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"The Second World War began in September of 1939. Adolf Hitler used a minor border dispute as a reason to invade Poland. It has been speculated that it was German troops who crossed the border into Poland and started shooting on other Germans that started the war" Snape said, "Nevertheless, on September 3rd Britain and France declared war, but it was to late for the people of Poland." Snape glared, it was only the beginning of class and his students were already allowing the boredom to show on their faces. "Mr. Paige, can you tell me what the Phoney War was" Snape questioned hoping to keep the students on their toes.

"It was a war, that was phoney" Winston Paige said and half the class burst into laughter.

"I see someone hasn't started their vocabulary" Snape interrupted, but the class was still laughing, "What about you Miss. Wescot?"

"Erm, wasn't it just a time when, while the war was technically on, there wasn't any fighting" the girl said hesitantly.

"Correct Miss. Wescot, 5 points" Snape drawled, "The phoney war ended when Norway was attacked in April of 1940, the French and British rushed to intervene, but again were too late. If you haven't figured it out by now the Germans were trying to surround Great Britain. Yes, Miss. Wescot."

"What do the points mean. Do we get prizes or something" Samantha Wescot asked curiously. Snape realized that he had indeed awarded her house points, except she had no house.

"Yes, Miss. Wescot. I have divided the class into" he glanced around the classroom in an attempt to make sure he got his calculations right, "4 groups. 3 groups of 7 and 1 group of 6. There will be an award for the group that has the most points at the end of … every month."

"Well, whose on which team Mr. Gray" Samantha asked.

Snape sighed in exasperation, "I suppose we won't be getting any more work done this period then" he admitted, "I'll write the groups up on the board Miss. Wescot, but I expect all of you to be silent and to study these notes tonight as well as the fall of France and Battle of Britain for Monday."

Snape wasn't surprised that they weren't silent, but on the other hand he understood why Hogwarts instituted a house system. The students had separated themselves into their groups and were actually studying much to his surprise. There really was something about competition that truly motivated kids. He glanced over to where Miss. Granger sat with 5 of her fellow students.

"Mr. Gray, our team wants to be the Westside Warriors" Samantha Wescot told him. Snape almost rolled his eyes, but checked himself.

"Alright Miss. Wescot" he said writing that up on the board, "Attention everyone, the Westside Warriors have 5 points." Suddenly the other groups were a flurry of chatting and activity.

"We're the Hightown Hornets" Winston Paige yelled out much to Snape's chagrin, so Snape ignored him. Within moments Monica Simmons from the same group approached him.

"May we be the Hightown Hornets Mr. Gray" the girl asked him, "I'm sorry about Winston." Snape uncrossed his arms and wrote that on the board, but then wrote -10 beside it.

"10 points from the Hightown Hornets for Mr. Paige's outburst" Snape announced.

"May we be the Easton Eagles" he heard Granger ask from behind him.

"Alright Miss. Marshal" Snape said and heard the other group proclaim themselves the Down Under Dingoes. The bell rang and the students left the classroom in a bustle of excitement. He shut the door behind his class and groaned. "What have I gotten myself into" he said.

"It's alright Professor" he heard Granger say, he hadn't realized she was still there, "I'll help you figure out prizes, it was a really good idea. Everyone was working really hard once you mentioned the competition."

"Miss. Marshal" he said, "Shouldn't you be on your way to biology?"

"Yes Professor, I was just wondering if it would be alright if I had a sleepover at Rory's tonight" Hermione asked nervously, "I'll drive you home and then go over to her place."

"I suppose that will be fine Miss. Marshal" Snape said sounding tired, "Now get to your next class before I have to assign you a detention for tardiness."


"Livy" Rory shouted and hugged the brunette, "I'm so glad you could come. We're going to have so much fun. Come on, my 'rents want to meet you." Hermione thought the Snow's house may have been the cutest thing she'd ever seen. They parents obviously had taste and money, but they were very classy and discreet about it. They entered what Hermione assumed to be a living room of sorts and she saw a woman who looked almost exactly like Rory, only with a bit more tanned of a complexion, painting her toenails. "Mom, this is Olivia Marshal" Rory said with a huge smile, "Liv, this is my mom Dr. Abigail Snow."

"So you're Olivia, Aurora has told us quite a bit about you" Dr. Snow said shaking Hermione's hand, "You can just call me Abby. Aurora, you should go introduce Olivia to your father. He's in his study."

"Ok mom" Rory said giving her a kiss, "Come on Liv." Hermione followed Aurora upstairs quietly. "Here's my room Livy, you can dump your stuff on my bed" Rory said pushing open a door. After Hermione dumped her stuff they continued down the hall until the end where Rory knocked on the door.

"Come on in" Hermione heard an obviously male voice call from inside. Rory, pushed open the door.

"Hey Daddy, this is Olivia Marshal, you know, the girl I've been telling you about" Rory chirped. Hermione looked at the man who stood up from behind the desk. He didn't look a thing like Rory except that they shared the same complexion. Other than that he had light brown hair and green eyes. "Liv, this is my dad, Darren Snow" Rory introduced, "He's a minister." Hermione raised an eyebrow slightly in surprise. The idea of Rory as a ministers kid seemed a little strange considering her comments about Snape, but she supposed genetics didn't mean everything.

"It's a pleasure to meet you Reverend Snow" Hermione said curtsying before she realized she was wearing jeans.

"You as well Olivia" Reverend Snow said with a smile, "It's always a pleasure to meet Aurora's friends, but I have to work on my sermon now, I'll see you both at dinner."

"Alright Daddy" Rory said and led the two of them out. "He's such a square" Rory announced as soon as they were safely enclosed in her room, "I love him and all, but he's such a goody-goody."

Hermione giggled. "Well he is a minister" she reminded her friend, "I think they do tend to be rather good yes."

"What do your parents do" Rory asked her suddenly.

"They're both dentists" Hermione admitted, "So don't worry, they're pretty square too so I know where you're coming from."

"I had a detention today" Rory said grumpily, "I think you might have been right about McDreamy." Hermione choked, but quickly tried to turn it into a laugh.

"What did you do to get detention" Hermione asked quirking an eyebrow.

"I just had to make sure he saw me behaving inappropriately" Rory said with a shrug, "I paid some guy from the soccer team to make out with me in the hallways when I knew he was coming. I had high hopes at first, he did give me detention after all, but then he just made me write him an essay about 'appropriate behavior'. I tried to be all sexy and everything. Nothing."

"Aww, I'm really sorry Rory" Hermione said although in actuality she was quite glad, she didn't know what she would do if she found out Snape was giving out those types of detentions, not be able to meet his eyes ever again most likely, "I told you he seemed like the professional type though."

"Well, I asked Fiona to try on Monday, maybe I'm just not his type, it would be unfortunate, but it happens sometimes" Rory said letting out a sigh, "If Fee fails though, do you think you would be willing to give it a try?"

Hermione was in shock, she couldn't speak for a moment, and making Hermione Granger speechless was certainly a feat. "Er, well, I don't think so Rory" Hermione said nervously.

"Oh, come on Livy, look at yourself. He's got to go for one of us" Rory said, "Unless he's gay I suppose. It's not like you actually have to do anything if you're not interested. I was a good girl once too, I remember how hard it is to break that pattern. We'll still be ok if you don't." Hermione still couldn't believe they were having this conversation.

"You, a good girl" Hermione said, "Did something happen?"

"Well alright, I'll tell you" Rory said, "It's not like most people don't know anyways, and I'd rather you heard it from me. It was a couple years ago, when I was in grade 8, I met a guy. Not just any guy, he was a senior and so of course we had to sneak around because well, you've met my dad, and even my mom wouldn't have been ok with that much of an age difference. So, anyways we were sneaking around and well, my dad walked in on us one day." Hermione gasped, hoping they hadn't been doing what she was thinking they might have been doing. "Calm down, we were just making out, but he had his hand up my shirt and dad freaked. He sued him and everything, since I was a minor and he was legally an adult. They settled it outside of court, but he and his family had to move away as part of the agreement, and dad sent me to an all girls boarding school, it sucked, but that's where I met Fee. We got our parents to agree to send us to normal school again this year, I'm so glad people still remember me, but yeah, there's my dirty little secret." Hermione was silent for a moment.

"You seem to get along well with your parents though at least" Hermione said, "Why was Fee sent there? Only if you're allowed to tell me that is."

Rory laughed, "Well, Mom and I get along great, but things are still a little tense with Dad. He's hoping you'll be a good influence on me actually. As for Fee, she went there by choice. I'll never really understand her, but I love her none the less."

"Girls, it's time for dinner" they heard Dr. Snow calling them.


"So Olivia, you met our Aurora at school then" Reverend Snow asked when they were alone in his office.

"Yes Reverend, we are in the same homeroom and biology class" Hermione said nervously wishing that the Reverend wasn't so suspicious.

"What do you plan to do after graduation" he asked and she felt her mind rushing to come up with something that would please the man.

"I'm planning to go into healthcare" Hermione improvised, it was true, but she had every plan to be a healer, not a doctor, "I might take a year off to travel first though." She smiled internally, she would at least be traveling back to England so it wasn't technically a lie, although it was rather Slytherin of her.

"Oh, where would you like to travel?"

"Many places Reverend. I'd love to visit Japan, Australia, oh and I'd love to see India" Hermione gushed, "Frankly I want to go everywhere."

"Daddy, stop interrogating Livy" Rory said when she burst in the door, "She didn't do anything." "I'm so sorry about him Livy, he's a little paranoid" Rory said grabbing her arm, "Apologize."

"I'm… sorry" Hermione said quizzically.

"Not you silly" Rory said grinning, "Daddy."

"I'm sorry Miss. Marshal" the man said stiffly, "My daughter is correct. I had no right."

"It's fine" Hermione said as she was pulled out the door.


"I'm soooo sorry about him" Rory moaned.

"It's fine" Hermione said for the 23rd time.

"You're such a good friend you know" Rory admitted, "I brought a girl home last summer, from the boarding school, and Dad gave her the inquisition too, she asked to leave the very next day and I haven't heard from her since."

"Yeah, well, I've had teachers scarier than him" Hermione said, "Quite a few actually. I used to go to boarding school back home. We had this one class where we never had the same teacher for more than one year and almost all of them were, well, evil floats to mind. I can handle myself."

"Thanks Liv. I'm glad you moved here" Rory admitted. They were both silent for a minute and then Rory said, "So, have you given any more thought to McDreamy." Hermione laughed and then grabbed a pillow off of Rory's bed and chucked it at her head. "Oh, good idea" Rory said grinning as she grabbed a pillow as well, "Pillow fight!"


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