The Diary

By Minimoon132002

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Notes:This story is based on all of the episodes of Ghostwriter. Most of the entries take place in the future.

In this first chapter, it's going in third person point of view, while the rest of the stories are going to be in the first point of view.

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Today is a like any original day, unless you are about turn 13 years old. Young Tina Nguyen is turning 13 years old and in the 8th grade. Even though, she is short for her age, she is creative and unique. Her dream is to become a famous filmmaker and become a director of movies. Today, Tina was getting ready to meet her friends, until a mystery package appeared near her doorstep. "I wonder what this is" she said. She took the package inside the house and carried it into the living room table.

On the package, it has her name and address on it. "Hmm, I wonder who sent me this package", Tina said. She opened the package carefully and inside the package, there was a beautiful diary. Tina took the diary out of the package and looked at it. The diary was very beautiful; it has bright yellow cover on it, with different colored jewels sparkling with glitter.

Tina was astounded with the diary; she started to look for the card that says who sent it for her. Tina opened her diary, and inside she saw her name was on the front page. Attached to the front cover, there was a letter addressed to her. Tina took the letter off the covered and opened the envelope. She took the paper out of the envelope and read it.

The letter said:To our precious jewel, Tina Kathleen Nguyen,

Happy Birthday, we wish you a happy birthday on your special day.

I hope you opened our gift and see this beautiful diary in front of you.

Your cousin, Trini bought this diary for you, and she decorated to make it more unique. I hope this diary suits you, because it can give you memories from the past or the future. Make sure you write in this diary, everyday, because it can give you good luck in the future and don't forget to visit aunt and uncle in Angel Grove.

Sincerely, Trini, Lien, Lee Kwan.

Thank you, Tina said silently. This diary would be in good hands from now on. Tina looked at her diary again and sighed to herself. She opened her diary, to begin writing in it, until the phone rang. Tina got off the couch and answered the phone.

"Hello" said Tina. "Tina, where are you, we're going to miss the movies again", said her friend Alex. "Shoot, I forgot to check the time again, listen what part are we missing?" "You're missing the previews, hurry up before the movie begins and I already bought the tickets" Alex said impatiently. "All right, I'll be there in a few minutes, just wait for me outside the theater" Tina said. "Okay, thanks, Tina", Alex hung up the phone.

Tina also hung up the phone, and went into her bedroom. She carefully hid her diary under her bed and into her secret box. She looked herself in the mirror again to check if she looks great. Then she exited her room and closed the door. Tina ran through the living room and went towards the front door. She opened the door and went outside of the house that leads into her parent's tailor shop. Tina told her parents goodbye and that she is going to the movies.

Her parents told her to be careful and she nodded her head. She left the shop and walked outside of the sidewalk. Tina knows her life will change as she starts to write inside her. And she can't wait to see if it can bring her good luck in the future. And that's where her story begins.

End of Chapter 1

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