Chapter 15, part one.

A/N:I cut half of this chapter part off to begin with. In my binder, I had a complicated thing on the roots of a parabola for the line about problem #7... But I chickened out in the end, not actually sure if I was right... even though I had proved it both ways I knew how.

Ok... This fanfic is a crossover with season 3. Not becuase I wanted to write a crossover to begin with, but becuase it made the most sense. I'm not sure if the digiworld in season three is really intelligent, but if the Ark gets to be, than I'm willing to bet the world does, too. Anyways, I've actually scratched all the plans I had in the story to begin with, because I found a way to cut out a handful of really repetitive chapters. However, I WILL find a way to include the chapter titled names, becuase it was one of my favorites I have ever written.

Disclaimer: You know what I'm going to say, and I'm not up for being creative right now… Because, of course, righting a good chapter is easier than righting a good disclaimer: P

The next morning:

Algebra was really boring, and, to be honest, I had more interesting things to think about. Like... where I was going to go with Kari next weekend.

"Kari, the answer to problem 7 please?"

"What?" She asked. Apparently, she had also been daydreaming.

"Question #7! And if I catch you not paying attention again, you'll be serving detention!"

I decided that I would have to pay attention as well.

Just after the school day ends:

I walked up next to Kari.

"Hey, I don't think I understood Question 7 on my math homework. Can you explain it too me?" I teased.

She giggled "Only if you explain what I had to the L.A. assignment"

I laughed.

We walked into the computer lab.

All of the digidestined were there... Except for one.

Davis was missing. But apparently, we were the last ones in, becuase Izzy began his new to tell us his new plan.

"So." He began "Ken and I have a plan. But first, I have a few things to explain. Well, actually, a LOT of things to explain.

Recently, I figured out a few things. Some hints from Genai here, some other info that the rest of you wouldn't know about there... It just suddenly all clicked for me.

First, the 'world', although 'plane of existence' might be a more apt phrase, we're 'colliding', I'm not sure what word to replace that with, is much like the digital world we're all used to. It appears to be intellegent in and of itself, though.