Edmonton; a small city with six suburbia's was disappeared what was to be know was to be known has the Edmonton incident. At first, News stations would flock where the massive crater of Greater Edmonton was. Scientists came up with many theories on why Edmonton and surrounding areas was gone.

Some say it was a black hole, while others say it was god or any other deity's will. There was a theory that was popular for a time that a quirk in the universe happened where Edmonton was and teleported them somewhere or sometime. But the one man who was closest to figuring out the truth was an acclaimed scientist Leo Hamilton. He suggested that he had studied the crater was that Edmonton and area was caught in an accidental wormhole and thus shifted to another area in the universe or in alterative universe.

What made Leo say that was when he got to the bottom of the crater he found burned corpses and semi burnt stone buildings. He thought that they where on Earth in time or space, but the agriculture and the bodies shape said other wise, because the bodies had pointed ears instead of normal ears proved that and the DNA testing.

When he tried to explain this to his fellow scientists, they had either laughed or showed concern for his mental health. He would normally try to prove his point, but due to the lack of evidence he gave up on pursing it and goes on with his life. The only people, who supported him, well aren't the people he would want to support him in the first place. They were crackpot scientists, conspiracy theorists or nerds. But he has always wondered, till his deathbed, where did the Edmontonions go?

This is the people who where in Edmonton on that faithful day.

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