"COMING TO FORKS AGAIN… HERE IN FORKS AGAIN, OOOH WE'RE HERE IN FORKS AGAIN!" I rubbed my temples, mental note: never take a car ride with Emmett, ever again. "YEAH WE'RE GOING TO FORKS AGAIN… hey, you think that like, they'll other vampires there, huh, Edward? Do you think that they'll be more?"
"No." answered Alice. I shook my head. She was right, of course.
"Ok, so we almost there, Eddie? We almost there?"
"Yes, Emmett," grumbled Edward, grounding his teeth together. "We are almost there." He pulled into the narrow road that led towered the oh-so familiar house that I missed so much. I smiled when I saw it. The giant white house was a little beat up, but perfect. Still perfect. I looked up to see Edward smiling too. Home again.
"I think I'll go hunting." I announced, tapping my chin. Edward nodded. He would usually come with me, but he had just hunted recently. I stepped out of the car with extreme grace, still marveling at my lack of clumsiness. In seconds I was in the little cottage at the back of the house. I was sad to see that it had taken a little more beating than the white house near it. Its paint was scratched, some shutters where missing. There were holes at the bottom of it, but rats and mice didn't bother me. They usually stay away from our kind.
I unpacked at vampire speed, and I was done in under a minute. So was Edward. I pecked him on the lips and was off on my hunting trip.
The wind bit at my face as I dashed threw the dense forest, and I relished in the feeling. I could feel the earth under my feet; hear the bird's cries lost in the wind as I zipped by. I let go, giving myself into my senses. Elk, towards the south. I ran until I found the beast, surrounded by dense trees. I crouched, willing the thing not the hear me, and pounced. My razor-like teeth sunk into the animal, the warm blood filling my mouth. I sucked it dry, an ounce of pity escaping me.
A rustle.
I froze. There couldn't be someone behind me, could there? I would have heard them. I swerved around and gasped at what I saw. Two girls, one was holding a small boy, about the age of six, it looked like. One of the girls had long, strait brownish-blonde hair, with purple tips at the end. Her eyes were big and the color of charcoal, her full lips pressed in a small line. The other had wavy jet-black hair and safire eyes, sparkling slightly. The toddler had honey colored hair, and hazel eyes. They had seen me hunting…

And they didn't seem the slightest bit scared.