"stupid alarm clock!" McGee groaned.

"Don't yell at the clock, Tim." a female voice came.

In a quick flashback, the memories of last night came flooding back to Tim. The wine and kisses that were shared.

"Sapphire, Oh God, I have work today. Shit! Gibbs is going to kill me!" McGee said in a rush.

"Well, then it's a good thing I set your clock 30 minutes earlier,huh!"sapphire said nonchalantly.

Tim stops and looks at sapphire. "you're the best, you know that," McGee says coming up toward sapphire. they close the distance between them. Tim kisses her softly that deepens.

"i know!" sapphire said flirty.

i think have just enough time to..." he said grabbing his camera, "take a pictures, that i can put on my desktop at work."

"well can i put on some good clothes on?" she said laughing, trying to get her clothes.

"um, NO!"he said also chuckling trying to get her before she gets into the bathroom, but that didn't work very well. sapphire was to quick for Tim to catch her. when she was running to the bathroom she grabbed some of her clothes and McGee's.A few minutes later, sapphire came out wearing his shirt and her jeans.

"you look good in my shirts, you should wear them more often." McGee said. he grabbed the camera and takes pictures of looks at the clock.

"oh, um, i have to go to work now see you around 7, OK?"McGee said into a soft kiss.

"goodbye my Timmy, and have a good day at work!" Sapphire said closing the door. Tim chuckled silently,knowing that he would have a bruise on the back of his head just like every other day.

this is my firstfanfiction that i wrote i know its not that good but it WILL get is mcabbey don't worry! sapphire is Tim's girlfriend for now!continue reading.... :)