Wonder Woman created by William Moulton Marston.

Wonder Woman and associated characters are the property of DC Comics.

Author's note.

This story appears elsewhere as part of wider DC Comics alternative universe saga. This brings together the Wonder Woman story into a single joined up narrative.

I anticipate writing new and original chapters which will fit into the overall continuity.

I decided to do this because I've become more of fan of Diana through telling her story, and there did not seem to be a lot of stories in her section.

I hope you enjoy this. Please feel free to contact me, I enjoy feedback!

On top of mountain towering above the sea, lost behind an impenetrable mist lay an ancient island.

A paradise nestling tonight beneath the stars, eternally youthful.

Here time passes season upon season, like the hands on a well oiled mechanism, as it is above so it is below.

Above, the constellations progress across the heavens. Below, housed within a marble building of classical proportions; a Temple supported by grandiose Doric columns, spins a beautifully forged, exquisitely executed, bejewelled, and ancient mechanical computer. It's engine mirrors this progression.

Many faces are crossed by multiple hands, dials displaying day by day the rhythm of the Earth's journey through time. An instrument on which the music of spheres is played, a song sung in mathematical precision.

Faithfully for three millennia the mechanism has transposed the movement of the heavens according to heliocentric principles, above these individual faces, the classical dials, a model turns.

A movement describing in miniature this very principle. To scale the heavenly spheres, suspended on wire thin arms rotate, and among them the blue green gem bauble that represents Earth, each orbiting the vast fiery ball that was the image of the sun.

Beneath its light two women walk, dressed the flowing fashion of classical antiquity, with their woollen cloaks pulled close around them against the cool of the night.

One wears purple, and her head is adorned by a dainty royal diadem, almost needlessly for her bearing is so regal as to command respect without the trappings of power. Her face the image of classical beauty, if carved marble were brought to life it would fail to mirror her perfection.

Her companion, is no less striking, but less strident, beautiful yet enchanting, as a whisper is to conversation, as incense is smoke from fire.

Before them the sculptured paradise unfolds across rolling hills, punctuated by glorious white marble edifices, gardens nurtured by streams and tamed watercourses, silver in the light of the moon.

Above them a new star crossed the heavens, called in Man's World - the Barnett Winston Comet, this bright light had brought them here to the Amazon's Observatory perched on the heights of Themyscira, their island paradise.

Amazon eyes looked heavenward, as did countless others, for tonight across the globe the strange new comet, would be it's at its brightest.

"Menalippe, what is this – this bright light in the sky, what does it mean?" The tall dark haired woman asked pointing skyward. " Is this an augury of change, worse a harbinger of doom?"

"My Queen heaven is changing again, with this new wanderer crossing Gaia's path I sense something different. See how sparks fly from it?

"I can sense the air around us is changing; this is something unseen on earth since the dawn of the gods." Menalippe knelt and gently stirred the surface of the mercurial mirror like pool at their feet, within the silvery water reflected the image of the heavens above as if the stars themselves where captured in glass.

The Amazonian Oracle Menalippe studied the pool, it's coloured lights were like a music, but with flavour and texture to her senses.

"It is like the old magic." Menalippe said.

The Amazon Queen searched the image watching the dots of lights above them mirrored in this mercurial pool. Bright shooting stars criss-cross the night sky.

"These," Menalippe pointed to the meteorite shower, "are raining unusual energies in the air.

"This comet is a stranger, a newcomer to our plane of existence, it comes unannounced; truly Majesty it has been nigh two thousand years since such a sign."

The Queen of the Amazons nodded. "And then the world changed forever.

So Oracle, what change does this new herald announce – and what does this mean for Themyscira?"

Menalippe peered deeply into the scrying pool before her. "Your thoughts are with Diana." Menalippe observed.

The Queen laughed. "You know me too well Oracle."

The ruler of the Amazons gazed at the brilliant moon reflected in the mystic pool. "As the goddess of night crosses our path, how can I not wonder of the woman I have made; our Diana?"

Menalippe extended her hands reverently. She closed her eyes and spoke as in a dream.

"The goddesses Athena, Artemis, Demeter, Hestia, Aphrodite. Our patrons, each blesses us, lending their strengths to every Amazon.

We are every one a reincarnated soul, once unjustly slain by man, each called to live again as Amazons.

"Our eternal Sisterhood was given Themyscira, our sorority was charged with guarding Dooms Door, the gate of Tartarus. So we lived unchanged for centuries.

"All of us have live countless lifetimes except one, your daughter.

"She alone died as a child yet unborn within you and was born again a child, born into a new age; born to Themyscira."

Menalippe opened her eyes once more. "I am sorry Majesty, the future around the Princess is too indistinct, I can tell you nothing you do not already know."

The Queen sighed heavily.

She stared into the silver surface of the pool before her. "Our goddesses gave me this name – Hippolyta."

She turned to gaze at Menalippe. "My name means stampeding horse, because I was first Amazon to break the surface of water from where we were reborn."

"Yes Majesty. As the first of our race justly our goddesses called you to be our Sovereign." Menalippe replied.

"With the passing centuries I have come to understand that there is always a price that the gods exact from us in exchange for their favours.

"I knew this, when the gods finally answered my dearest wish.

"In giving me a child; the gift of Diana, I knew that the gods had some greater plan in mind." Hippolyta said.

Then smiling as she remembered her baby daughter saying. "Remember Menalippe how the flashing thunder of mankind's guns fell silent on the day Diana first cried out alive and vital - the first child of Themyscira?"

"Yes Majesty. In this mirror, I saw that generation dug deep into muddy fields. Man's World's Great War – the so called war to end all wars; a hollow promise indeed.

"Here I watched men fall to flashing thunders hail, for four long years. Then on the day Diana came to Themyscira the guns fell silent."

The Queen stared into the Oracle's Scrying Pool. "Menalippe there is something that troubles me, and it has done for two decades."

"Truly Majesty?" Menalippe replied concerned. "What is it?"

"When you looked into the future just now, you told me more than you realised. You said Diana was born into a new age." Hippolyta observed. Then she said.

"Answer me this.

"Why as countless men lay dead in the mud of Gaul, after so many centuries of wanting and waiting to become a mother, why did the gods chose this century to answer my prayers?

"Menalippe was it just coincidence?"

The Oracle considered this for a moment.

"My Queen, each of us died violent deaths at the hands of men, but uniquely Diana died while still in your womb.

"And uniquely long after our reincarnation Diana slept on within the cavern of souls.

"So yes - I see this truth; I see all those mothers shedding tears for lost sons, women weeping for husbands, fathers, and brothers, perhaps such unparalleled loss moved your heart, touching the gods themselves."

"I cannot but wonder Menalippe." Hippolyta reflected, saying.

"I wonder about Diana and the agenda of gods. Yes our goddesses blessed Diana, as they did us, but again with Diana there was something different, alongside our goddesses of Olympus, stood another."

Menalippe nodded. "Lord Hermes."

"Yes - and he gave to her a gift uniquely his to give, a gift I fear that is destined to take Diana above and beyond us.

"And I can't help wondering tonight, seeing this comet lighting the skies, what the price of such a gift will be?"

"Menalippe you - yourself stood before us, and foretold that the cycle of violence has come again to Man's World, a scant generation later, the sound of flashing thunder grows louder.

"And as again men battle each other, and how many more innocents will die this time around?

"How long can Themyscira continue to enjoy peace - when the god of War grows stronger with every generation of men.

"And all the while our patron goddesses remain silent? How long has it been Oracle since they have spoken to us?"

"Too long Majesty, and I too fear for this paradise Island – for our peaceful existence." Menalippe confessed.

"Majesty. The future is becoming opaque to me, confused, I see only the fires of the sun, and I know not what this means."

"Diana was born into a new age Menalippe, an age of world wide war." Hippolyta sighed.

Looking at the night sky the Queen said. "Now this omen, this comet, tears across the heavens and poisons the air with magics unseen since the dawn of the gods – Please tell me I am misinterpreting the signs Menalippe."

The Oracle could not deny Hippolyta's logic, but she still spoke with hope. "Even the gods can not be certain about tomorrow." She said, taking hold of the Queens hand. "Majesty whatever Hermes gift means for Diana, whatever the gods themselves plan for us, nothing is sure except humanity's freedom to choose, each one their own path."


James Olsen Cub reporter had a hobby and that was photographing aeroplanes, so it came as unexpected and early Christmas Present when George Taylor – Editor in Chief of the Metropolis Daily Star - sent him on a solo assignment.

"By rights I should send Lois Lane." The Chief joked. "But seeing you are such a aviation buff I thought I'd let you cover this one, because in many ways this is all about the pictures."

"What is Chief?"

"Jacqueline Cochran is making an appearance at Pegasus Field. Let's just say I've got a tip off. Think about it Kid.

"Pretty woman, married to a rich and famous film mogul, who is also the best female pilot in America is going to be on our doorstep, I'm thinking a glamour shot – the beauty, and the the beast of a racing plane she's famous for."

"Murder! I'm on it Chief."

Olsen made his way through security and into the military base. Miss Cochran, as she liked to be called made her approach, her powerful race plane roared as it touched down on the run way, and Jimmy was there to take the pictures.

Cochran emerged from the cockpit immaculately turned out, as befitted the head of a cosmetics company, whose distinctive "Wings" logo was emblazoned on the side of her plane.

Jimmy photographed her being introduced to the base commander Colonel Lane. He couldn't resist the urge to exclaim, "Jeepers," as the lady in question looked his way and flashed a Hollywood smile in his direction.

"She's quite a Lady." The blond haired Army Air Corps Officer beside him noted. Olsen agreed as he watched the famous aviatrix escorted by Lane to a waiting Jeep.

"I'm James Olsen, of the Daily Star." Jimmy offered his hand.

"Steve Trevor."

"Pleased to meet you Sir. Any inside information on why a famous lady pilot has come to Metropolis?"

"Jackie is full of ideas, especially since the War began in Europe, and Colonel Lane is more accommodating to new ideas than most. Let's just say there are a lot of Americans who feel we should be doing more to help the British fight their war.

"Oh, do you know her well Captain?"

Trevor laughed. "You're a young un' to be chasing stories. Well who I am to dampen your enthusiasm.

"Sure I know Jackie, you could say she as a friend of the family now, but it began because was a big fan of my Mom."

"Your mother?"

"Yes my mother, Diana Trevor was an early aviation pioneer."

"Golly. Hang on Sir, I'm so sorry, I remember reading about her now. She was Island hopping in Greece when she didn't make her next scheduled landing... Sorry I shouldn't have..."

Trevor patted him on the back. "It was a long time ago now Jimmy, and unfortunately flying has it's dangers, as the mystery surrounding Amelia Earhart's disappearance a couple of years ago demonstrates."

"I'm sorry Sir that must have brought back a lot of memories."

Steve Trevor smiled sadly. "Well it did, but look at me, I grew up to be flyer too, so you can say I found my mother's courage inspirational."

"Captain Trevor you are right, your mother was inspirational." Jacqueline Cochran stated. She had made her way across to greet him.

"I will always remember Diana Rockwell Trevor alongside the likes of Harriet Quimby."

Jackie continued, winking at young cub reporter. "Quimby if you didn't know, was the first licensed female aeroplane pilot in America, you might want to use that in your story young man."

"Yes Miss Cochran, oh wow thanks. I think you are amazing."

"Jackie this young man from the Star, goes by the name of James Oslen."

Jacqueline Cochran was impressed by Olsen's enthusiasm. "Say James, have you ever considered joining the Air Corps, like our darling Captain Trevor?"

"Jeepers Maam, I'd love to fly."

"Wonderful James." Jackie waved back at Colonel Lane who beckoning her back. "Steve we'll catch up later okay, I've got some business with the Colonel."

The Aviatrix walked away, her neat beige flying suit was tailored perfectly.

"If you want to fly Mr Oslen, you could do a lot worse than the Army Air Corps?" Trevor told him.

"I'd be lying to say I hadn't thought of it Sir, but my Mom, well she's not too keen on my joining the Army."

Steve laughed. "Okay son. Look if you hang around I'll see if I can persuade Jackie to give you a proper interview, that should get you a byline shouldn't it?."

"Gosh Sir that would be great."


Princess Diana of Themyscira ran like the wind, her hair following behind a great mane of vibrant shining ebony. Greek Hoplite spear in hand, shield in the other she moved like a dancer with the feline grace of lioness. The Princess of Themyscira was at one with the island paradise she called home.

Diana was last and greatest of incarnate Amazon Warriors. Fast, strong, wise, beautiful, possessing the eye of the huntress, the Amazon's had for centuries practised their own unique martial arts, and yet Diana who was barely twenty-one years old was more than their equal, she was uniquely blessed by the goddesses of Paradise Island a child protege now a grown woman.

The Chief of the Guard General Philippus stood to one side of Queen Hippolyta. They and the Amazon Oracle, Menalippe, watched the Princess of Themyscira approach the glorious marble Temple, one of many such monuments to the fallen dotted across the island. With them was the Priestess Akantha who tended the Shrine of the Fallen.

"My Daughter has grown in grace; see she even out paces Mala, and in full armour.

"Phillipus how fast these few fleeting years have past, wasn't it but yesterday that Diana was still a babe in swaddling clothes." The Regent of Themyscira said.

The Amazon General said simply. "Practise perfects. This the way of the Amazon, We embrace and honour the gods who birthed us; who gifted us with our abilities, by daily disciplining the mind and the body."

"Are you suggesting Diana is a little undisciplined?" Hippolyta asked.

Phillipus frowned. "I would only say she is still very young Majesty"

Menalippe smiled. "The first child of Themyscira is truly a wondrous young woman, possessing great strength of heart, of body, and of mind.

"She has the eyes of the hunter, but in her heart she loves the hunted, she is civilisation – fire tamed."

"You speak in riddles Oracle." Phillipus replied.

Akantha the Amazon Priestess looked up from her task. "Menalippe, the Princess was also blessed with the speed of Hermes, it seems to serve her well, she is almost upon us."

Hippolyta watched as Diana charged up the hill to the elevated Temple. "Yes Akantha, she has the blessing of our Lord Hermes." The Queen said. "And I can't help wondering how will this god-speed change her?"

Phillipus frowned once more. "Majesty what do you mean?"

"Diana has an acute mind, Amazonian trained and disciplined, all won in a handful of years, I confess I find myself wondering what kind of immortal will she be - after a handful of centuries, even a few thousand years? Will she still be like us then?"

"I would hope she would have learned more discipline." Phillipus said dryly.

Menalippe laughed. It was infectious. The Queen chuckled putting her hand on the stern woman's shoulder.

"I'm sure she will. Given time."

The women fell silent as the Princess approached. She thrust her spear into the ground, and removed her helm. Looking up the marble steps Diana asked.

"Mother for whom do we race, which great Heroine of Themyscira do we honour? The young Amazon was not even breathing hard, behind her others followed, first Mala, Diana's constant companion, and after her the Warriors of General Phillipus; the Amazon Royal Guard.

"We burn incense upon the fire today to remember one who fell defending Dooms Door against the monsters from Tartarus." Hippolyta replied. "Come Diana, it is time you saw this place.

Diana walked up the steps and through the heavy bronze doors that had on always in her experience been locked shut.

Once inside she looked around the Shrine to the fallen hero.

"What strange symbols adorn this place." She said. "I always wondered why it was here, though no one spoke of it." Diana turned on her heel looking around about her.

General Philippus answered "These are symbols are heraldry of the people beyond the World Ocean, the warrior who wore this coat of arms was fearless unto death, and gave her life saving this Island from the demons of hell."

Hippolyta took her daughter's hand. "This all took place in the days before you were born, and to remember her brave sacrifice forever, I called you after her, your name is her name, you are both called Diana."


Captain Steve Trevor eased forward the twin throttles of the Lockheed XP-38 and accelerated out across the Atlantic.

Following their in-house tradition the aircraft manufacturer had christened the 'eXperimental Prototype 38' Atalanta after the fleet footed heroine of Greek Mythology. Atalanta had been rebuilt after a rough landing following a transcontinental record breaking run. The twin engined heavy fighter had set a cross-continent speed record by flying from California to New York in seven hours and two minutes.

The subsequent rebuild had seen modifications made to the wing and tail, which were intended to address issues with the aircraft's handling characteristics, and new superchargers were being trialled to boost the planes performance. Equipped with the under wing supplementary fuel tanks for extended range this flight was all about speed and distance. Trevor, was an officer with USAAC Reconnaissance and he was attached to Military Intelligence. The experienced aviator had been charged with testing the planes secondary but vital reconnaissance role.

After taking on fuel at the Naval Air Station Fort Lauderdale, Florida, he had followed a course that would take him across the open water of the north-western Atlantic Ocean and back to the Bahamas's. He would make reconnaissance runs over shipping, and when reaching the islands use the friendly landscape as a dry run for a mission over enemy territory.

Trevor was not a superstitious man. The Naval ground crew who had tanked his plane had joked with the experienced pilot that his mission would take him into the Devil's triangle, here legend had it, ships and planes had inexplicably vanished. Steve had laughed off these stories. Now as he flew into the infamous region of Atlantic ocean he hardly gave it a second thought.

That was until he noticed his gauges playing up.

"Fort Lauderdale tower." Trevor radioed out. "This is XP-38 Atalanta, I am suffering instrument failure. Repeat I am suffering instrument failure.

"Will attempt to put the sun on my port wing and return to Fort Lauderdale. Over."

Trevor winced as a load of static erupted into his head phones. He thought he could hear the tower but the interference made it impossible to be sure.

Tapping the glass of his compass, Trevor was alarmed to see it literally spinning like a top, below him even the sea seemed to revolt against it's nature.

"Fort Lauderdale Tower, this is XP-38 Atalanta. Please respond. Fort Lauderdale... Guys something crazy is happening here, I hope you can hear me... there is a white mist welling up from the surface of the water, and the sky, I can't begin to describe this, it's like it's turning dark, purple not blue and at the horizon its all pink. The sea is suddenly appearing green, and I am seeing lightening all around me.

"Good Lord! It's everywhere. Lightening just started flashing upwards, downwards; God help me, its flashing from side to side, it's everywhere.

"Where is the Sun dammit!" He cursed as he searched the distorted heavens.

Trevor shook his head, he felt disorientated, as he flew he was fast losing any sense of perspective, even direction, even which way was up, which was down, he felt like a drowning man lost underwater.

Struggling he was determined to get through this. Flying by the seat of his pants, Trevor got a grip of his fears and felt certain he was diving rather than flying level. Then as the airframe began to shake, he sensed the vibrations were emanating from tail-ward; it felt like the Atalanta was accelerating way beyond her impressive 400 mph plus top speed.

"Tower... I'm losing her, I'm losing her." He shouted into the radio, with no idea if his transmissions were getting out back to the mainland.

He fought with the yoke, holding the wheel steady as the vibrations pummelled him, trying to pull the aeroplane up as the inherent aerodynamics caused the nose would tuck under, steepening the perilous dive. Caught in this downward plunge, the experienced fighter pilot sensed the Atalanta had entered a high-speed compressibility stall, his controls were locked up. He had no option, at this speed bailing out was nigh-impossible, his best hope was to remain with the aircraft until together they found lower, denser, air where he might have a chance to pull out of this murderous dive.

Together pilot and plane dove towards the misty green waters, riven by electrical discharges, and coloured by bright flickering rainbows, fighting he managed to arrest the dive, then as plane's nose rose the aircraft shuddered and dove into unexpected blackness. A whirlpool, a vortex of nothingness appearing suddenly before him out of apparently nowhere directly in the path of the Atalanta.

Darkness, a deep blue purple cave, thicker than deepest night

A lightless cave suspended in the air, a black hole in the sky. A silent enveloping place.

The Atalanta like lightening flashed in the darkness, bright for a moment, then it was gone. Then came the thunder. A crashing roaring noise.

Then everything was normal once more; the sea was blue, the sky was blue, the sub shone, it was a beautiful January day, the kind the rich famous flocked to the Bahamas to enjoy. There was no sign of the inexplicable chaos, the darkness, or of Steve Trevor, and Lockheed Atalanta.

In Fort Lauderdale the records of Trevor's last garbled, confusing transmissions were passed back to USAAC and to his commanding officer Colonel Lane a Pegasus field Metropolis.

Records would soon show the XP-38 was scrapped after it's record breaking run to New York due to damage on landing. Steve Trevor was listed as missing presumed dead. His file was sealed; stamped Top Secret, and locked away in secure storage.


Hepheastus lay sprawled across the finest of marble floors, his eyes stared upwards into infinity, the expanse of the vault of Olympus. The Crippled god recognised the vast and gloriously appointed chamber, this was the Great Court of Hera, goddess and queen of Olympus. This was the city of the gods hidden in the heavens, far above the Earth.

"Here!" A woman's voice called to him, and then followed the rattling noise of wood against stone.

Grasping the twisted and knotted cane she had thrown to him, Hepheastus looked up at the radiant beauty he had once known so well.

The lame god however snarled a profanity as he drew himself upright, his armour scraping against the polished stone. Leaning heavily on the short staff he said. "Thank you Aphrodite, finally you remember your place."

"Former Husband, I have never forgotten my place, or your wrath, or your failure.

"You are not yourself however."

"Give me a moment. You clearly have forgotten I have been away from the heady pulse of Olympian energies for many years."

"I have not forgotten your banishment."

"Bless you wife for remembering me, I see you kept my cane also – be careful Aphrodite, lest I begin to believe you actually have a heart." Before the goddess Hephaestus shimmered, his strange alien shape shifting and changing. "Perhaps this visage will please you better?"

Hephaestus leant on his gnarled stick, as his thin insect like form filled outwards, a long beard fell from his chin, his arms rippled, dark bronze metallic flesh, his body wrapped in a singed heavy leather smock, beneath his backward facing feet remained.

"I see Hera still has her throne." He laughed, pointing to the golden chair atop a diadem at the rooms centre.

"To learn from a mistake." The voice of wisdom came from the opposite side of the Chamber. "Do not try to fool others or yourself."

"Athena, you also?" Hephaestus acknowledged the goddess of Wisdom. "I would have thought Hera would have thrown my gift in the deep sea."

"And deprive herself of a thing of beauty?" Another goddess spoke. The implication was clear. He – Hephaestus, was cast down by Hera, a thing of ugliness; trash to be thrown away, the throne despite being rich in dark enchantments, was exceedingly beautiful and that remained.

Hephaestus turned again to face her. "Hestia!" He laughed coldly. "You are as ever the goddess of Hearth and Home." His voice dripped in sarcasm. " Giving a warm generous welcome to this old cripple."

A new voice spoke. "Indeed welcome home our crippled god."

Hephaestus turned once again searching the shadows, seeking out the speaker, and he watched as two goddesses appeared, taking form; from unsubstantial mist into visions of classical perfection.

"Demeter." He called out to her – demanding. "Why am I here? As goddess of the seasons – perhaps you can explain?" Hepheastus suggested. "What special time demands my recall?

"And I see you also in the shadows, lurking - Artemis, the Huntress, undoubtedly your eyes alone sort me out, even in the depths of Hades, truly only your eyes could find me there; and Cronus's daughters, who else could persuade a Titan to act on their behalf?"

Silence met his words, but his accusations were not denied. The crippled god recognised this and spat back again. "What plan have you hatched, what need does this divine coven wish met?"

Not waiting for an answer in anger Hephaestus smacked his stick to the ground. "Our power is spent, the coffers are empty; the age of miraculous Olympian wonder waned, there is nothing new I can forge here! Release me back to Earth, for there mankind now invents and creates miracles of science and technology, there I can engineer new solutions, here I can only languish and bask in the light of our former glory.

"Hera's banishment was not the punishment she intended. No ladies of Olympus, it was a blessing in disguise, I embraced your rejection, I embraced mankind's industry and spirit of invention. Olympus has nothing I want, you have nothing to give."

Demeter extended her hand and gestured to him to listen "You are right and yet so wrong Hepheastus.

"Yes Artemis hunted you down. Yes my sister Hestia, and I prevailed upon our father to return you to Olympus from the Elysian realm."

"That I had no doubt. Did not Cronus cast me here himself."

Artemis approached him. "You are a cunning creature Lord Hephaestus. Your mechanisms are infamous, Hera would not entertain the though of having you here in the courts of Olympus once more - if it were not necessary."

The Smith was unimpressed. "Hera be damned. Where is our Lady? Not here to greet me I see, and yet... "

"Do not presume that the Queen of Olympus would grant you an audience!" Athena interrupted him with cool authority. "Hera remembers how this golden throne held her fast, imprisoned in her own audience chamber."

"And I remember the price you demanded to release her." Aphrodite stated bitterly.

Hephaestus drove his stick to the stone once more, enraged all the more. "And I remember how you honoured our marriage!

"Taking to our bed Ares – betraying our union – your solemn promise!"

Aphrodite nodded unabashed. "Avenge yourself." She told him. "Ares is the enemy."

Hephaestus suddenly laughed at his former wife. "Foolish women. What do you think I have been doing? Amusing myself with the petty lives of mortals?

"But what would any of you truly know, living here isolated from the worlds that lay beyond Olympus's realm. How can any of you have any idea of what is happening today on the Earth."

"No." Athena stated. "We know more than you realise. And this is where you are wrong.

"Ares is at work among men once more. Not satisfied with the slaughter of men they called the Great War, he begins a fight that will unleash forces that will kill all - not only the armies of men, but destroy the Earth herself. A war that is just beginning."

Aphrodite reached out to him. "That is why we have come to ask you to dig deep, to find the old magic once more, and forge tools for our agents."

Hephaestus laughed. "Your agents? You jest – the Amazons are as isolated and as other worldly as their gods, the daughters of Themyscira as a impotent as Olympus in the coming age."

"They are our agents. Agents of peace."

"Hah! You still cling to that idea!" He laughed. "After what Hercules and his army did to them, and the blood letting that followed?" Then seeing the goddesses obvious displeasure he coldly stated. "Truly you cannot believe that in this age of war, that your lonely Amazons can do anything to avert the coming disaster, the coming death?"

"Yes." The goddesses spoke in unison.

Hephaestus shook his head. "There is nothing I can do – nothing any of us can do." The crippled god grumbled, he sighed, he was weary, his anger was now spent and in it's place tiredness and a measure of pity, pity for them all.

He looked at the assembled goddesses and declared. "The old magic is gone, the time of the gods has waned.

"I can forge nothing new here in Olympus, perhaps on Earth, perhaps there I could have fashioned something, but I have no suitable workshop in the Earth – at least not any more.

"Accept your fate, and I shall mine."

Athena nodded, she did not deny his claims. "This we understand all too well Lord of the Forge, but we have not given up hope."

Hestia explained. "I have spent my life energies, I have reopened your workshop deep in the hot heart of Olympus's mountain, and even now the flames roar in anticipation of your return."

"For what purpose?" The Blacksmith god demanded.

"Former Husband." Aphrodite gestured to the mountains heart. "We have all made sacrifices, each of us given of ourselves. Now we need your unique skill. Waiting for you there lies Gaia's girdle, Apollo's Discus and the fragmented Aegis Shield of Zeus himself."

"With these things." Artemis affirmed. "With these ancient treasures – with our combined life energy, you must be able to create objects of power for our Amazon emissaries."

Hephaestus was stunned. After a long silence, he said. "Perhaps, if I dig deep, I can create something from each of these – but to what end?"

Aphrodite leant close. "Why? Surely you know, the only end that matters to us, that matters to you - to frustrate Ares. To see him fall and fail."

Hephaestus first smiled, "Very well." He said, then the crippled god chuckled adding. "Why didn't you say you wished to frustate Ares? Women!"

Then as the manic zeal of a man wronged took over him he began to roar with laughter, inflating in size as he bellowed, until he was a giant his flesh glowing like molten metal. "Aye Ladies, that is a cause a god can put his heart and mind into. Damn Ares for eternity!"

"You agree then?" Athena asked plainly.

"What say you?" Aphrodite looked at him for a reply.

"Yes Athena - you have given me enough reason to labour on your behalf; and yes Aphrodite to frustrate Ares, even after so many centuries my hate is more than sufficient incentive, so yes women of Olympus you have won my cooperation.

"Come ladies to the fires that burn in the heart of Olympus! In the heat of my vengeance I will forge for you tools to bring peace, and avert catastrophe. "