"Dude, here they come!!"

Both men watched in antisipation as Shawn walked over to his bag.

"Did he see it...did he pick it up...Christian, move, I can't see!"

Chris sighed in frustration. "No, he's going into the shower...what if John finds it first?"

Edge hung his head.

"We are so screwed."

Then Christian's eyes brightened.

"Hey, look, he's on the phone! He so won't find it...here comes Shawn...here he comes!"

Chris reached down and grabbed Edge's hand.

Edge squeezed back as he pressed into the doorframe.

"Pick it up, Shawn..come on.."

"Read it, read it....." This time both men wanted the same outcome.

The closet grew silent, neither daring to even breathe as Shawn read and then pressed the note to his chest.

He walked to where Layfield was sitting.

"Oh baby,"Edge wrapped his arms around Chris as they looked on." Baby he's going to do it."

"Kiss him, Shawn...come on...."

John Layfield's phone clattered onto the floor as Shawn Michaels ran his hand over the big Texan's face.

"Yes!" both men cried in the closet.

"John, I love you."

"Baby, I love you." Edge held Chris closer, whispering the warm words into his ear as Layfield drew Shawn into a kiss.

After a few seconds, they pulled the door closed, sharing own kiss in the dark.

"That was so sweet, you are so sweet, God how did I ever get on without you." Edge whispered as they caressed each other for the first time in years.

Outside the closet, someone was moaning and two hands joined again on the closet door.

"This is so wrong."

"Let's so it anyway."

They pushed the door open a tiny, little crack.

"Oh my God, look at that thing, Chris....Shawn is so lucky."

"So am I, baby. It is so, so good to be back. I love you."

This time the door stayed shut tight.

The End.