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"You cannot be serious Albus" Severus Snape said astonished. He paced across the floor of the office of his superior. "I thought Hogwarts was supposed to be the safest place in the world, and if that's so then why must I leave," he said stopping and turning to face the man, "And why into the muggle world? I know nothing of it." The black clad man crossed his arms over his chest feeling he had made his point quite well.

"I know this seems like I am deliberately trying to hurt you Severus, but I only try to do what's best" the older wizard said somewhat sadly, "Hogwarts is fairly safe, but I believe Mr. Potters adventures over the past years have proven that Voldemort is able to get in despite the wards." Snape scowled deeper at the mention of Harry Potter much to Dumbledore's despair. After a moment however the sparkle returned to Dumbledore's eyes behind his half moon spectacles. Snape noticed and knew he was not going to like the headmasters next words, when Dumbledore got that look in his eyes it never boded well for Severus.

"I do not want a lemon drop" Severus said hoping to stave off the question he expected would follow, "What do you have up your sleeve you mastermind?"

Dumbledore smiled and popped a candy into his own mouth with a small smile. "Oh Severus, ever the Slytherin" Dumbledore said calmly, "I only wanted to tell you that because I know you know little of the muggle world I have arranged for you to have a guide of sorts." Snape stiffened knowing this would be something bad, as Albus still had that look in his eyes. "As you know Miss. Granger is far ahead of her class having completed her NEWTS early this summer" Dumbledore said and Snape groaned internally, wanting to know immediately the bad news, and not have to listen to Albus ramble on about the know-it-all, "She recently expressed a wish to complete her muggle education and so I've decided that she shall accompany you."

Snape really hoped he was hearing things, perhaps one too many crucios from the Dark Lord had finally gone to his brain. He had thought that Albus Dumbledore had just told him he would be cohabiting with a student while in the muggle world, but he must have been imagining things, Dumbledore would not stick him with a student, especially that particular student. "Don't look so stricken Severus, Miss. Granger is a lovely young woman and I believe you'll find you have many things in common" Dumbledore said. Suddenly a knock interrupted Snape's panicked thoughts and Dumbledore acknowledged it. In the doorway stood the very girl herself. Bushy hair and all Severus thought snidely.

"You asked to see me Headmaster" the little chit said cheerfully. She met Snape's eyes and he sneered at her despite Dumbledore's disapproving look.

"Ah, Miss. Granger, why don't you take a seat" the headmaster said tranquilly and so Hermione shut the door softly and sat before the large desk. Snape had removed himself to a corner, if nothing else he wanted to see the look of horror that would surely be on Granger's face when she discovered the reason she had been called here. "Miss. Granger, do you remember a conversation we engaged in a few weeks back" Dumbledore asked her, and Snape watched as Granger seemed to not remember. Seemingly realizing Granger's troubles Dumbledore gently reminded her, "When we spoke about your wish to finish your muggle schooling."

Hermione smiled and sat up a little straighter, if that was at all possible. "Oh, of course I remember professor" she said, eyes shining, "Why?"

"Well Miss. Granger, Voldemort has discovered that our Professor Snape here was spying on him, so that is, obviously, no longer a safe occupation for him" Dumbledore told her at which Hermione gasped and darted a look towards her potions professor, "Therefore I have decided that, for Professor Snape's safety he should be removed from the British wizarding world. He will be going to teach at a muggle high school in Canada and, as he knows little of the muggle world, you will be going with him. I also trust him to protect you to the best of his abilities, though I doubt there will be any problems." Snape smirked as Granger's eyes went wide, though he wished he had gotten more of a reaction from the normally shrill Gryffindor. However, the idea of the girl being speechless was perhaps just as excellent if only it would remain that way.

Dumbledore smiled and rubbed his hands together. "Well, now that that's settled all that's left is for your departure" the man said gleefully, "I've already had all of your things moved. It's a really nice little town, and I've gotten you a job as an English and History teacher at a local high school under the pseudonym Silas Gray, and Miss. Granger you will be attending the same school under the name Olivia Marshal." Dumbledore held out a portkey and teacher and student touched it, Snape scowling, Hermione looking passive. She felt the familiar hooking under her navel and closed her eyes as she felt herself tugged away from the office.


Hermione had to smile as she looked around the room the had arrived in, she had been worried she would be sent to a garishly decorated house, but the living room, or what she assumed to be the living room was quite tastefully decorated. Wooden floors, comfortable looking leather couches, even a fireplace, all in all it was quite nice. She snuck in a glance at her professor who also seemed to be pleasantly surprised at his surroundings.

She made for the stairs, "Are you coming professor" she asked inquisitively, Snape had known the silence was too good to last, "We should probably check out our accommodations." Scowling Snape followed her and passed her once reaching the upstairs hallway. He threw open the first door, but only discovered a bathroom much to his chagrin. Hermione opened a door on the other side of the hallway a little farther down. Light streamed in through the windows on one side of the room however, it was not a bedroom, but instead seemed to be a cozy room that only housed a beautiful piano as well as two seats. Hermione did not play the piano, but wondered if that meant that Professor Snape did. Snape looked into the door as well and shut the door.

"Foolish old man" Snape said under his breath, though Hermione heard him.

"Do you play sir" Hermione asked to his back as he continued to down the hall. He did not deign to answer her much to Hermione's disappointment. She had always thought it was quite beautiful though she could not play herself, not that she hadn't tried. Snape stood silently looking in a doorway and she approached behind him. She glanced inwards and saw a king size, metal four poster bed complete with shimmering silver hangings.

"I assume this meant for you Miss. Granger" the older man said stiffly. She shrugged and climbed onto the high bed as Snape left. She sighed and fell back into the luxurious pillows quite comfortable. She had been thinking about how she would be starting muggle school for the first time since she had left for Hogwarts and wondered what excuse Dumbledore would give for her disappearance when suddenly Snape burst in her doorway.

She sat up rigidly. "Is everything alright professor" Hermione asked anxiously. She surveyed him, he didn't look any different than usual except that she believed she saw a little pinkness on his cheeks.

"I was incorrect Miss. Granger, this is my own room, yours is across the hall" he said motioning her off the bed. Hermione hightailed it out of his room blushing at the very idea that she had been in her professors bed and ran across the hall embarrassed without saying a word. She shut the door loudly behind her and observed her actual bedroom.

A bed, almost the same size as the one in her professors room greeted her, however, this one was done in hues of darker blues. She noticed that the closet door was slightly open and went to shut it. First she opened it fully and giggled when she looked inside, no wonder it had been so easy for him to figure out, the closet held not only jeans, and dress pants, but also skirts and dresses. She slipped into one of the dresses, a white and black sundress as she knew she would look quite out of place in robes.

She heard a knock at her door and Snape opened it. "Professor" Hermione admonished, "You should knock first! What if I hadn't been decent, sir." Snape nodded sharply which Hermione took to mean that he agreed with her.

"Miss. Granger, the headmaster left me instructions stating that we are to go out to dinner tonight in order to look around the town" Snape said stepping into her room, "However, I'm not sure how we are to travel." Snape looked exceedingly uncomfortable dressed in muggle clothing, and Hermione had to keep herself from laughing at the picture of Snape in jeans.

"I saw a garage, there's probably a car in there sir" Hermione said distractedly looking away from Snape and therefore missing the horrified look he gave her.

"Do you think I can drive Miss. Granger" Snape snapped at the girl and scowled at her. His scowl deepened when she began laughing.

"No, of course not, and if we're going out I suppose you had better call me Olivia" Hermione said walking past him into the hallway, "However, I can." Snape gulped and followed the girl.

"I shall do no such thing… Miss. Marshal" Snape said as he entered the garage and he spotted the silver car, it frightened him (not that he would ever admit it), but it was certainly a beautiful object. He heard Granger sigh and he heard a jingling noise and she opened the door. Once she was seated in the drivers seat she motioned to him to open his own door.

"Get on in " she said cheekily, "I promise it won't bite." Snape took a deep breath and sat down shutting the door behind him. He watched as Granger pushed a button on the keys and the garage door began to open, while watching this he did up his seatbelt the same way Granger's was done. When the girl started up the car Snape had never felt so uneasy in his life. At this point the would have welcomed another curse from the Dark Lord, unfortunately none were forth coming and he would just have to trust that the Granger chit actually knew what she was doing.


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