It all started with a kiss. It was so pure- so light- but intoxicating and enchanting. I never forgot the mixed feelings I got from that day so long ago- that mischievous grin the demon gave me, after stealing away my first kiss- taking that unattainable thing from my virgin lips.

It was snowing that day- and I had been taken from my home by this demon.

"I hope I get to see you again-" The vampire purred, licking his lips. "You taste so good."

I sat there in the snow, stunned, and blushing like a school girl. The winds picked up, as the demon turned and walked off, vanishing from sight. I never forgot his face- and I'm determined, to find him again!

Angel Kiss

Chapter 1

"Class, please give a warm welcome to Deidara- a new foreign exchange student to the Academy." The Teacher said, introducing me. Some of the girls blushed-probably thinking I was straight. Poor things- such fragile hearts. I was seated next to one with silver hair- who disregarded me completely.

"Sensei, finish up the damn lesson already!" She snapped. "I'm getting hungry here, and I think I speak for the rest of the class as well." Half the class, agreed with her, and the Teacher hurried to get back to the lesson. I turned and smiled at her, as she rocked back onto the back legs of her chair, resting against the elevated desks behind her.

"I'm Deidara."

"So I've heard." She said, scribbling down notes quickly.

"What's you're name?"

"They call me 'Shilo'." She responded solemnly, without emotion nor interest. "I'm not very social- so forgive me if I come off as 'cold'. No one really talks to the Hybrids at this school." She said, casting me a side glance that held a hint of curiosity in her cloud-white eyes. "So- what are you?"


"Your species? Race? I'm a demon." She said, sporting a snicker. "Who am I kidding? You're probably a vampire- they've always get the good looks-" I understood her- she was basically saying, 'I'm not pretty'.

"D-Don't say such a thing! You're gorgeous, Shilo-Chan!" Shilo looked at me with bewildered eyes that were mixed with appreciation and a boost of self-esteem. "I'm not a Vampire- I don't really know what race I am-" Shilo blinked, blushing slightly.

"T-Thank you-" She leaned over and sniffed my neck. Some of the other girls hissed and growled at her, but Shilo pulled away. "Shut up, you skanks. He's straight gay." The other girls seemed disappointed by my sexuality, and laid off. "You have a mixed scent- I can't really tell myself- but you're NOTHING normal, Deidara-Senpai." She smiled at him sweetly. "Hey! You wanna be friends?"

"Yeah!" I exclaimed, before the teacher yelled at me to quiet down.

"I'll finish up these notes- it's Friday and we've got a 3-day break- plenty of time to get to know each other, eh?" Shilo grinned happily. "You're the first friend I've made since I've been here, so you've instantly got the 'Best Buddie' position." She smiled sincerely. I felt so happy! My first day, and already, I made a friend.

Lucky me.

&% Shilo's Dorm Room %&

She changed right in front of me. She was all for the girls, and I was all for the guys. No conflict. No flirting. And we liked a lotof the same stuff. "You'd look so cute in this maid outfit!" Shilo cooed, showing off a maid outfit she had in her closet. "My girlfriend adores it! I'm sure you're boyfriend will like it too!"

"I- don't have a boyfriend." She gasped slightly, before I was pushed back on to her bed, and she straddled my waist.

"Oh my god! A hottie like YOU doesn't have a MAN?!" She demanded.

"N-Not so loud, un-" I said, embarrassed. She got up and threw on a Gucci dress and a pair of adorable boots, pulling off a sexy pose in the tight dress, that would make any straight gay guy go bi for her. She had a sexy grin on her face.

"I'll get you hooked up with someone! But not right now- my girlfriend awaits! I promised her dinner." Shilo smiled. "Can't keep the Uke waiting!" I smiled.

"Indeed!" I said, agreeing to the fullest. With out that Uke, we Seme, would be wandering around in the dark. "Shilo-Chan, are you the Semse or Uke?"

"I'm the Seme, doll. I support my Uke when she needs it- and take control in the bedroom." she laughed. "Don't worry- We won't be keeping you up at night- but I'll let you know know when I'll be out, since we're room mates. Oh, what's you're preference in men? Do you want me to bring you a plaything back from my date?" Shilo asked, and I shook my head.

"Don't worry about me! I'll take a tour of the campus and see if there's anything I like- you'd better hurry up and go meet your woman, or she'll be fuming!" There was a snap of a camera, and she winked at me, sticking out her tongue playfully in my direction.

"Not if I bring her proof of what made me late. Hold down the fort, ok? I'll be back in an hour or two." Shilo said, running out the door. I got to my feet, streching, before letting out a sigh and walking out. I guess- I'd get a campus directory and try to find a cafe or somethin on campus to grab a bite to eat. I wandered around the campus, not recognizing any faces- until I saw Itachi. I ran over to him, yelling his name. Itachi looked up, holding hands with some girl. I stodded in front of him and the stranger.

"Hey, Itachi, my MAN!" Itachi high-fived me and pounded it, and I looked at the girl. "Who's the cutie?"

"My girlfriend, Hinata. Hinata, this is my old friend, Deidara." Itachi introduced us. I took her hand, kneeling down.

"Pleasure's mine, milady." I said smoothly, kissing her knuckles lightly. She giggled, but stayed close to Itachi. I waved goodbye, and ran off. I hated this shit, no lie. It seriously sucked being single- lucky Shilo-Chan. I wasn't looking where I was going- and I bumped into someone. I jerked back, apologizing, glancing up to see a devilish grin.

"There you are! I've been looking for you for a while, cutie." They said, tilting my chin up, making me blush. "You look confused- do you not remember me?" They purred. "I'll be so heart-broken if you don't!" I knew that voice! I looked up to see red-hair, before shoving them away. It was HIM. The demon! He grinned at me- "I'm going to go see a friend, and I promised I'd bring a-" He gave me an elevator look, before sneering. "-snack." WHAT?!

"I-I'm not the innocent little boy you took advantage of last time, Jerk!" I snarled, and he looked up, making me look back. Itachi was behind me.

"Is there a problem here, Deidara?" He asked. "Need some help?" The Demon hissed, and I looked back at him in horror, curiousity, and awe. He pulled me against his chest, making me blush.

"Leave- unless you don't care about your little girlfriend." Itachi blinked in shock, whipping around to see some goon holding Hinata, a consealed kunai, touching the area over her heart. She just looked down. "Now, - IS there a problem?" Itachi looked back at the Demon and I screamed 'No' with my eyes. Itachi caught my look and backed off, making the demon grin. He waved a hand, the the goon kissed her on the cheek- before being murdered by a very protective and jealous Uchiha brother. I wished someone would do that for me! The demon turned, clutching my wrist, dragging me along. "I will not threaten you, but at the moment, I could really use your help." I'm a nice person, and he's a jerk off. So- I thought I'd try to tell- because I'm nice.

"W-With what?" I hesitantly asked, as he took me into a secluded corner of the school, and shoved me up against the wall. "Ah-!" I whimpered, from the force of my back colliding with the stone of the wall, and the Demon pinned me there, leaning down to me.

"I've been looking for you for soooo long, and you're quite troublesome to find!" The Demon said. "I traveled EVERYWHERE looking for you (I even went to America). So, I'd wish for you to repay me for all the time and money I've lost looking for you." And how the hell was him going all aroudn the world MY fault, exactly? What an asshole.

"Yeah?! Well if its sex you're looking for, FORGET IT!" I said, making a clay bird int he palm of my hand, as he wasn't looking, and make it explode in his face, startling him.

"BRAT!" The demon snarled, as I bolted. I ran as fast as my legs could carry me. Who cares where i ran too? I made as many twisting turns as I could, so that the Demon would never find me. Eventually, my legs gave out from under me, and I fell to the ground, after tripping on something. I got up and looked back, seeing I had tripped on a tree root that was growing out of the ground...wait. I looked around me, and I was in a dense forest- a spooky one too. There was a forest behind the school?

I got up and brushed myself off, befeore there was a tinge of pain, and I fell down. I looked at my ankle, wondering what was wrong, and there it was- the bluish-purple welt- evidence that I had sprange my ankle. I sighed. Could this day get any worse?

"That was a nasty trick, little one." I looked back to see the Demon, standing right behind me, his face slightly burnt from my surprise attack. I tried to back away from the Demon as far as I could. I jinxed myself! It has gotten hell of a lot worse. The demon frowned. "Are you scared?" I tried to cover my injury from this Creature-Who-Haunted-My-Dreams, but he saw. He say through everything. "You're injured? Hm." The demons bend down, standign over me, holding his hand out to me, offering asistance. "Let me help you, Deidara-Chan~"


I sat there, and the Demon has froze. "H-How dare you use my name as if you know me!" The demon was unfazed by my blow to his face. He just- smiled.

"You're so mean to me, Deidara-Chan. I travel so far to find you- and you reject me?" the Demon said.

"I never liked you! You just came up and kissed me!" I snarled angrily, and the Demon, just bent down and picked up up. "PUT ME DOWN, ASSHOLE!" I yelled frantically, thrashing about, trying to make him release me- but nothing worked. The demon leaned down and kissed me on the cheek, and I hit him. "Don't do that! Put me down right now!"

"But you're injured- you sprang your ankle, yues? You can't possibly walk." The demon leaned down. "If you know you're way back to campus, I'll let you go if you want. But, I highly doubt you do. So, let me just carry you for a bit." I blushed and looked away, pouting.

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