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Stuart sat by Margalo in his pajamas for what seemed like millennia, a small sleeping bag lay on the floor adjacent to Stuart's bed, as Margalo slept. Since she had arrived the canary had been asleep for two whole days, and it seemed that it would soon be three, as the setting sun slowly came closer to the horizon. Stuart had scarcely eaten, always sitting by her bed, to see if she would awaken. As Stuart prepared for another sleepless night on the cold, hard floor, he quietly reached over to his night-stand and patted Margalo's forehead with a damp towel to give her comfort. The unconscious canary moved herself closer to the towel, and ended up rubbing against the mouse's palm. Stuart just chuckled to himself, he thought it was cute, how she moved towards him even in her un-conscience.

Stuart got down on his hands and knees and was about to crawl into his sleeping bag, when he heard Margalo yawn. She rolled off and landed right on top of the unsuspecting rodent. Stuart stood in shock as Margalo was directly on top of him, her face was resting against his chest, while the rest of her body was nervously aligned with his own, and he could feel the canary's new firm round breast pressing against him, it made his ears burn will embarrassment and he began to sweat. Stuart had no idea what to do, should he move the bird or embrace her? With his paws shaking, Stuart slowly grabbed Margalo's arms and lifted her from on-top of him. He immediately froze in place, his eyes suddenly locked into the birds mature features, scanning her uncharacteristically. As the mouse's gaze slowly lowered, he forced himself to look away. Get a grip , it's Margalo you're looking at moron! Okay…okay, just slowly roll her off you and stay in…c-control. Stuart finally managed to get out from under Margalo, much to the mouse's relief. Unfortunately for Stuart, Margalo slowly woke up and found herself next to the mouse and on the floor, none the less. Margalo used the bed for support as she lifted herself from the floor, she still felt a bit dizzy and nauseated.

"Stuart? Were am I? What happened?" Margalo leaned against the bed, and looked up at the white mouse. His red squared pajamas, gave the mouse a slim appearance, but Margalo knew that he was tougher than he looked.

Stuart just stood in front of her with his mouth agape, his ears were flat against his head and she noticed him staring at her. Margalo was about to ask him what had caught his attention, but one look at herself, and she knew exactly what he was mesmerized by. Margalo quickly covered herself up with her wings, and gave yelled. "Stuart!" Stuart instantly snapped out of his trance, and turned around. What should I do? How do I explain myself? God, she looks hot! Get a hold of yourself, don't do anything you'll regret, Stuart. Stuart slowly turned around, and kept his eyes on Margalo's face.

The yellow canary had her gaze to the floor and a deep crimson blush was on her face. Stuart reached out a hand, still with his gaze on her face. Margalo suddenly jumped and hugged Stuart as she began to cry on his shoulder; Stuart put his arms around the canary's neck and held her close. Stuart slowly slid against the bed until they were both sitting on the floor.

"It's okay Margalo I'm here, every things okay." Stuart said, trying to calm the bird down, as he put his head against her shoulder. Margalo just sat on the mouse's lap and continued to weep, her tears dripping down his neck and on to Stuart's pajamas. The two sat there in each other's embrace, through most of the night, eventually they were falling asleep. In a soft mumble, Margalo asked Stuart,

"Stuart…? Can you put me on the bed," the yellow canary let out a yawn, before she continued, "I'm falling asleep, and I'm tired." With a nod, Stuart got up and gently carried Margalo bridle style, as he put her on the bed.

As he was removing his hands, they slightly touched Margalo's butt; Stuart instantly went red to the face and froze. As Margalo was getting cozy, she turned towards Stuart and began to panic as she saw his shocked and embarrassed face.

"Stuart, what's wrong? You okay?" Margalo slowly reached out and tugged the mouse's shirt, and Stuart instantly jumped, falling on his rear. "Are you all right?" Margalo jumped out of bed and helped Stuart up.

"I'm fine, really." Stuart sat on the edge of the bed while Margalo got back in. "Good night Margalo."


"What is it Margalo?" The mouse kindly asked without turning around.

"Can you sleep next to me, it's kind of cold and I don't want to be alone another night." Stuart almost fainted, but managed to stop himself. His pajamas slowly started to stick to him, as he began to sweat heavily.

"I-I don't think t-that'd be a good idea, Margalo…it wouldn't be right…" Margalo slowly blushed, but still suggested the idea, the cold lonely nights were too horrid to tolerate any longer.

"We won't do anything, just sleeping close together." Stuart slowly turned with a sigh, as he walked up to the bed and tucked himself in, making sure there was a good distance, between them.

"G-good night Margalo." Stuart said with a cracked voice.

"Night Stuart." Margalo said with a giggle, as she snuggled in to her pillow.

As the morning rays hit Stuart's face, he woke up to find a soft something, up against him and apparently hugging him. As his eyes adjusted, Stuart turned to find Margalo with her head snuggling against his neck and her left wing across his chest. He just turned towards her and gave her a soft kiss on the cheek, the canary just snuggled closer and smiled a little.

Stuart stood up and sat on the edge of the bed, his conscience finally getting a hold of him. Margalo slowly woke up, but didn't say anything, she wanted to watch Stuart a little more. What's so wrong, me and her are just friends, but this isn't friendship, it feels like more. Like what I feels for Mom, Dad and George? I-it'd make sense, Margalo's family so why shouldn't I feels this way right? No, no is it's more than family, but what's more important than family? Love? Do I love her? Yes, I…love Margalo. "I love her…I really love her."

No…Stuart you can't love me, you just can't, I don't want to loose you. A small tear ran down Margalo's cheeks , but she quickly wiped them away, before she spoke.

"Morning Stuart."


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