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The sound of dripping water echoed across the giant cavern.

Dead bodies littered the flooded ground. Giant columns and slabs of stone lay about broken, some with blood staining their entirety while others had cracks and burns marring their once glorious formation. The clang of swords clashing broke the otherwise morbid serenity, reverberating and resonating as more clanks added to the noise.

In the shallow water near one such column lay the body of a boy of seventeen, facedown. The shallow pool of water had turned to a light shade of crimson around his body as blood seeped from a hole in his back. One of his arms was bent at an impossible angle with a bloodied bone poking out of the torn flesh. The fingers of his right hand were curled around the hilt of a broken sword, the shattered pieces of metal glinting like rubies beneath the water as they reflected the light.

His messy, chocolate-colored hair fell into his closed eyes, almost completely hiding the bleeding gash on his forehead. Only part of the right side of his face was above the water level with his nose completely submerged.

It was quite clear that the teen was dead.

Next to him, on a broken column, was a girl with hair the color of caramel. One of her hands was outstretched towards the boy, slumped in the water beneath her as her clouded, jade eyes stared unseeingly at his face. Like the boy, there was a gaping wound on her body, but this one in the form of a deep cut in her side. Her skin was pale, covered in scratches and burn marks, and her dress was slowly turning a shade of maroon from the blood that was slowly seeping down the carvings in the broken column towards the water, flowing outwards in swirling patterns of bright inky red.

A few feet away from them, a bionic arm stuck out from under a pile of rocks, once again the water turning the shade of a translucent cherry from the blood of the person buried underneath the rocks. Near the wreckage, the blade of a dragon-hilted sword was buried deep in the throat of a man with long, dark hair, a pair of broken spectacles lying under the water next to his face.

At the very back of the cave, where the light reached the least, lay another body, this one belonging to a blond in his early twenties with enchanting blue-eyes. He laid spread eagle on his back, a clawed hand sticking out of the left side of his chest, his face frozen in an expression of shocked disbelief as his blank, sky colored eyes staring at the high roof of the cavern unseeingly.

A scream of pain echoed and rebounded off the walls of the cave. The water rippled as though feeling the agony of owner of that voice. A brilliant light exploded near the roof of the cave, the form of an auburn haired girl screaming and thrashing at its heart.

"NO!" a male voice cried out in desperation, "SAKURA!"

The girl named Sakura only screamed in response, her whole body shaking and contorting as the blinding light seemed to tear at her flesh and soul. Her body began to glow inside the golden light, disintegrating into cherry blossoms, the petals whirling around in a spinning circle inside the light as her body kept on falling apart.

"Bastard!" the male voice howled in rage as a chocolate-haired boy shot towards a monocled man wielding a sword with the hilt that resembled a bat.

"Face it, O descendent of Reed, you have lost." The man laughed in a tired voice as he deflected the sword aimed at his heart. "The one you turned back time for is dying right before your eyes, and you can't do anything to stop it."

"RAITEI SHOURAI!" Lightening emerged from the tip of the boy's blade and shot of towards the monocle- wearing man, who erected a magical shield to protect himself from harm.

"Five innocent lives were lost in this quest of yours," the man continued.

"Shut up!" the boy cried, angry tears streaming down his scratched and bruised face as he spun around to land a ruthless kick. Taking the man by surprise, he knocked his enemy to the flooded ground, thrusting his sword at the man's chest.

The sharp blade smoothly sliced through flesh and bone. The man choked on his own blood as it sprayed from his mouth, dribbling down his cleft-chin as he hacked and coughed.

"You took everything away!" The boy screamed in blind rage as he pulled the sword out before stabbing his enemy with it once again. "You took them all away from me!"

"The witch of dimensions… is not here to help you… this time around, boy." The man panted, ignoring the blood and pain as he locked his gaze with the teen's. "Do you wish… to do it all over… once more?"

The teen's body froze in the motion of pulling out the blade.

"What… will it be… Syaoran?"

Sakura's scream rang out in the cave again as the man gave him a deranged grin.

"Maybe you can… save them all… this time around?"

The boy's amber-eyed gaze travelled across the entirety of the cave, taking in the broken and bleeding corpses of his friends and loved ones as sakura petals began to rain from the roof of the cavern.

"What will it be…" the man repeated as life began to leave his dark eyes, "O descendent of Reed?"