Angel Kiss

Chapter 4

Sasori sat on Deidara's bed, hugging Deidara's pillow. "Sasori, stop mopping." Shilo told him, having parted from an intense make-out session with her own lover, to scold him. "Ok, so, Deidara rejected you. Maybe you shouldn't be so straight-forward." Shilo said, kissing her girlfriend, who had whimpered for her attention..

"He's up to something! I know he is!" Sasori shouted. "I've sparred with him all my life- he's my equal, but I feel as though he's up to something…" Sasori hugged the pillow tighter. "If this is to get back at me, I don't want Angel to be in the middle of it all." Shilo looked at him, but was silent- before her girlfriend hugged her neck and clung to her, as Sasori stormed past them. "I'm going to go find Angel and bring him back." Sasori declared, before leaving them to their passionate coupling.

~Love Hotel~

I came out of the shower, drying off my hair with my towel, Ragnark, sitting at a nearby table, with a little booth around it. The hotel room was weird because it was a love hotel, ad if you took the out of place things into consideration of how some people liked to do it in certain places and others not, you could understand. He put the hotel room phone back on its hook with a 'thank you', before smiling at me. "I ordered some food for us. I got you pasta- just like you asked." He said, and I blinked. True, he had asked me on the way there, if I wanted something to eat and I replied, 'pasta', but wasn't eating at hotels expensive.

"Can I see the menu?" I asked, and he willingly handed it over to me, closing his eyes, and I yelled, "5000 yen?! T-That's too expensive!" I declared, and he looked guilty. "Call in to the front desk and tell them to cancel the order!" I pleaded, and Ragnark shook his head.

"It's alright. It's on its way here, anyways." He said simply.

"T-Then I'll pay for it-"

"I have no intention of allowing you to pay for anything. I'll take care of it." Ragnark said sternly, and I looked down, feeling bad that he had wasted so much to order in.

"What are you having?" I asked, and Ragnark's ears perked up.

"Ah! I just ordered some fruit." He answered.

"Why?" I asked, and he blinked, looking at me, but pointing his index finger, diagonally towards the ceiling to his right.

"My race's diet consists of mostly fruit and very little meat." He informed me, and I was confused. "What about vegetables?" I asked, and he nodded. "We have fruits that have all the same attributes and vitamins as vegetables. They're more enjoyable." There was a knock on the door, and Ragnark went to it, allowing a hotel worker to enter with a cart. They walked over to the little booth, and put cart there, bowing, before leaving. Ragnark took off the cover, revealing a delicious meal- and then a small side of fruit. Small as in- 4 pieces of fruit- small. I felt bad, as he set the meal down on the table- Spaghetti and Meatballs- and took his own fruit serving, sitting back down. "What's wrong, Deidara-San?"

"How come- you got so little fruit?" I asked, as I sat down in front of the pasta.

"Oh, don't worry about me, Deidara-San. I'll be fine. There's bananas in here as well, and honey suckle. As long as I have those two, I'll be perfectly peachy." He chuckled at the accidental pun. I hesitated, picking up my fork. "Deidara-San? What's the matter?"

"...Are you- serious?" I asked, wondering- was he sincere about saying 'I love you' with a smile like he had shown me at the Theater? Was he content with lying to me? "Are you- natural to lying or something?" Ragnark flinched.

"Deidara-San, I was completely serious about what I said to you." He told me. "I don't regret, nor will I take back, saying that I love you." He said gently. "If you doubt me, then tell me to say it again if you please. Do what you will to satisfy your thirst for proof, Deidara-San." I blurted out the first thing that came to mind.

"I want you to kiss me!" I said, catching him off guard, because he looked at me blankly. But, when I thought about it, it was a stupid move. Why? Because unlike Sasori, Ragnark's kissed made me dizzy and made my body feel hot. Sasori's were just- really, really annoying. Raganrk stood up, and I watched him. Ragnark stood next to me, putting his hand on the table, leaning in, my heart throbbed, as he pressed his lips to mind gently, before withdrawing.

"Now please, Deidara-San. Eat. Its necessary." He said, before finishing his fruit, and putting it back on the cart, before sitting on the bed. I nodded and began to ate. The Food didn't have any taste to me. Strangely, the only thing I still tasted- was the honey suckle that Ragnark has eaten, before he kissed me. I quickly finished and brushed my teeth, before changing into my night clothes, Ragnark having already changed, and sitting on a sofa in the room. "Going to bed, Deidara-San?" Ragnark question, smiling. "Thank you for today. It was very fun." I wondered if he was taking about the making out in the bathroom, or the movie, but, he corrected himself. "When I say 'fun', I meant it was very educational. I've never been to a Movie Theater, to, it was quite enjoyable to experience that. Especially since it was with Deidara-San." I went over to him, and put my hands on his shoulders, leaning down and kissing him. He looked up at me. "Something wrong, Deidara-San?"

"I- wanted to come here- for a reason-" I muttered, too embarrassed to say, 'I want sex'. But, Ragnark smiled, and put his hand on my lower back, seemingly getting my convoyed feelings.

"I'm aware, Deidara-San. You wish for me to start now?" He asked, and I blushed, nodding, before Ragnark picked me up. "Nova, please, guard the door." The puffalar nodded, and slithered out of the hotel room, shutting the door behind it. Ragnark set me down on the bed. "Deidara-san, are you sure about this?" I thought about it, before nodded, and hugging his neck. He closed his eyes, a peaceful expression on his face. "Alright, I shall begin now." Ragnark smiled, leaning down and kissing me. He still tasted light honey suckle...


Sasori panted, running from one Love Hotel reception Desk, to another, looking for the two. He entered another hotel, going straight to reception. "Excuse me, but did a boy about 16 with blond hair come here with a boy about 19 with cat ears and a weirdo feather boa?" Sasori asked the receptionist, who sweat dropped.

"No, I'm sorry sir." Sasori cussed, turning on his heels, and continued running through the Red Light District.

'Ragnark, you bastard, where did you take him?!'


I panted as Ragnark kissed my naval, his hand sliding up my shirt, the other, caressing my outer thigh. He stopped and looked at me. "Deidara-San?" His voice was distant, as my vision became blurry. "Deidara-San, are you alright?" I forced myself to come back to reality, and nod. "If you want, I can stop-"

"Please don't!" I gasped. "I-I feel funny, but don't..." Ragnark nodded, going back to kissing my naval ever so affectionately, unbuttoning my pants with his teeth. I shivered. Partially because of the air-conditioning against my skin. But- then there were his fangs. They weren't as long or as Sasori's, but they were short and sharp- he could probably rip off my flesh with them. As if he knew what I was thinking, Ragnark withdrew, running his fingers through my hair, smiling gently at me.

"Deidara-San, I'm sorry that I might appear- frightening- but I won't harm you in any way, Deidara-San." Ragnark said, licking my weak spot, making me moan, as his hand slipped into my pants. "I told you, didn't I? I'd do anything for Deidara-San." I inhaled sharply, as he sucked on the sweet spot on my neck. My fingers getting tangled in his maroon locks, as he licked my nipple, making me moan and shiver in pleasure.


Shilo looked around, her girlfriend, clinging to her arm, as they searched the Red Light District. "S-Shilo-Chan, why are we out here?!" She asked, and Shilo looked back at her.

"We're looking fro that Baka, Sasori!" Shilo said. "I'm sorry, baby, but uits important to me, that we find him, and take him back to the dorm." Shilo said, and her girlfriend blushed, before nodding, determination in her eyes.

"T-Then I will help as much as I can!" Her girlfriend spotted someone in an alley. "L-Look! Isn't that him?!" Shilo stopped, and ran into the alley.

"Sasori-baka!" Shilo yelled, and he looked up at her, breathless. Shilo took off her jacket, and threw it in his face. "Idiot!"

"I couldn't- find the hotel they were staying at." Sasori panted, completely out of breath. Shilo groaned., offering her hand to him.

"Shut up and stop being such a pussy. " She snapped. "You really like him, right? Then output more effort, Baka." Sasori blinked, but nodded in agreement. The two girls helping him to his feet, before continuing to search the Red Light District.


I moaned as Ragnark gave me a blow job, making my head spin. No words could describe how great it was. "um- I-I'm going to-" I panted, and Ragnark looked up at me.

"Go ahead, Deidara-San." He said reassuringly, my hands in his hair. "Its alright." Ragnark murmured, licking the tip of my member, making me arch my back. Ragnark twitched, but swallowed it all down, withdrawing, licking up every drop I had ejaculated. I blushed heavily.

"I-I'm sorry!" I said, and he just smiled, licking his lips.

"It's ok, Deidara-San. It's natural." Ragnark looked at me. "Have you been stressed lately, Deidara-San? You came alot." I blushed at his comment.

"Um- S...Sasori has been more persistent than usual. Ad its getting in the way of my studies..." Ragnark's ears twitched.

"Your studies!" He said, abruptly standing up, bowing to me. "Forgive me, I forgot all about your studies! I will do them for you!" Ragnark panicked. "UGH! I'm so stupid! Because of my stupid, unruly decision, Deidara-San is going to fail his classes!"

"I'm not going to fail my classes!" I protested. "Its ok if I miss ONE assignment-"

"But that will badly damage your grade, on account that it is the first semester, will it not?" Ragnark asked, and I thought about it. He was right! It would affect my grades drastically..."Ah, don't worry, don't worry! I can forge your hand-writing, and do the assignment for you, Deidara-San! That way, I'll make us for doing such a bad thing to you."

"What the hell are you talking about? That was beyond fantastic!" Ragnark blushed at my scolding.

"I- did good?" She smiled cheerfully. "I'm so glad that I pleased Deidara-San!" I nodded, covering up, before there was a yell, and suddenly, a girl was thrown into the room. "NOVA!" She grunted, hitting the floor, looking up at Ragnark.

"I'm sorry." The girl apologized, before there was a black blur, and suddenly, Sasori had punched Ragnark in the face.

"Bastard!" Sasori snarled hatefully, as Ragnark fell to the ground. "How dare you lay your filthy hybrid hands on my Angel!" I stood up, wrapped up in the bed sheets, and got in between Ragnark and Sasori.

"Leave him alone, he didn't do anything wrong, Sasori! You're such a jerk!" Sasori looked at me in horror, but, Ragnark gently slid in front of me, and got face-to face with Sasori.

"Hit me as many times as you desire, Vampire Lord. But I will never regret my actions, and my words will forever be sincere." Ragnark said, before Sasori gritted his teeth and punched him in the face again.

"Damn straight I'll hit you, you fucker!" Sasori snarled, grabbing Ragnark by the neck, and started kicking his ass, and the worse part? Ragnark didn't even defend himself. I stood there, just watching, before Shilo-Chan entered the room, and the girl on the floor changed back into the puffalar, which lunged at Sasori and wrapped around him, like a boa constrictor, and began tightening, strangling Sasori. "Gack!"Sasori dug his claws into its fur, and tried to pry it off, but it only tightened its hold.

"Nova, that's enough!" Ragnark said, as Shilo wrapped her jacket around me. "Release him, he has a right to be mad at me." The Puffalar growled, but withdrew. Sasori tossed Nova aside, and I caught her. she wasn't that heavy, but then again, Shilo helped too. I stared in horror, as Ragnark smiled. "Yes, I deserve to be hit." Sasori snarled for him to shut up, and kicked him in the gut, making Ragnark cough up blood.

"S-Stop it, Sasori!" I yelled, Sasori looked at me, as did Ragnark. "Stop picking on him, just because he doesn't want to fight back, that doesn't mean you get to take advantage of him!" I yelled, and Sasori looked at me seriously.

"Angel, understand- in the Demon world, the penalty for going against a Vampire Lord, or touching something of theirs, is DEATH." Sasori explained, and my pupils shrunk, as I looked at Ragnark for confirmation, a drop of blood had made a thick path to his chin, and he only closed his mouth and lowered his head. "I'm going to keep hitting him, until he's just that- DEAD." Sasori stated, before heel dropping Ragnark's spine, making him grunt and collapse to the ground. Blood splattered onto the wine-colored floor, and I covered my mouth, Nova getting up, and attacking Sasori once more, trying to make him stop- But Sasori ducked and grabbed the end of her tail, before violently slamming her into a nearby wall, making her give a shrill scream of pain, before falling upon the floor lifelessly.

"Oh my god, Sasori, you killed her!" I exclaimed in horror, Sasori shrugging carelessly, an picked up Nova by the fur on top of her head, and held her in the air, while she was supposedly unconscious, and threw her on Ragnark, who grunted from pain, but, jumped to his feet to catch her, panting. "Stop it, Sasori!" I hollered, and he ignored me, and kicked Ragnark's feet out from under him, after he had set Nova down in the booth, causing Ragnark to fall, and smash his jaw on the side of the booth, while coming down as well. I gasped in horror, as Ragnark grunted, Sasori grabbing a handful of his hair, and leaning down, pressing the index finger of his left hand, against Ragnark's cheek, dragging it towards him, cutting a deep wound in Ragnark's face.

"Cat, I'm going to make you fully regret ever coming here, so much, that you'll have no choice but to return home and lick your wounds-" I shoved Shilo away, and ran over to Sasori, on impulse, my arms flung out in front of me, and suddenly, there was a crash. I blinked, realizing I had pushed Sasori, and he had fallen on the table.

"S,Stop beating up on Ragnark because he's a lower rank than you are or whatever, Sasori! You're such a douche bag!" I exclaimed. "I- stop blaming, Ragnark, because all of this is my fault! He didn't seduce me, he didn't trick me, he didn't drag me here- I suggested that we come!" Sasori looked at me in horror, Ragnark, got to his feet, and I couldn't see Shilo-Chan's reaction. "I-I like Ragnark, not you, Sasori!" I exclaimed, and he just looked at me. "Ragnark, please, get Nova. Shilo-Chan, I'm sorry- but- I highly doubt I will be attending classes tomorrow." I said, leaving, Ragnark at my heels. "Don't come looking for me, Sasori, or I'll never talk to you again." He just stared at me- not saying a thing, Ragnark following me. He shut the door behind him, and we left the love hotel, going to an actual one. He was silent the entire time, and even after we got a room, he set Nova down, and said nothing, as I went to the bathroom. Wehn I came out,

He was crying.

"Ragnark?" I asked, and he looked at he, sniffing.

"Deidara-San...- Deidara-San is so nice to me..." He sobbed, and I frowned, hugging him, and he didn't stop. I guess tough guys needed to cry sometimes too.