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I flew low, just above the trees so I could keep an eye on Jesse. He was intriguing. He surprised me… He was cute.

I sighed, enjoying the wind on my face, letting it wash away all my problems. I was looking forward to seeing Mali. My walkie-talkie buzzed in my pocket. I looked down at it in surprise, before whipping it out and pressing it to my mouth.

"Hello?" I asked. Charlotte's voice crackled through.

"Hey Kestrel. Now that Caleb isn't listening, can I asked you something?" I shrugged, forgetting she couldn't see me.

"Uh, sure, Char. What is it?" There was a slight pause, before a sigh.

"Don't get pregnant, ok?" She said, completely serious. Contrary to her serious tone, I laughed. I couldn't help it—it was funny.

"Don't laugh!" Screeched Charlotte. I could almost hear her blush.

"Sorry, sorry. It was just funny. Ok, ok. Now get back to lover boy. He's probably pulling his hair out wondering where you are. I mean, its been like two hours since he last saw you, am I right?" I sang happily, excited to be free for at least a little while.

"Oh, two hours already? I cant believe I've lived this long," She said sarcastically. "Oh, and tell Jesse I said hi." She said smugly. I felt the blood rush to my face. Is that why she told me not to get pregnant? I contemplated to myself, toying with the walkie-talkie before shoving it back into my pocket. I pulled my wings to myself, diving down into the forest. It was time I checked on Jesse.

He was focused on his run, obviously thinking about something hard. I giggled, before reaching out and tapping him on the shoulder. He turned quickly, opening his mouth to say something—but the words never came.

Probably because he hit a tree.

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