Roxanne Foreman fussed with her blonde hair and sighed into the mirror. Robin Foreman looked up at her twin from her perch on her bed and laughed a little.

"Your hair is perfect—stop fussing with it." Robin said.

Roxanne turned to her sister. "This is not perfect—this is only mostly perfect."

Robin rolled her eyes. "If you were a brunette you'd just let it go."

"You're not even a natural brunette! You're a blonde!" Roxanne told her.

Robin gasped. "Don't say it that loud—my hair will hear you!"

Roxanne nodded. "Sorry, just…Kelso's coming over tonight."

"He comes over every night." Robin said, going back o her homework.

"Not broken up with Jackie he doesn't." Roxanne replied.

Robin laughed. "Oh right…that's every other night. Isn't Jackie like your best friend?"

Roxanne nodded. "Yes…but he's Michael Kelso."

"Riiiight. Interesting crush choice there, Rox." Robin told her.

Roxanne shot Robin a look. "You're one to talk—like you don't ogle Hyde everyday."

"I do not ogle Hyde! He's completely not my type." Robin said, finishing a math problem. "He makes fun of my name all the time!"

"Well you were named a boy name." Roxanne said.

Robin grabbed her notebook. "I'm doing my homework downstairs."

Roxanne smirked. "Where Hyde can sneak up to steal a beer and then see you sitting at the dining room table and make a remark you can come up with a really terrible comeback to?"

Robin sighed and rolled her eyes again, going out of the bedroom door and down to the dining room table. As she set her homework out, Eric passed by his sisters' room and rapped his knuckles on her open door.

"Didn't I leave you in that same place this morning?" Eric asked with a laugh.

"Very funny—what do you want?" Roxanne asked.

Eric looked around a moment before walking in. "Where's our fake brunette of a sister?"

"Downstairs doing her math homework." Roxanne replied, flipping her hair and smiling. "Hey! It flipped perfectly just then!"

"Is your hair all you care about?" Eric asked her.

Roxanne shook her head. "Actually no—what do you want, Twiggy?"

Eric sat on Robin's bed. "Well…I'm thinking of planning a romantic evening for Donna."

Roxanne smiled. "And you came to ask my advice?"

"Yes." Eric said. "God, help me."

"Hey, I give way better advice than Laurie." Roxanne said.

Eric nodded. "That you do."

"So…flowers are always nice, and you can't go wrong with poetry or chocolate." Roxanne said. "And try not to gab too much, Twiggy—it's one of your worst qualities."

Eric got up. "Thanks for the concern in your voice, Roxie."

Roxanne smiled. "Anytime—let the door hit you in the butt on the way out."

Eric laughed a little and closed the door to his sisters' bedroom, going downstairs and looking at Robin focusing on her math.

"Why do you have to disgrace all of us?" Eric asked her.

Robin looked at him. "Obviously no one in this house understands how important it is for a girl to study around here."

"Robin!" Kitty yelled up the stairs.

"I'm trying to study! You guys know that math is my hardest subject!" Robin replied bitterly.

"My God it sounds like something's dying up here…oh…its just Robin." Hyde said, coming in the back door. "How's Batman, Robin?"

Robin smacked him as he walked by her. "Who invited you?"

Hyde shrugged. "Your sister."

"Come on, Twiggy, why did you invite him over?" Robin asked with a smile.

Hyde held up his hand to high-five her, but she just looked at his hand and then went back to her math problem.

"Robin!" Kitty called again.

Robin set her pencil down. "Forget it—I hate math anyways."

Robin got up to go down the stairs and Eric sighed as Hyde went over to her homework and started erasing things.

"She's going to kick your ass." Eric said.

Hyde shrugged. "I don't mind."

Eric crossed his arms over his chest. "You like her, don't you?"

"No, man, that would be weird." Hyde said.

"I told you Hyde would beat us here, Fez." Kelso said, opening the back door so he and Fez could come into the house.

Fez sighed. "I guess so—what are you doing?"

"Erasing Robin's math answers." Hyde said with a smile.

"I don't think that's a good idea." Fez told him, Robin coming back up the stairs and looking at him sitting in her chair.

"Why not?" Hyde asked. "She'll get all the right answers put back in…eventually."

Robin grabbed a handful of Hyde's hair and pulled a little.

"Ow!" Hyde said, raising his arm to hit her in the stomach.

"Hit me and I'm telling my mother." Robin told him. "Now you're going to sit with me until I get the answers put back in, understand?"


"Daddy!" Roxanne called, coming into the kitchen after Red got home from work.

Red smiled at her. "There you are, Roxie!"

He hugged her happily, and then set a hand on each of her shoulders. "Now what is it you need?"

Roxanne smiled. "I was just welcoming you home, Daddy."

Red nodded. "Well, that's sweet of you."

"But since you asked…I could use some money to go to the movies with Robin." Roxanne told him, smiling her smile at him.

Red smiled back and pulled a ten out of his wallet. "Here you go—half of that is Robin's all right?"

Roxanne nodded and hurried out the back door, Robin going in the backdoor and sighing.

"Hello, gang." She greeted.

Fez smiled. "Hey, Robin."

Kelso gave her a little wave, and Hyde sat in the chair he always sat in, his arms crossed over his chest. Donna looked up from cuddling Eric, and Eric stared her down.

"Oh my God, Eric—take a chill pill." Robin said. "Fez? Do you have the notes from science on you by any chance?"

Fez shook his head. "No, but I can go get them and bring them back over."

Robin smiled. "Why thank you, I'd appreciate it. We can study in the dining room."

Fez grinned and bounded off, Eric looking at Robin. Robin shrugged as Hyde got up to make fun of her, and Kelso looked excited.

"You like Fez! It's all so clear now!" Kelso said. "Well…at least kind of clear, maybe…you like Fez!"

Robin rolled her eyes. "Please. Fez is my friend and nothing more. I just didn't get all the science notes taken down and I need them for the test."

"I didn't know you were into foreigners, but I guess he's as close to Gotham as you're gonna get, Robin." Hyde told her.

Robin looked at him. "If I liked Fez, would I do this?"

Robin dropped her books, which made Hyde stop crossing his arms over his chest, and Robin kissed him. Then she pulled away picked up her books and went to the stairs.

"Didn't think so." She replied. "Wait a minute…is Jackie around here somewhere?"

"She's up with Roxie in your room." Eric replied, as Hyde and Kelso sat there stunned while Donna laughed.

Robin nodded. "I'll just hang out in the dining room."

As Robin hurried up the stairs, Jackie squealed at a pair of Roxanne's shoes.

"Oh my God! These are so cute! I mean not as cute as mine, but they're a close second!" Jackie said. "Where did you get these?"

"Robin bought them for me for a birthday present—I have no idea where she got them from." Roxanne replied. "How do you get your hair so flippy?"

Jackie smiled. "Well speaking from one pretty girl to another, hairspray never fails to work if you use it correctly."

Roxanne smiled too. "I thought so. Have I mentioned that I love your scarf?"

"3 times, but I love hearing it!" Jackie exclaimed. "So…do you think Michael's still downstairs?"

Roxanne shrugged. "Probably. What exactly happened between you two, Jackie?"

Jackie sighed. "Michael and I just don't seem to connect anymore—he's getter harder to control, you know?"

"Men…don't they know by now who's actually in charge of the relationship?" Roxanne asked.

Jackie smiled. "See? You get it?"

"I'm a very perceptive girl." Roxanne said with a shrug.

Jackie nodded and then got up. "Hey, I need to go and check in with my parents, but it was fun."

"Come over tomorrow?" Roxanne asked her as Jackie grabbed her bags.

"Of course!" Jackie said. "Then the day after that you can come over to my house."

Roxanne beamed. "Sounds like a plan."

Jackie nodded and headed out of Roxanne's room, Roxanne going downstairs and towards the basement, looking at Fez and Robin studying science.

"So…studying going well?" Roxanne asked.

Fez grinned up at her. "Incredibly well. Care to join?"

Roxanne smiled. "Thanks for the invite…but no. I'm going to go on downstairs and see what everyone's up to."

Robin nodded. "Twiggy's in his mood today—beware."

Roxanne waved it off. "Please…I can take Twiggy."

Robin laughed. "So true. Have at it, Rox."

Roxanne nodded and went down the stairs, smiling at Eric's sigh. Donna smiled though, and Michael grinned up at her as Hyde sat in the chair with his arms crossed.

"Hey, Roxanne." Donna said.

Roxanne smiled. "Hey, Donna."

"There's space on the couch if you want to stay and hang out." Michael told her, moving to another nearby chair.

Roxanne grinned. "Thanks, but I'm just here to grab my laundry and go back up."

Hyde grunted. "Awesome—tell your sister when you go up to stop touching me."

Roxanne laughed. "Oh you know you like it—I heard about the math problem fiasco."

"Hey! I wouldn't have stayed to help her if she hadn't threatened to tell your mother about it." Hyde told her.

Roxanne rolled her eyes. "Riiight. I'm off. Bye, guys!"

As Roxanne bounded up the stairs, she stopped at the top just in time to hear them talk about her.

"Eric…your sister is hot!" Kelso exclaimed.

Eric looked at him as Donna laughed. "Oh my God…you think all of my sisters are hot."

"Robin is not hot!" Hyde protested.

"I'm not talking about Robin." Kelso replied. "Robin's too serious for me—Roxie on the other hand…girl's got it going on."

Eric shook his head. "No, Kelso! That's my little sister! What is wrong with you? And what is wrong with you, Hyde?"

"You're totally vibing on Robin." Donna told him. "Don't deny it."

"I'm going." Hyde replied, and left the basement.

"Roxie's still hot." Kelso muttered, and sat in his chair as Eric shot him another look.


"Can we jump past the insults and into sister mode please?" Robin asked Roxanne that night after they brushed their teeth and got ready for bed.

Roxanne laughed. "All right, Bigfoot—what do you need to tell me?"

"Well played, Fatty." Robin sighed.

Roxanne gasped. "Why'd you have to pull out that one?"

Robin rolled her eyes. "Rox! I…well…I kissed Steven and I think I liked it."

Roxanne squealed and then planted her hand over her mouth when Robin shushed her. Robin climbed into her bed and then took a deep breath.

"The gang was teasing me about Fez and so…well…I…I tried to prove I didn't like Fez by planting one on Steven—and it wasn't horrible…it was actually kind of nice. He had soft, warm lips and for once I didn't want to insult him, so I just kind of rambled and hurried upstairs." Robin said.

Roxanne laughed. "I knew you liked him! All that hatred is just pent up tension! You know…the hot and bothered kind."

Robin rolled her eyes. "Never mind…all sistered out."

"No! Please, Robin! I have news too!" Roxanne pleaded as Robin snuggled into the covers.

Robin sighed. "Fine. What have you got?"

Roxanne beamed. "Well…Michael thinks I'm hot!"

Robin smiled. "Really? You actually heard him say that?"

"Yes I did—I dunno how enthusiastic Jackie's gonna be, but I'm excited!" Roxanne said happily, clapping her hands.

Robin nodded. "Well I'm happy for you, Rox. Maybe you should go for it—if Jackie's really our friend, she'll let you and Kelso be very happy together."

Roxanne nodded and laid in her bed. "You going to tell Hyde? Because I'm totally telling Michael!"

Robin scoffed. "No, I'm definitely not telling Steven I enjoyed kissing him. No."

"I think you should—the boy needs to be softened up. Some kissing should do him a bit of good." Roxanne said with a laugh.

"Did you finish your homework?" Robin asked her sister, desperately trying to change the subject.

Roxanne nodded. "Yeah—I got bored after Jackie left and you and Fez were all studying and everything."

Robin smiled a little. "Fez is actually really nice."

"I bet, but I like Jackie a lot more." Roxanne replied.

"I understand that." Robin said.

"So…soft and warm?" Roxanne asked.

Robin blushed. "Yeah…it was nice…hey! Stop making me talk about it!"

Roxanne laughed. "You like to talk about it."

Robin rolled her eyes and turned over. "Goodnight, Rox."

"Goodnight, Robin." Roxanne replied.

Roxanne turned onto her back and looked up at the ceiling, smiling—Michael Kelso liked her. Robin looked at the door to her room from her position on her side and thought about it—she liked Steven Hyde. What was going on? It may not have been for Robin, but for Roxanne, this was the perfect end to her mostly perfect day.