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Margalo, you needed to leave, but why, why'd you leave me? You left me with so much pain in my heart, I need you Margalo, you're the only one that can heal my wound. Please Margalo I need to hear your sweet voice, that with one word my sadness is lifted. Your golden glowing body, with which the sun's morning rays illuminates and makes your essence breathtaking. With when I'm close enough to touch you, my soul takes to the air and sours through the skies. Margalo your everything to me, and every time I see you go, I lose a piece of my self once more.

"Stuart! Dinner's ready!" T he gloomy white mouse turned around at the sound of his name. Stuart let out a sigh, as he jumped down from the window sill that he was perched on. "Here we go again." As the mouse was walking toward the door, of the room, that he shared with his human brother George, a shattering of window glass caused the mouse to sully himself in his bodily fluids. As Stuart heard a thud, he slowly turned around, trembling, to see what it was. He felt as if his heart would burst out of his ribcage, as he looked on at the small golden canary laying unconscious on the wooden floor. "Margalo!" Stuart dashed over to the small bird and gently leaned her against his chest. The small canary didn't move, her golden chest did not even budge. Worry quickly consumed the mall white mouse as he thought of the worst. The thundering sounds of the Litte's feet could be heard as they rushed to see were the crashing sound had come from. The Littles family looked on in shock, as they saw Stuart caressing his best friend Margalo. Mr. Little quickly ran over and kneeled by his adoptive son to examine the situation, as he asked "Stuart what happened?" The small mouse shook his head, too preoccupied to speak, but he managed to point to the window from were Margalo had crashed through. Mr. Little quickly put his hand down, as Stuart dragged Margalo gentle to his father's hand. They were quickly lifted off the ground and put on the shelf that was Stuart's room. Stuart gently lifted the golden canary on to his bed, and sat by her side, fear clearly showing on his face. Mrs. Little could be heard talking to the medics on the phone, and Mr. Little quickly helped her to explain the situation. Stuart's step brother, George, crawled on to his bed and peeked over the shelf, careful not to put his weight on it too much.

"Is she gonna be okay?" Stuart simply shook his head as tears began to fall from his eyes. In a cracked voice the mouse replied, "I don't know George I just don't know." Stuart looked on at the small canary's face, her soft cheeks, her cute red cap, her small pretty beak, everything about her filled Stuart's head with memories, some pleasant and some not so nice. "Please come back to me, Margalo, please don't leave me."


Well hope you like my first chapter, this is my first none Bolt story.