long white shirt that is and brushed his teeth in the powder room. Sam went back to the art studio and Joon came in. They both sat down and looked at each other. They both leaned closer and started to kiss. Then they stopped and smiled and started again. They made love that night and Sam felt he should tell Joon his secret. A problem he has always had and his mother would yell at him about it and humiliate him about it. Called him names.

After they were done making love, Sam decided he better tell Joon before their relationship got any further. "Joon?"

"What?" she said.

"I uh...I'm a...I'm a bed wetter."

Joon giggled.

Sam thought maybe it was a mistake he told her because she was laughing at him.

"I thought I could trust you with all my secrets because I love you."

"Me too," she said. "I will keep it a secret if we make love again."

Sam smiled. Then they heard the neighbor's dog barking and Benny coming inside. "Don't tell Benny," she said.

"Okay," said Sam.

Joon kissed him and left the studio grabbing her pants. She went up to her room and crawled into bed. Sam stared at the skylights in the art studio. Everyday he had been hiding his secret from Benny and Joon. He didn't wet the bed every night but it happened off and on. Luckily he hasn't had a night time accident since he has lived with them. But he still put puppy training pads under him on the couch when he go to sleep in case he had an accident. He couldn't risk Joon seeing the wet spot on her couch. When he lived with Mike, he had wet the bed and Mike got mad at him and made him sleep under the sink ever since. When he was a kid, his mother would yell at him every morning and tell him what a baby he is for not making it to the bathroom. She would make him sleep in his urinated sheets. She said they couldn't bring up the water bill because he is too lazy to get out of bed to use the bathroom so he would have to sleep in his urine stained sheets.

Sam got off the couch and went to his bag and took out another puppy training pad and placed it on the couch. He lied on top of it. Now that Joon knew, the pressure of hiding it was off of him but what about Benny? That be another story.

I have heard a rumor that Sam was supposed to tell Joon he is a bed wetter. Then I read in a magazine and there was an article about Johnny Depp. I read he wanted Sam to reveal his secret to Joon because he thought it be funny but the line was cut.