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"Miss. Swan! Miss. Swan!" It was only the first day of school and already Mary Alice (aka Alice) Brandon was racing through the hallways of Forks High, darting around students and although she herself managed to do so gracefully, she left destruction in her wake.

Isabella (aka Bella) Swan groaned and turned around to face her pixie shaped doom.

"Yes Mary?" she asked tiredly as the tiny spiky haired girl bounced to a halt directly in front of her.

"Please Miss. Swan, call me Alice."

"Mary," Bella sighed, "if you wish me to call you by your first name I will do so, but not by your middle name."

Alice pouted. "But I like Alice."

Bella stared the small girl down. "It's not your given name."


"It isn't proper for me to call you by anything other than your first name."

Alice jumped up and down excitedly. "So does that mean I can call you Isabella?" she inquired.


Alice stopped bouncing "But wasn't America founded on the idea that we're all equals?"

"Yes but-"

Alice resumed her bouncing, "So that means I can call you Isabella!"

The late bell rang shrill and loud, and students made a mad dash for their respective classrooms before it finished ringing. Only Bella and Alice were left in the hallway.

"Mary, what is this all about?" Bella asked exasperated.

"I'm glad you asked!" Alice grabbed Bella's black suit clad elbow and pulled, "Come with me."


Bella stared wide-eyed at the outfit that Alice was holding before her.


"But Miss. Swan..." Alice whined, "You have to. You're only 24, you have got to stop dressing like my grandmother!"

"If you have the respect to not do this to your grandmother, can't the same courtesy be extended to me?"

"No it can't."

"And that's because..."

"Grandma Brandon is old and frail, I'm forbidden." Alice said with a sly smile.

"I"M frail." Bella cried.

Alice gave Bella the frosty eyed stare that she had been perfecting since her birth. Bella sighed.

"Yeah I didn't really think that would work. Just give me the clothes and go watch the door."

Alice beamed brightly and after handing over the clothes that she had brought with her, bounded over to Bella's office door and pressed her nose against the frosted glass. Meanwhile Bella, still afraid of intruders, hid behind her desk as she changed from her atrocious black skirt and frilly gray shirt into the charcoal gray pant suit and crisp white shirt that Alice had provided for her. She grumbled all the while.

"Look like your my own damn clothes...get out of my personal undignified...GUCCI!!?"

Alice merely laughed, but didn't turn around, dutifully keeping her watch at the door. Bella fastened the last button on her new suit jacket and told Alice that it was okay for her to stop keeping watch.

Alice turned around slowly, holding her breath, she was sure that Bella would look wonderful, anyone dressed by her always looked wonderful, but there was a small voice in the back of her head that said differently. The voice wasn't often right, but now it was.

The only thing that Bella had changed were her clothes, She still wore her hair piled in that god-awful bun atop her head, and even though she had changed her clothes she had buttoned them all the way up to her neck, and she hadn't even bothered to use the make-up that had been placed strategically on her desk.

Alice let out a loud gust of breath and marched over to where Bella stood.

"Hold still." she ordered and set to work rearranging Bella's hair, unbuttoning her shirt to an appropriate height and smearing make-up on her face. Alice was just putting the finishing touches on Bella's make-up when someone rapped sharply on the window to Bella's office.

"Miss. Swan?" an easily recognizable voice called out. "Are you there?"

Alice froze. "It's Mr. Masen." she hissed, "he can't see me here, I have first hour English with him."

Bella rolled her eyes, "Get under the desk then."

Mr. Edward Masen hated people that were tardy to his class regardless of their excuse, both Bella and Alice knew that it would be better for her if she simply missed the entire class and claimed that she was sick rather than get on Mr. Masen's bad side the first day of school.

Once Alice was safely hidden under the desk, Bella carefully sat down in her chair and rolled until she was seated at her desk.

"Come in!" She called out as cheerily as she could manage.

Edward's lanky body stepped gracefully into the room, he walked swiftly to the straight-backed wooden chairs in front of Bella's desk and sat down. He did not appear to be having a very good day.

"Good morning Miss, Swan." he said staring down at his lap.

"Good morning Mr. Masen, what did you want to talk to me about?" Bella asked nonchalantly.

"Well I need to know the school's exact rules concerning student teacher relationships" Edward said quietly still not looking up.

"You have my attention..."

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