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The sun was shining brightly as Kaiba and Jounouchi made their way down the street walking beside each other, their shoulders brushing every now and then. They made their way into the Motou car shop. Everyone was hanging out there, Yamis and Hikaris, and Honda, and Ootogi. They looked up at the two duelists entering some with smiles others with confused expressions.

"What's the prick doing here?" asked Bakura from his spot in the corner acting as his hikari's chair.

"Bakura," scolded Ryou.

"What? You wanted to know, too," countered Bakura angrily feeling troubled by being reprimanded by his light. He wrapped his arms around the smaller white haired boy and snuggled his head in his hair.

"Don't pout, thief king," said Atemu helping Yuugi with some boxes. "You know perfectly well why he's here."

"Do you know why Kaiba's here?" Yuugi inquired of his dark, violet eyes turning innocently toward the brunette. "Not that I made you being here Kaiba."

The CEO just humphed and looked elsewhere.

Atemu nodded. "I believe Jounouchi said he had something to tell us, that's why we're gathered here."

Jounouchi nodded then turned to the two Egyptians making out in a corner. "And I'll tell you as soon as those two stop sucking face over there."

Immediately, the Egyptians pulled apart looking at the blonde curiously.

"Okay, um, where was I?" Jounouchi said nervously rubbing a hand through his hair.

"You were about to tell us what moneybags was doing here," said Honda.

Jounouchi blushed. "Oh, yeah, um..."

"Puppy," whispered Kaiba encouraging brushing there arms together.

Jounouchi grabbed Kaiba's hand for support letting Kaiba entwine their fingers. He was nervous to tell his friends about his new relationship with the CEO. What if they didn't accept it, him being with Kaiba.

"Mutt, there staring. If you don't start talking I will," threatened the blue eyed duelist.

Jounouchi glared at his boyfriend. He had wanted to tell his friends about him and Kaiba himself. "I'll do it, I'll do it." The blonde turned to his friends, determinations in his hazel eyes.

"Me and Kaiba are kind of dating," Jounouchi blurted out lifting up their entwined hands for emphasis.

There was silence for a few seconds before Yuugi, Ryou, Malik, and Marik stood up and glomped the new pair of love birds. Kaiba growled and frowned at the hugs he was receiving, but couldn't help feeling happy about it, he'd finally gotten his puppy. As long the the blonde was in reaching distance, he could handle the geek squad that came with him. Jounouchi, on the other hand, took the congratulations with embarrassed, "Oh geez, thanks." The other friends just stood out of the way staring contently.

"So, that's what this little meeting was about?" asked Malik.

"Well, yeah," Jounouchi admitted.

"Then we're off to our room to finish what you interrupted," Marik said taking his hikari's hand and leaving the card shop.

"Yeah, we're leaving, too," Bakura grumbled pulling along a blushing Ryou.

Ootogi nudged Honda and whispered loudly, "Looks like Bakura finally got some."

The white haired Yami growled before slamming the door behind him. Ryou squeaked jumping back before fallowing.

"Think we should leave, too?" asked Ootogi.

"Let's go to the arcades, the girls are waiting," said Honda referring to their girlfriends, and they both left.

Kaiba looked at his watch announcing, "We need to go now, I have a meeting in an hour and we have to drop by the pet store."

Jounouchi looked at his boyfriend curiously. "Are we getting a puppy?"

"No, a cat. It's for Mokuba. Also, I'm allergic to dogs."

The blonde was dumbfounded. "Then why call me one."

Kaiba smirked and patted Jounouchi's head. "Since I can't get a real dog, you'll have to do, pup." The CEO headed for the door. "Besides, you're enough of a problem as it is."

"Why you!"

And so, it was only Atemu and Yuugi. The ex-pharaoh turned to the shorter. "Seems everyone is paired up."

"Yeah, Ootogi and Honda with their girlfriends, and the others are together."

"Everyone but us."

Yuugi looked away. "Yeah, but that's okay. As long as they're happy."

"But are you happy, aibou?" asked Atemu grabbing his hikari's hands and looking deep into those violet eyes.

Yuugi was frozen by Atemu's crimson orbs staring so intently into his. "Y-yes...maybe."

Atemu smiled making Yuugi melt. "A-atemu."

"I came stayed to be with you, Yuugi. I love you. If it would make you happy, would you like to be in a relationship like theirs?"

"It would make me happy to be with you," Yuugi answered smiling at his Yami.

Atemu pulled Yuugi to his chest and hugged him. They stayed like that for a while embracing in the warmth of each other. Yugi lifted his head suddenly and said, "I forgot to ask, but what has been going on with Jounouchi the past few weeks? You said you knew."

Atemu turned away from his hikari turned boyfriend and caught a glimpse of Jounouchi and Kaiba still quarrelling outside through the window. "Well, aibou, how much would you pay for a puppy?"

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