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1. Doggy In The Window

They were laughing

They were smiling

They were having fun and it was completely annoying the teenage CEO of Kaiba Corp. Kaiba Seto had just been passing by on his way to the bus stop, his driver having the day off. He hadn't meant to stop, but when he'd heard a familiar voice entering the building, his head had just automatically turned. Inside was Yuugi and his geek squad getting ready to stuff their faces the random burger joint. It pissed Kaiba off just looking at the joyful seen when the group could be home studying or getting a job to make money. Who had time for merry making in this world anymore?

But, what especially pissed the blue eyed teen off the most was the silly smile plastered honey-blond, hazel eyed, Jounouchi Katsuya. That stupid excuse for a mutt had been bothering him quite a lot recently. Though he knew the reason why, Kaiba would never admit it. Besides, the thought that he was going soft was almost as annoying as the scene in front of him now.

Suddenly, there was a hammering on the window by the booth the twerps were sitting in. The blond Jounouchi was banging on the window probably after catching sight of Kaiba walking by. The blue eyed CEO rolled his eyes at the blond cupping his ear in an I-can't-hear-you manner. That just seemed to make angrier and pounded harder on the thick glass, his insults falling on deaf ears. Finally, Jounouchi left the poor window alone only to burst through the door after Kaiba.

"Yo, Kaiba, where's your car? Did your driver finally get tired of your snobby ass and leave you on the curb?" sniped the blond.

"Unfortunately, mutt, you're the only thing anyone would leave on the side of the road," insulted Kaiba swinging his briefcase over his shoulder.

"Why you..." Jounouchi growled. "I'll punch the lights outta ya Kaiba, I swear."

"A dog's bark is worst than his bite, mutt."

"Try me, Kaiba, I'm ready for ya."

Kaiba turned away. "I don't have time to play with pathetic pups like you."

The blond stomped off back into the restaurant, but Kaiba could fee his eyes glaring at him through the window.

It was safe to say Kaiba Set had fallen for the blond dog.

It had happened that night after Kaiba's and Yuugi's first duel together when he'd lost. He had been so shaken by the experience that he had actually considered suicide.

While going home after his night jog had gotten interrupted by rain, Kaiba had come across a bridge, one he passed everyday. He stopped ad stared at it looking down at the water rushing and swirly beneath it. Vaguely, he wondered if the speed of the water could possibly drown him and stepped onto the railing. That was when a hand grabbed his.

The hand was warm and made Kaiba snap back to reality. Slowly, he turned his head to find the smiling Jounouchi holding onto his hand.

"Come on man, that's no way to go," said Jounouchi in a calming voice.

Right then, Kaiba was glad he'd had the sense to pull his hood up when it started pouring or else the blond duelist would have recognized who he had just saved, and Kaiba Set did no thave the time for a scandal about him trying to commit suicide.

Jounouchi let go of his hand. "Look, man, I've got a pretty bad life, too, but you don't see me jumping off bridges. Take my advice and find some friends, they'll help you through whatever problems ya got, 'kay."

Kaiba just stared stunned by the way Joujounchi's words seemed to actually dissolve his depression some to where he could think straight. The only way Kaiba would commit suicide was for his brother, and even the he was skeptical.

"It seems you're snappin' outta it. That's good! Now, I can't see ya face 'cause it's darekm but ya probaly need this more than I do," said Jounouchi handing Kaiba a slightly tattered red umbrella. Then, winking, he ran off leaving Kaiba confused and holding the umbrella loosely at his side as rain fell on his head.

He'd seen a side of Jounouchi he hadn't before and it surprised Kaiba to see the wasn't the ganstery trouble maker he'd first though. That's when he fell in love. Though, of course, he was still denying it.

"That stupid Kaiba," Jounouchi grumbled as he turned back to his friends once the young CEO had gone out of sight. "Thinks he's so big, the snob."

"What was all that about?" Honda asked giving his friend an incredulous look.

The smallest of the group placed down his drink and asked, "What did he say about joining us?"

Jounouchi froze before a small grin made its way across his face. "Guess I forgot to ask."

His friends just sighed. Recently, they'd noticed their blond friend and the blue eyed CEO going at it practically every time they saw each other and wondered what it could be. Yami, who had recently gotten a body through some odd turn of fate, had an idea, but he refused to relay it to anyone, not even his beloved hikari sitting beside hi at the booth. "Wasn't the whole idea of beating on the window to get Kaiba's attention so he wold eat with us," said Yami amused by the blush that crossed the blond's face.

"Why do we need a prick like that sitting with us?" Jounouchi grumbled turning his head away from his friends. His eyes landed on his watch and he stood up tucking hamburgers into his arms.

"Where are you going?" Yuugi asked watching his friend leave.

Talking through a mouthful of burgers, Jounouchi responded, "I gotta get home, ma pa'll be home soon."

With that, the friends watched as the blond rushed out of the burger joint.

The streets were dark as Jounouchi walked down them on his way home. There were many dumpsters and trash along them and Jounouchi felt sudden by the awful displays hidden in the shadow.

If his father had really tried, they could have lived in a nicer part of town, but as it was, they had to suffice with the small apartment that those streets led to. His father wasn't a bad man, he just made bad choices. That's why his mother had left with his sister leaving him to fend for himself and his father.

The apartment was dark, not many people were alive inside, and the one that were sat still in the darkness of their home. Jounouchi made his way up the stairs to his apartment. A girl sat by the railing, but he didn't pay her any attention. He could see she was in her own world.

Jounouchi pulled his key out of his pocket and unlocked the door. He walked straight to his room in darkness dumping his bag on his bed before heading to the kitchen. Mr. Jounouchi would be home soon, so Jounouchi decided to start up supper. The blond day dreamed as he cooked, wondering what stories his father would have to tell him today about his job at the Garage and the inventions he had though up. His father had always wanted to be an inventor and took out loans to get his drams started, but he always ended in debt with nothing to show for it.

Jounouchi sighed and placed a plate of food on the small kitchen table. There was a knock on the door and Jounouchi went to answer it.

"Abou' time you go there, ol' man," Jounouchi said cheerfully. "I was abou' to call an investi..." The blond stopped mid-word and stared at the strangers in front of him.

"Jounouchi Katsuya?" they asked.

"Yeah, who're y-" but Jounouchi had not time to finish as he was suddenly overcome by blackness.

When he regained consciousness, he saw tables full of people s taring at him.

"Let's start the bidding at 5,000."

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