It was yet another lonely day in my shitty apartment. It was raining quite hard today surprisingly. I'm sure Mello was off doing some type of Kira business…which I did not like. I usually like being alone most days, but today I just wanted to talk with someone…a particular blond male. I looked up at the television, my game paused, and sighed. As I did the front door suddenly slammed open, making the water from outside spraying inside, all I saw was a flash of blond hair whiz by before the bedroom door slammed just as loud. I walked over to the bedroom, getting a towel on my way since Mello was soaking wet. When I got there I hesitated door, debating with myself whether or not to turn the knob and open the door to the obviously furious boy on the other side. I quietly sighed again before I heard a muffled "Matt, you can come in…", from the other side. I wondered if he could sense that I was on the other side.

"Mello?", I said opening the door.

Mello was sitting at the edge of our bed with his head hanging lowly in his hands, rain dripping on the floor from his wet bangs. I went over and sat by him quietly. There was a moment of silence as we sat there, only listening to the constant clacking of rain against the window


"Hm?", I said putting the towel and my arms around him.

"Why doesn't anything go the way I want it to? Why doesn't it go the way I plan?"

"Does this have something to do with Near?"

He flinched. "…Yes.", he had a deadly glare on his face.

Mello suddenly shot up and started pacing the floor.

"God damn it! Why does he always have to be one step ahead of me?! It was just like this at Wammy's too! I just know he's probably got this whole fucking case solved already, and he didn't have to do a damned thing! He didn't have to get a scar across the whole side of his face! Why am I the unlucky one that got it?! I swear I will f-", he got cut off when my lips crashed down on his. After a few seconds I took my lips off his and stared into his eyes, he was looking down still glaring slightly at the ground. I softly grabbed his chin and pulled it up so that he was looking at me.

"Mello…I don't care about Near or anyone else for that matter, you're number one in my eyes and always will be. From the first day I met you I knew we'd be together forever, and look where we are now…all the hardships and battles we've had to fought. But, you know we overcame them together." I smiled.

As I looked into his eyes I saw they were glazed over, he look like he could cry, but I knew he wouldn't. Mello laughed and I gave him a confused look.


"It's just…you are so sappy Matt. Such the romantic.", He smiled that smile that I loved. I knew he had forgotten all about the little albino boy that infuriated him so by this point.

"Oh shut up!", I said punching his arm softly.

We both laughed, this time he pulled my face to his and kissed me, I could feel my eyes roll to the back of my head as I felt the shape of his lips on mine. I pulled him over to the bed so we could lay down, pulling him onto my chest. As we lied there I gave loving kisses to the top of his head. He didn't notice, I guessed that he was probably thinking about other things like what his next move was going to be, or what his plans were for tomorrow. Matt just hoped that he was included in those thoughts some where. After a couple minutes I looked down to find him asleep. I smiled down at him.

"I love you Mihael…you'll always be my number one, no matter what…I'd do anything for you", and I slowly drifted to sleep stroking my blond lover's hair.