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So this is how the story ends: Shang's family was reunited again and complete with their father back and safe. Mulan and Shang moved to a new house, in between both their parents' homes. The house was big, but at a size that was enough for Mulan to handle the cleaning, which to Shang's dismay, she agreed to do.

However, we'll take one last look at the couple, three years after their marriage, and Mulan is pregnant.

It was morning at the Li household and of course Shang was up bright and early and Mulan dragged herself out of bed also.

Mulan was already in the kitchen cooking Shang up some breakfast. As he walked in he kissed her on the lips and sat down at the table.

"You didn't have to wake up so early, you know?" he told her.

"I'm your wife, I have to cook you breakfast before you leave for the day," she said quietly, still tired.

"You're pregnant and I can handle myself, by the way, when did the doctor say you were due?"

"In two more weeks, don't worry, I'll be fine. And I know, you'll be just a few minutes away at camp," she said mocking his serious tone.

"Actually," he said in a slightly more arrogant tone, "I'm going to be at the Emperor's palace in a meeting today with the Emperor discussing more secure measures, for my family,"

Mulan smiled and gave Shang his breakfast and sat at the table with him. He ate his breakfast in just a few bites and quickly got ready.

"That was quick. You don't want to spend time with me?" Mulan gave him a small pout.

Shang laughed and kissed his wife. "No, it's not that. I'm running a little late," Shang ran to the door, but turned one last time to face Mulan, "Besides if I could, then I would go wherever you go and stay with you."

Shang opened the door and ran out to the stables. As the door closed, Mulan smiled and decided to lie down on the couch. The front door opened up and Shang's mother stepped in.

"Good morning Mulan," she greeted her joyfully, "how are you today?"

"I've had better days," she groaned. Mulan got up and suddenly she did not feel well. Shang's mother noticed.

"Mulan," she said rushing to her, "what's wrong?"

At that moment Mulan screamed in pain.

"Okay," his mother said panicking, "you're having a baby."

She made Mulan sit back down while she ran out to get a mid-wife. Seconds later, she came in with a woman.

"Tell…" Mulan said breathlessly, "get someone to tell my husband that I'm having a baby. He is the one person that I need to have here."

Mulan moaned again in pain. They carried her to the bedroom.

In the meanwhile…
"General what is your view on the idea of a border patrol?" the Emperor asked.

To Shang's right side was his father who was now the counsel of defense.

"That would be smart considering the Huns' last invasion through the Great Wall…"

Immediately a man came running into the room interrupting Shang's answer.

"Sir," the man replied breathlessly to Shang, "Your wife is in labor!"

Shang instantly stood up and ran for the door, but realized he had the Emperor in company, so he turned back around.

"I'm sorry, but may I be excused?" Shang asked.

"General," the Emperor said angrily and Shang winced, "of course you may leave. Hurry up now! You can take the rest of the week off."

With that Shang was running out the door, not even waiting to say thank you to the Emperor.

Mulan was screaming and panting endlessly. "Where is Shang?" she kept asking.

Her parents were there, but her father was outside the room and she heard that Shang's father was on the way.

Immediately the door to the bedroom opened and Shang rushed in.

"I came as soon as I heard, I thought you weren't due for another two weeks," Shang said as he rushed to her side.

"DO YOU THINK I PLANNED THIS?!" Mulan asked screaming at him.

She then groaned in pain.

"I'm sorry soldier," Shang said squeezing her hand, "I didn't think I would be doing this to you, I mean we were…"

"Shang," Mulan said turning to him, "you're making this worse. But thank you for coming so soon. It was hard holding this baby in." She smiled at him and then winced.

"What do you this baby will be?" Shang asked her.

"I don't know, I just want it out already,"

Shang laughed. "But I do pray it is a boy, so he can be just like you." She told him.

"And then I will pray that she is a girl so she can be just like you," he told her and kissed her on the lips.

The mid-wife was a little annoyed. "General," she said annoyed, "this is no place for a man. Please leave."

Mulan screamed again in pain. "But I can't leave her like this!" Shang exclaimed.

"Shang," Mulan told him, "Go ahead and leave. I'll be fine. Besides I 'fight good' remember?"

Shang reluctantly left and closed the door to only hear Mulan groan in more pain.

After two hours of pacing back and forth the door finally opened and the mid-wife gestured for him to come in.

"It's a boy," she said smiling at both of them and gave it to Shang to hold.

Just as Shang got the baby, Mulan groaned again.

"She's having another baby!" Shang's mother yelled.

Mulan's mother ushered Shang out with the baby and closed the door.

While outside, Shang cuddled with the baby in his arms. "Your mother is quite the fighter," he told the baby.

After half an hour, the door opened again and Shang stepped inside cautiously with the baby.

Mulan was holding a baby and the mid-wife was talking to both the mothers.

"It's a girl," Mulan smiled as she told Shang.

She handed over the girl, and he gave her the baby boy.

"He's beautiful," she cooed, "just like you."

Shang smiled. In his arms the girl was squirming and moving her arms around.

Mulan laughed. "This little girl is a little feisty; I wonder where she gets it from."

Soon the parents took the babies, each one pointing out what featured belonged to which parent. Grandmother Fa was just happy she could see these adorable babies.

Shang got into the bed her Mulan and she laid her head on his shoulder, while he put his arm around her.

"You did well," he said to her.

"Aww, I didn't do 'good'? That disappoints me," she said laughing.

Shang elbowed her.

"I love you Mulan," he said to her kissing her on the forehead.

"I love you too Shang," she told him as she looked up gazed into his eyes.

Mulan fell asleep in his arms tired from the day's work. And that is how was for them, where they would fall asleep in each other's arms, enjoying each other's company. Time would pass and of course they would have more kids together, but they mostly lived happily ever after. It's impossible to say that someone would live perfectly happily ever after. But together they showed that they could manage to work out each fight or problem like Yin and Yang, the valuable lesson they learned at Qui Gong and after.

The end.

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