Chapter 1

Gazpacho: Mother always told me to put on clean underwear and that's how I became the man I am today.

Mung: Very nice, Gazpacho.

Mung Daal observed every fruit at the stand as closely as possible. Chowder, his apprentice was at his side.

Chowder: I don't get it, Mung. Why are you taking so long to buy your fruit? You're usually able to buy your fruit faster than you can say, "Peanut Butter".

Mung: Well, Chowder, like I told you, I'm making a very important fruit salad. It's for a very rich man's party and he's paying me a lot of money, so I have to make this dish perfect.

A shadow loomed over the stand and a low voice talked over them.

Voice: Well I wish you good luck with that, not that it's going to help.

Mung turned around.

Mung: Endive…

Chowder: Panini…

Panini: Hi, Chowder!

Endive: Mung Daal, I'm very glad that you have the confidence to stand up and prove to Mister Rich Man that you're a terrible chef.

Mung: Pa-lease! That's the worst comment I've ever heard. And how do you know I'm cooking for Mister Rich Man?

Endive: It just so happens that I'm baking beesmakecake for Mister Rich Man and I've been invited to the party. A beesmakecake will be so much better than a smelly, old fruit salad.

Mung: Oh you-

Endive pushed her way up to the fruit stand.

Endive: I'll have a bushel of honey-filled melons please.

Gazpacho: Coming right up.

Panini: So, Chowder, were you invited to Mister Rich Man's party too?

Chowder got sweaty.

Chowder: Uh- no.

Panini: Really? Well, that's too bad. There's going to be food and music and… BALLROOM DANCING!

Chowder: Okay, gotta go!

Chowder dashed behind Mung.

Endive: You see, Mung, the reason you weren't invited to this party is because you're way too dirty and poor. This party is for rich and formal people. They're giving away one hundred dollar checks as party favors.

Mung: I am too rich and formal. Well, not the rich part, but I am formal!

Endive: Oh come on, you can't even teach your apprentice right.

Mung: Leave Chowder out of this! Of course I teach him right. I don't teach him any different than you teach Panini.

Panini puffed out her cheeks too look really cute and innocent as she curtsied. Chowder on the other hand stood there picking his nose. He licked what came out then stared at it.

Endive: I bet that I could teach that boy manners ten times better than you can!

Mung: What are you talking about!? You trained Panini how to be a girly, play-it-by-the-rules chef just like you! I could teach that girl to be fifteen times more creative than you.

Endive: If creativity for you is stinky garbage then yes, you could.

Mung: Well, then if it's a bet you want, it's a bet you'll get.

Chowder: What!?

Gazpacho sat behind the stand, eating popcorn.

Gazpacho: Wow. This reminds me of those old soap operas Mother use to watch.

Endive: Haz-ah!

Endive pulled Chowder's arm in the other direction.

Panini: Bye, Miss Endive!

Chowder: Mung! I don't want to go! Don't let her take me! Please!!!!!

Mung: Chowder, it won't last long. Besides, you'll get to go to that party.

Chowder kicked and screamed as he left.

Mung: What have I just done? Well, hopefully he can get some money out of there. Now, Panini, we need to start your training.