Post- Breaking Dawn:

Edward never comes back after New Moon. Bella doesn't confide in Jacob. Instead she is a bitch to everyone. She gets bitten by a vegetarian vamp on accident, and now is a vamp and is in their clan.

Cullen Clan






Prewitt Clan







Ugh! Just another day of school. Another day of all the humans staring at me.

It really gets quite old after awhile, but I guess since I have eternity I might as well get use to it.

I went to my hugecloset to figure out what I would wear today, and thought, Man, Alice would be proud.

I had the biggest closet in the house and it was filled with everything a girl would need to wear for at least three lifetimes. It was weird to live in the old Cullen house because of the memories it held, but apparently the house had been left to me.

I knew it wasn't Edward who'd left it to me but I had never figure out who had. I had received the paperwork completely finished and when I had tried to find the lawyer who'd transferred the deed, he had disappeared.

I was jerked out of my thought by Chris yelling from downstairs.

"Babe c'mon were gonna be late if you don't hurry."

"Yea," I yelled back even though I knew he would be able to hear me had I whispered. "Don't trip. I'm comin."

I threw on my tight blue skinny jeans that made my ass look awesome and a purple tanktop. I added a black half jacket and my three inch black pumps, then silver peace earrings and changed my lip ring to a purple stud.

I flitted down the stairs and watched Jenna and Crystal play fighting. If any one else had seen it they would think they were trying to tear each others limbs off but I knew the difference. They were always so fun to watch.

I absolutely love my family, even if they were slightly deranged and psychopathic.

After Edward had left I had started dabbling in the world of drugs and alcohol. I got into fights with random people if they looked at me the wrong way or said His name.

I finally had the guts to beat the crap out of Lauren Mallory. Well maybe not guts, I just didn't want to hear her voice anymore. So maybe breaking her jaw was going a bit overboard but it was all in the past now.

The principle had let that one slide, claiming that I was under emotional stress and couldn't be held accountable for my action.

I got drunk. A lot. Charlie had finally had the sense to kick me out of the house when he'd found a bottle of tequila on my desk. I hadn't even bothered to hide it. I remember that after I had sobered up we had kept in contact.

I had been walking to the Cullen place from my truck, where I'd been staying when I had heard something moving behind me. I'd barely had enough time to turn before I was tackled and felt teeth rip into my throat.

I knew a vampire had bitten me and was surprised when she had pulled back and started apologizing for biting me.

That's how I met Manny, Jenna, Tom, and Crystal, Joe and Mary and then Chris. Jenna changed me, on accident.

They are all vegetarian vampires and she hadn't meant to hurt me. She'd just smelled vampires and had gone to check it out. My blood had just been calling to her, is what she said. I remember her her expression when I'd laughed at her telling her I'd had this problem before, then everything had gone dark.

I sat at the kitchen table and started writing a reply to Jasper and Emmett. We had kept in contact for the last 80 or so years. Jasper and I had gotten closer as friends and Emmett and I... Well Emmett and I had grown closer as well. They kept me updated in their world and I kept then updated on mine.

I'm not exactly sure how Edward or Alice hadn't figured it out but Emmett had assured me that it was 'all under control'.

"There are eight people coming straight for us." I looked up as Tom tensed.


I looked over at Emmett as we ran through the woods towards the old house. It wouldn't be long before the others found out that Bella was still alive and kicking and it probably wouldn't be hard to figure out that we had known the entire time.

"I smell vampires." Rosalie said. Shit.

We stopped in the small clearing in front of the house we used to live in. There were six vampires standing there and growls erupted from both sides.

"Who are you and what are doing in our house?" Rosalie snarled. I held my head in my hands and groaned.

"Your house?!" A brunette shouted. "This is our house bitch!"

"What the fuck is going on?"

Every ones head snapped to the vampire coming out of the house. She had slightly wavy brown hair. The top half of her face was covered by over sized sunglasses.

"Em?" She asked quietly. A second later she was running and then in Emmetts arms and they were on the floor. "Emmett!"

"So this is the infamous Cullen clan." The brunette said looking at Bella and Emmett.


"I can't believe you're here!" I said hugging Emmett tight.

"I feel really unloved." Jasper said and I hugged him.

"Who is she?" Alice asked sounding pissed off. I turned to her and raised my sunglasses to the top of my head. I heard a lot of gasps.

"B-Bella?" Edward gasped.