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Everything was quiet at the Cullen's house which is a miracle, may I tell you. There was usually always some sort of screaming, fighting, and breaking things. Eh, wait I may have spoken to soon.

"EDWARD! LET EMMETT GO! God, he was HUGGING ME! Hugging! Not burning me on fire!"Bella said mostly screaming.

"Love, he was choking you though," Edward answered punished to his "corner"

"How many times do I have to tell you that I DO NOT HAVE TO BREATH, I REPEAT DO NOT, DO NOT HAVE TO BREATH!"Bella manged to scream out though the rest of the commotion that were going on in the house.

"EMMETT! I know you stole my shoes, GIVE! THEM! BACK!"Rosalie screamed late already for her shopping spree.

"Bu-bu-but I need to use them for my, eh, "project"," Emmett said like a five year old kid getting his favorite toy taken away.

"Alice, you spent how much and it was supposed to be a date!" Jasper asked stunned

"Not, that much..."Alice answered looking at the ground.

"10,000 is a bit to much to spend only on shoes, don't you think?" Jasper asked more or less making it a statement, the rest of the house's emotions were getting to him.


I guess she figured out about the vase, Emmett thought. "You think?" Edward shouted back.

Carlisle suddenly stepped into the commotion shocked at the mess after a rough day at work.
And this was on a GOOD day too.

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