Okay ladies and gentlemen, I know that some of you are going to be excited to get this hoping that it is an extremely good update considering the length of time you all have spent waiting for a new chapter.

Bad news I am afraid. I have passed the torch for this story (figuratively speaking of course, there were no torches or fires of any kind involved) onto someone else.

Personally I have just kinda lost touch not only with my writing but with this particular fandom in general.

I will say that the reviews, follows and favorites that this story has received were wonderful and filled me with pride that something that flowed out of my mind was liked so well. They were also another reason why I wanted someone to continue the story. You who enjoyed this work of mine deserve to have it finished.

The rest of this story will be continued by scousemuz1k, it will be under the title Sideways and Forwards. Please check it out.