Chapter 4

Dear Diary:

What's up, it's me again. The fabulous Tina Nguyen of the Ghostwriter team here in Brooklyn. Ok, maybe not fabulous, but still hoping. Anyways today I am writing to you about the origins of the Ghostwriter team and how it all started. Jamal told me how the team started is when they first solved their first case together.

The story begins maybe a couple of years ago when I was in the fifth grade of Washington Elementary School. Jamal told me it was around the evening of September 6-7 when he first saw Ghostwriter for the first time. It was at the same time he and his father Reginald Jenkins were finding a trunk down at the basement for Danitra (Jamal's older sister) moving to college. But out of nowhere, Jamal accidentally knocked over a book from the shelf. The book opened by itself and a flashing ball of light came out from it. Can you guess who that was?

That was me! Ghostwriter wrote.

That's right Ghostwriter and boy were you feeling scared around that time!

Actually I was feeling scared and lonely, looking for children around time.

That is right! Jamal told me when he was going up to his room after he got home from the market; he was given the computer by Danitra as present. Jamal was glad that Danitra gave him her computer, he wrote Hello Computer: My Name Is Jamal. Ready for some dynamic fun?

But then guess who showed up answering his questions?

Is it me? Ghostwriter asked.

Yep that's you, Ghostwriter.

(Just then telephone rang)

Tina looks up from her diary briefly and continued to look over the page she just written.

Tuan came into the living room and answered the phone.

Tuan: Hello, who is this? Uh huh, uh huh, yeah she is here. Tina it's for you.

Tina: Who is calling?

Tuan: Lenni, she wants to talk you.

Tina: Ok hold on

Tina got up from the living room couch where she was sitting to write her diary and went to the telephone.

Tina: Hello, Lenni what's going on?

Lenni: Listen do you want to go the mall with me real quick? I need new shoes to wear for school.

Tina: Depends on how long we are going to be there

Lenni: Just for a couple of minutes, it won't be long

Tina: All right, but just in case, I'm bringing my book with me

Lenni: Fine with me I'll see you later

Tina: Bye

Tina hangs up the phone and went back to writing the diary.

Listen I got to go heading to the mall to help Lenni pick out shoes to wear for school tomorrow. I'll write back until then. Until, I will see you real soon.


Tina Nguyen

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