The thick night air was without silence that night in the slightly populated area of Central Ohmtown; the claps of thunder from an approaching thunderstorm as well as the pulsating sounds of a powerful musical machine upon a flying, bat-winged saucer cut the air like a knife through flesh. No one within the enormously populated arena of the Ohmtown Power Plant truly feared the saucer though, nor did they fear the strange, ominous figure which stood upon it. The figure was a person they all knew very well…

It was a male creature, very tall and thin, and despite being of older age, it was easy to tell the man had toned muscles upon his long arms and upper chest area. Upon closer inspection, it would also seem he were the melding of a cat and a hairless rat, with front-facing eyes (hidden by a pair of fancy sunglasses), a small, pointed nose, pinkish-pale skin, and wide pointed ears which looked like impious horns at the sides of his head. And every once in a while, the ferocious side of the feline would show in the man whenever he spoke or sang, revealing the four long, white fangs set within a powerful jaw.

But perhaps the most striking characteristic of this ominous person was not the crazy, Glam rock fashion outfit he wore or the fact that he was completely bald, but it was his prominent, glossy lips. No other anthro-animal life form in that theater, no matter what gender or amount of plastic surgeries, could ever achieve the full, attractiveness of those famous lips. So much were this man's lips the attraction of a million female fans as well as the bane of the other males whose women had left them.

But as incredibly handsome as they were, these lips… which for so many years spoke courteously and sang so beautifully… were now only spewing out the vile words of hate, death, wrath, and bloody vengeance…

As the crowds upon crowds cheered and gathered noise for the man standing upon the hovering, bat-like stage, the star of the show brought his large hands to the color-lighted touch pads of the large musical machine in front of him. A he placed his gloved palm to one touch pad, an almost eerie sounding keyboard note would sound off into the night atmosphere; each colored touch pad had its own tone, sound and frequency. And together with his incredible talent for mending sounds together, the mysterious man in the wild neon-orange outfit began to play the notes to his liking, and a song came into form.

The song was called "The Invocation Song".

Along with the long sounds of an invisible keyboard, the machine could also produce the hard taps of a drum set and the ever popular guitar strums, all of which the musician almost effortlessly brought together in his song. The "Invocation Song" itself was at first very creepy sounding, but that was how the crowds loved it, and once you became hooked onto the steady beat of the song, it was hard not to like it.

Below and a few yards away from the mysterious musician and his magical hovering bat stage was a great metal structure of a dragon's gaping, tooth-filled mouth. Within the dragon's mouth was a powerful circuit board with metal restraining attachments… and trapped within those torturous devices was a rather beautiful mouse woman by the name of Angel…

As the crowds continued to watch the show, very entertained indeed, and the Glam-clan musician continued to play the strange song, the circuit board behind the woman (dressed in a very skimpy cloth outfit) began to hum with raw electrical power. Above the whole scene, the large-lipped male creature wearing the fancy sunglasses observed the happening below, mostly the girl, and a sneer came upon his very slightly wrinkled face; he then looked to his control panel of his machine, and gently glided his large hand across the touch pads, causing them all to glow. Then he brought his gloved hand to a separate control section and squeezed his long, bony fingers together, as if he were holding an invisible item.

Down below, the lights upon the restraining collar around the girl's neck glowed brightly, and she suddenly burst forth into a form of resonation that was hard to describe:

"Say just why you offer (us) 3D-D,
(What was) tetra flawlessly,
Active matrix (tireless) (all) become,


What did these strange lyrics mean? Was the audience supposed to sing along? Because for all they knew, this was a brand new song by their favorite rock star, one which they never heard before until now, and one they automatically loved!

They cheered! Some were practically jumping out of their seats, but they just didn't give their own rodent rears weather people were going crazy out of their wits over one unheard song. This kind of reaction was nothing compared to what insanity normally went down at a Mok Concert…

Yes… everything is going according to my plan. Soon, these ungrateful vermin who dare call themselves my "fans" shall know true fear

Mok smiled down at the happenings before him: the lights, the sounds, the echoes; the crazy audience, the trapped and helpless Angel successfully singing the very words of the Summoning. The words which Mok himself had his troubles with deciphering once his supercomputer managed to track them down. Though Mok had known these lyrical demonic chants for a long time:

The one whom his fans called "The Magic Man", Mok had always had a well hidden but strong interest in the Satanic cult (if you could call it that). Mok's collection of the occult paraphernalia started when he was around 17; it mostly came from listening to the songs of his favorite rock groups as a young boy way back in the day. Back then it was much more difficult to get away with a hobby like that, but luckily for the 48-year-old Mok, prudence and conservativeness had all quickly disappeared after the Great Hurricane Aras, which hit Ohmtown and the surrounding areas of April '67.

Although everything he could dig up on his own was only meant for study in his childhood, it soon grew into a dangerous obsession as Mok got older; he began to test the limits of the occult's "magic" and his own "magic" as he saw it, even going as far as to pilot a powerful piece of aircraft at the tender age of 18 and nearly getting himself killed. For a while, he was too shaken up to tamper with that Satanic nonsense again, all the while his popularity and powers over the public grew and grew with each passing day, month, and even year.

Then it happened again. His care-free and charming mind was once again under the influence of the dangerous Dark paraphernalia; Mok began to incorporate the Devil more and more into his songs and performances, the many magical tricks he perform becoming all the more dangerous, and it continued to stretch out over the many years of his fame. But the question is, why now? Why was The Great Musical Icon of The World Mok back to the same irrational beliefs/actions/thinking that nearly got himself killed so many years ago?

For Mok, the answer was simple:

These "fans" as they call themselves… look at them all, the pigs…they have come only to make a ridicule of my name, to gaze up at my wonder only to look aback and jeer at my age and loss of youthful glow…

But not anymore…this plan (MY PLAN!) shall make them pay… they will scorn the day they deserted me! I am Mok! And I shall be king...

Still busily working the musical machine in front of him, Mok gazed out into the glowing red, laser-beam star which had risen from the stage floor and out through the glass roof of the Ohmtown Power Plant. The storm outside was now raging more then ever, and Mok had a hunch that it had nothing to do with the polluted atmosphere…

There was a terrible rumble and the sound of glass breaking all 'round the arena… out of the bright light of the towering laser star there shot up the pulsating, fiery entities of skulls and flames; hundreds, maybe even thousands of them, all gathering nearly forty feet into the air, and meshing together to form a giant demonic form. It was a creature so horrific and unheard of before, that it could only be described by one person with one word: evil.

"…I don't know what it is, Stretch… but whatever it is… its evil."

All the jittery rat guy and plump mole man could do was watch helplessly as the "evil thing" began a horrific rampage among the thousands of trapped Mok fans still in the stands…

Mok himself, the star of this whole event, looked upon the thing which he had always considered "his" beast: the way the monster's body was covered from its spiked head to its demon tail with pulsating fire red veins, almost like a giant brain, and the creature's slimy texture and the raging muscles of its chest and arms, which ended in bony, hooked claws which it swung in the air in a very Godzilla-like fashion.

Mok removed his fancy sunglasses and took a moment to stare at this, his great hell-born creation, with all the admiration you could imagine. Soon, terrible, evil thoughts began to circulate inside his bald head: all the things he could now accomplish with this Beast under his wing: all the disrespectful, deserting fans he could now slaughter!

Yes…Mok thought devilishly to himself as a crazy smile came upon his face…after all the months I spent on this project, searching for the perfect voice… I have finally done it! Yes! My beast! My VENGANCE!

And finally, these wicked, heartless thoughts flowed down and out of his now less-sane brain and though his mouth like a pipe full of Nuke York sewage. Mok the Magic Man stood from his seat, triumphantly stretched out his long arms and wrenching the air with his feline-claws; he threw back his head and shouted sanctimoniously,


And that is just what the Beast proceeded to do…

Toad frantically scrambled to make his way down from his operation's tower as fast as his roller skates could take him. The huge, burly dog-man had just witnessed the one thing that he never wanted to see in his whole life: his youngest sibling, his brother Zip, had just been assaulted by Mok's Beast.

Toad came upon the scene and knelt down upon the cold, metal stage where his poor little brother lay beaten. Toad took Zip into his huge arms and held his head in his large hand.

"Aw, Zip!" He said, trying to hold back the tears that had already begun to form in his eyes. "Whatdidja do it for?"

The young, child-like Zip opened his eyes and spoke, his words labored and his eyes

"(Cough) …I did it… for Uncle Mikey… (cough)… and for us…"

When he had managed to finish this sentence, Zip placed his hand gently to his big brother's cheek and looked into him with his soft eyes. That was when Toad finally gave up his fight with his tears; he could feel the tears on his right side siding down the crevice of the deep, white scar under his right eye.

Zip spoke: "(Cough)… Toad (sob)… we ain't evil… are we?"

Toad simply didn't know how to answer that question. He often pondered it himself in the past, as his association with The Magic Man often forced him to do some very dirty deeds, most of which he'd be deeply ashamed to tell his own mother about. Toad sniffled and tried to resume his position as responsible oldest brother, despite his absence of a proper answer:

"Don't talk now, Zip…" Toad tried to calm his little brother down by cradling him.

Suddenly, Zip went limp.




But no sound came from the one-eared pup, not a sound. Toad felt his whole world fall apart around him, and he buried his head in Zip's chest, weeping hard but silently. Toad wanted it all to end; he wanted all of this to be just a bad dream… a dream which he would be waking up from soon to yet another miserable day he'd have to spend waiting on hand and foot to the spoiled, arrogant rock star, Mok…

And speaking of Mok, did he care about what happened? Did he even care to shed a single tear for what happened to Toad's innocent little brother? Did he even bother to take notice of this sudden tragedy?

Hell no. Why, the Great "Magic Man" himself was too busy laughing his bald head off at all the blood being shed down below him. Laughing like a maniacal mad scientist whose experiment has been purposely turned loose upon an unsuspecting public…

The fury that would come to boil up deep inside Toad as a result of his pain and suffering was frightening and indescribable…

Observing all the chaos and carnage that was happening down below him from his high perch upon his hovering bat-wing stage, Mok the superior rocker had taken a rather precarious seat at the edge of the stage; his long, slender legs were crossed casually with the white leather of his high-heel go-go boots shining with each flash of lightning in the windows. Every so often, Mok would rub his chin with his long fingers as he focused on one or two individual fans, slight concern growing on him as it looked as though they might have found a chance to escape, only to be swallowed whole or trampled by the Beast; as hundreds of more dog, cat, and rat people would come to meet this same terrible fate, Mok's great lips would stretch into a truly wicked smile and his black heart would be filled with impish glee.

Yes… that's it…scream, scream as loud as you can…for it tickles Mok to his bone to hear your pain and suffering… Mok would think to himself with a deep chuckle.

In fact, he was enjoying himself so much that the rock star barely gave any notice to the girl, Angel, who was now free from her entrapment upon the circuit board, thanks to the surprise entrance of Omar. It was only when the sharp-eyed Mok noticed his Demon-Beast becoming distracted from demolishing a concession stand, and turned its huge, throbbing head around to look at something. What was it looking at?

Mok leaned slightly over to look beneath his hovering stage: there stood Angel, now with torn clothes and collar-less, the blonde mouse woman had her mouth open, but Mok could not make out a single word of it over all the commotion around him. Then he heard the echoes…

"Oh what will the signal be…

For your eyes to see me?"

Mok frowned for a moment, scratching his chin as he eyed Angle curiously until it hit him: Ahhh! I see… (Deep giggle) She is actually trying to send the beast back! My, such a clever girl…

Mok sat back in his seat and tried to contain his amusement; the Beast itself had now fully approached Angel, easily dwarfing her by about one-hundred-and-fifty feet. For a moment, the terrible Beast just stood there, staring at Angel with surprisingly innocent curiosity, even tilting its giant head like a puppy would; but this moment of calm was short lived as the creature's neon-blue eyes began to glow brightly and it emitted a deep growl. From out its body, the Beast produced an array of new, separate heads, each with their own glowing blue eyes, and mouths set with long fangs.

Angel sang the next verse to her song, showing no fear even as the snapping, threatening mouths inched closer to her barely covered soft body…

In the next two minutes, Mok would find himself looking out into the open arena with a look of pure disbelief and terror in his long-lashed eyes: the Beast was going away! It shrank into its original form of swirling fiery entities and recoiling back into the glowing hellhole which it had once sprung from. Mok found himself beginning to shake with anger and fear, for the very thing that would set him for the rest of his life and make him infinity in the universe was now leaving him!

"No, no, NO!" Mok shouted out loud as he quickly jumped back into his position at his magical music machine and began hitting all the buttons to his Invocation Song, but nothing seemed to be working: the Beast's red flames had begun to die off in the pit.

"They can't stop you!" Mok shouted down at the Beast as it continued to dematerialize and Mok continued to slam his large palms into the lighted pillars around him. "Destroy… them…ALL!"

But when the Magic Man looked back down over the ledge, he could no longer see the red glowing entities of the Beast, for it had now completely vanished into the Dimension's vortex, which was now itself shrinking! Mok's mind was racing now as he resorted to blindly slamming his fists into the pillars, causing many of them to break.

Instead of ordering, Mok was now left to outright begging, "Don't go! Please…don't… GO!"

Eventually though, the rage and frustration inside Mok Swagger became too much, and he began to sputter a series of incoherent rants whist pounding his large fists into his machine, while the audience continued to run around in circles and lightning continued to flash outside the Power Plant glass. When the last flash of lightning had dissipated, Mok suddenly noticed a large, dark shadow was now covering him in an ominous fashion. Having also sensed a growl, Mok turned around… and is heart nearly skipped a beat.

There was Toad. The massive bulldog stood looming above his "Boss" with his dull teeth bared and a look of blind murder in his small eyes. The huge man came even closer, trapping the skinny Mok against his broken machine; Mok's eyes were wide with fight and he was shaking. Toad finally spoke as he reached his thick, burly arms out to grapple his former Boss,

"My brother's DEAD."

Feeling the sheer power of Toad's huge hands grappling him, Mok found himself bursting into tears, black tears colored by his mascara and shed for his pure panic. But, even in tears and physically at the mercy of his henchman, Mok's inflated pride still shone through:


Mok's thin body was easily lifted high over Toad's head; the cold air whipped around the musician's skimpy dressed body and his heart was beating hard. As the thunder rolled, Mok's mind became erased of all common sense; the only thing that mattered now was that they knew his name…


Toad threw him over the edge.

Mok's following scream was loud and piercing, sounding like the combined screeches of a cat and a rat. The butterflies in his stomach spread wildly to the rest of is body as Mok plummeted down the thirty+ feet, his mind spinning as his body tumbled. He could still feel the thousands of eyes watching him in the fall…


Mok had just managed to catch the wall of the dimension with his claws, thanks to his cat ancestry; he exerted a lot of his strength just to reach his hand upon the ledge in a hopeless attempt to pull himself out. It just couldn't be: how could it end for him like this? He was The Magic Man! He should be the one with all the control of the universe! His mind spoke out loud as he screamed out,

"The magic of One Voice…"

Mok gripped the edge so hard trying to pull himself out that he felt his long bony fingers were going to break, but he was growing weak…

"…One Heart…"

With the tears still running from his eyes, Mok felt the panic rush over him as he felt the Portal pulling him in…

"…One Song!"

He could not believe it. How could it be true? How could it happen like this? Through his tears, Mok looked up at the shrinking hole above him… and the world of existence it carried away with it… The greatest icon in music history was being sucked right out of the only world that ever gave him that title… the one world he tried to make his own, despite what its done for him… but how could it end this way? How could his supercomputer have given him false information? And how in hell were those infernal brats able to send it back?! No ONE could send it back!


Mok's voice echoed into infinity as he finally slipped and went into a free-fall once again, the hole to his world closed up above him, and total darkness encased him as the rock-god's body went cold…