Epilogue: Forever and Always

Me and Peter lived forever together, peace was held throughout Neverland for many generations, much to my happiness. Me and Peter never did grow anymore, both physically and mentally. But we did have 6 children, 6 wonderful, beautiful children.

First, I had Wendy; she looks exactly like my great-grandma. When Wendy was two, John was born. Then four short years later, Michael was born.

I loved all of our children lost or not. Though we had over 16 children, we accepted every lost child we saw. But we also released many, once they became a certain age; they flew away to the mainland. I always cried at the releases, but Peter always held me close.

When Wendy was eight, John was six, and Michael was two; I had Jane. She was a surprise baby, but we were so happy. I had everything I had ever wanted. I had a happy life, a husband, children, and a family. One of my deepest wishes, all of my deepest wishes, had come true.

When Wendy was fourteen, and well, you can do the math, we had one more surprise. I had twins. They had black hair and blue eyes, and my heart immediately gave me their names, Melody and James. Peter wasn't too happy when I named them that, but I was.

And slowly, all my children grew up. All decided to stay with me, except one; my Wendy. I cried as she left, but she promised that she'd visit us every year, but I still cried. Remembering the promise that Peter never came through with my great-grandma. But I let her go. None of my other children left me; they stayed and never grew up.

Although we never grew up, Peter's love for me never faltered, and neither did mine for him.

Tigerlily and Moonshine got married and had 3 children of their own. Red Robin also got married to some pirate chick and had 25 kids. I think they started a fast food restaurant, but I'm still not sure.

And Neverland had many years of peace and happiness.

But then Smee had a son… but that's another story.