Ok well I guess I will start off by saying my name is Bella Swan. I attend the luxurious school, Easton Academy. I have two best friends and they are Alice Cullen and Rosalie Hale. We basically complete each other and are nothing without the other. I am president of our dorm Billings, and it's the best and most exclusive dorms on campus.

I also have the best boyfriend in the world, Edward Cullen who is Alice's brother. Also, 2 of my other best friends are Emmett Cullen, who is Edward older brother and Jasper Whitlock.

Basically, we are Easton roalty and all the other students want to be us and bow down to us. Not to sound conceded, but it true. I have power over everyone at this campus and love it. Most of the time I will be nice, unless you give me a reason not to be.

My father and mother arnt like most parents who send their kids to boarding school. My dad is a great doctor in California with Edward's father.

Edward and I have been friends since birth. When we were about 12, almost 13 we realized that our relationship was meant to be more than friends, which we are both very greatful for. When we told everyone we were dating they all yelled "Bout Time!"

Emmett is Rosalie's boyfriend and Jasper is Alice's boyfriend. All of our parents live in the same neighborhood back in California while we are here in Easton, Connecticut. We all love it here though, its so close to Boston and us Billings girls can get the Headmaster to give into anything we want to do almost.

What can I say… I love my life

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