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Last Chapter:

"Swan!" a sharp voice suddenly cut through all the noise in the hall and I, along with everyone else, turned to face Snape.

"What do you want, Snape?" I demanded, no longer caring about politeness.

"You can not just barge in here and-" he began but was abruptly cut off.

"Actually," an unknown voice suddenly spoke from the door into the Great Hall. "She can and we're going to help her do so."

You Promised Me Forever

Spinning around, I came face to face with the last person I expected to see. Aro stood in the door way but the Volturi weren't there to back him up. Instead, what looked like over a hundred vampires stood behind him and I realised with a jolt that these were the vampires who'd been wizards or witches before their change.

"And who are you?" Snape demanded angrily.

Aro's usual cheerful fa├žade was still firmly in place as he replied, "I am Aro Volturi, King of the Vampires."

A chocking noise escaped not just Snape but most of the Order and several of the students.

Carlisle stepped forward, "Aro, what are-"

"Ah, Carlisle my old friend," Aro said happily. "I am here to make sure that our old race does not vanish because of a Dark Lord."

"Wait," Snape suddenly spoke, turning to stare at Carlisle. "You know the vampire King?"

"Know me?" Aro asked in real surprise. "Carlisle stayed with me for almost a century about three centuries back."

"You're a-" Kingsley started.

"Vampire, yes," Carlisle finished, staring at Aro as though judging his sincerity.

Kingsley turned to me, "Did you know about this?"

I made a non-comical sound in the back of my throat, "Yes."

Aro turned to me then, "They don't know?"

I shook my head, "No, they do not."

Mad-eye turned to eye ball me with that fake eye of his, "What are you keeping from us?"

Edward stepped forward to wrap an arm around my waist as a growl ripped through his throat, causing the entire Order to freeze.

"You're a vampire too," Lupin exclaimed.

"We all are," Rose finally spoke up.

All eyes swivelled to me.

"And you-" Mrs. Weasley started.

I smiled sadly at her, "I'm as much a vampire as Aro over there."

"When did this happen?" Kinsley demanded.

I shrugged, "Mad-eye mentioned that I looked different, it can't be that hard to figure out."

"They changed you when you left?" Lupin demanded.

I nodded with a small smile, "Yeah. It was about time to. I've wanted to be changed for a very long time."

Several people looked horrified and ready to say something but Alice spoke before they could, "Bella. He's getting closer."

I nodded sharply at her once as I turned back to Aro and the group of Vampires who stood behind him, "Do you all remember how to use your magic?"

There were several nods of confirmation and I smiled slightly as I turned to Jasper, "What do you think, General?"

Jasper looked slightly amused but his face quickly became serious, "Our numbers and the vampires will catch them by surprise. I doubt they'll think we'll have this many."

I nodded my agreement, "Good."

I then watched silently as the order began forming those students who stayed into small groups, preparing them to fight. I watched as the vampires did the same, spreading out around the room, and Aro moved to stand with us. I also watched out of the corner of my eye as several of the Slytherins slipped out of the room while they thought everyone else was distracted. Some, I knew, would stay but others, I was sure, had plans to sneak off the grounds before the fighting began.

"Bella," Edward spoke softly next to me.

I glanced at him.

"I need to know you're going to be safe," he spoke to me. "I need to know you'll be careful."

"Edward," I paused for a second before speaking softly. "Dumbledore once told you that I'd have to face Voldemort on my own. That moment has come and I need you not to interfere."

Edward grimaced in response but spoke, staring into my eyes, "You promised me forever, Bella. I intend to hold you to that."

I smiled softly, "I knew you would."