Summary: Why does everyone love me? Everyone, that is, except for the one I love. What happens when he tries to tell her how he feels, but something always interups? Rated T!

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Dear Diary,

Why does everyone love me? Everyone, that is, except for the one I love.

My name is Zelda. Princess of Hyrule. But, right now, I'm not in Hyrule. I'm residing in the Smash Mansion, along with my dear Link, and many other acquiantances. Hm, the Smash Mansion... small in size, compared to my castle back in Hyrule. Fortunately, it's large enough to fit a lot of people.

Oh, right. It seems I'm going slightly off topic. You see, many of the men here seem to have an infatuation with me. Whether it be a liking, love, or lust. Take for example...

There was a knock at her door. So she rose, gracefully making her way over to her door and opening it slightly, peering out. Of course, there was one person she didn't enjoy seeing much.

... Marth. Marth Lowell, Prince of Altea. He thinks that since he's a Prince, he gets whatever he wants. And he wants me to be his girlfriend. No way. Not a chance. I don't like Marth in that way. A friend, maybe, but nothing more. He's a pain in the ass. He constantly flirts with me and tries to win my heart, but he also goes and flirts with other girls in the mansion. He's probably just trying to make me jealous. Well, it's definitely not working.

"Ah, Princess! I was wondering if you'd like to join Ike, Roy and I for lunch, if it's not to much trouble?" the young Prince crossed his fingers behind his back for good luck, as his other arm moved forward while he gave a slight bow.

And let me tell you. I hate one of his friends. Ike Greil. He's a pervert. He always tries to force himself onto me, but still has a heart, so doesn't try to rape me or anything. And he gets very violent, so he won't hesitate to beat someone up, whether it be a girl or not. Though, Roy is okay. Actually, he's a good friend of mine. Not in the least perverted, and he doesn't even bother flirting with me. But, whenever I'm upset, he brings me flowers and gives that little boy smile he has. What a sweetheart.

"Sorry, Marth, I'm busy today. I..." Zelda paused, trying to think up a quick excuse. She wasn't too fond of eating lunch with the three of them. "I... promised Peach that I would eat lunch with her today. She wanted to talk to me about something important, so I can't just leave her."

Okay, so, Peach is my best friend here. She's a Princess, just like me. Though, we're total opposites. She's a total prep. Pink, frilly, and cute things. She really cares about her looks, and can get really girly and squealy. I'm used to it by now. As for me... I'm more mature, and more of a tomboy. I'd rather be out in the mud and climbing trees with a sword at hand, rather than being stuck inside a castle. Oh, and I despise getting kidnapped. A lot.

"Shame..." he sighed, looking down a bit. "Well, maybe some other time, then... well, I suppose if I don't leave now, I'll be late. See ya' later, Princess!" Marth winked and waved a bit, turning and running down the hall until he disappeared into another corridor.

Zelda sighed as well, rolling her eyes a bit. She couldn't stand these guys flirting with her all the time. She was about to shut the door, when a short, firey-haired boy slipped his foot in, grinning widely. "Hey, Zellie!"

A small giggle escaped from the Princess' lips, and she opened the door so the boy could enter. "Good morning, Roy. What brings you here?"

Roy entered, wearing a cheerful smile, as usual. "It's almost time for lunch, and..." he paused, and looked out the hallway, then back in. "I gotta get goin'! You should hurry up to the dining room, before we serve the food without ya'!" with a cute wave, the small boy ran off, laughing as he did so.

Confused. She was confused, to say the least. Roy was acting a bit odd... no matter. She stepped out her door, and immediately blushed, seeing Link exiting his room ahead of her. She straightened herself as soon as he realized her presence.

The only think I like about getting kidnapped is the fact that I get rescued by... him. Link. He's so... GAH. Sweet, charming, funny, loyal, cute, caring, gentle... and drop-dead sexy. I fell in love with him when he first saved me, but... I have no idea if he feels the same way or not... probably not. But one can dream, can't she?

"My liege," the green-clad hero approached her and placed a hand over his heart, lowering himself to one knee on the floor.

She really did hate how distant they were with each other. Always acting so formal... she wanted to gain at least more of a friendship with him. But he was so quiet and shy all the time, it was hard. "Please, Sir Link, I am sure that I have told you before, that you need not bow to me."

Link slowly rose, keeping his head down. "I apologize, Your Highness."

Okay, she had had it. She wanted to be treated normally here, not as some stupid Princess. So, she moved a hand forward, placing it on his cheek and guiding his head up. "Zelda. My name is Zelda."

"R-right... sorry, Zelda..." Was that a blush on his cheeks? It was faint, but she could've sworn that it was really there... or maybe these were just hopeful thoughts racking in her imagination.

She retracted her hand quickly, now blushing herself. She would always get so nervous around him. It was frustrating at times, really. She could never look him straight in the eyes without turning red. She really did hope that it didn't make him think that she was unattracted to him... quite the opposite, really.

Link was about to say something, but he stuttered a bit, and was then interrupted by a loud voice coming from the dining room. "Link, Zelda, hurry up! We're hungry!"

The hero muttered a quiet apology before heading to the dining room. Zelda smiled faintly and blushed, as the door was held open for her.

Okay, so, just about everyone in the mansion knew of my love for Link. Everyone, that is, except for Link himself. He could be really dense sometimes. Everyone had always told me that Link and I would look so good together... so perfect... almost as perfect as his sincere, blue eyes, and his blonde locks, and--- oh dear. I'm rambling. Anyway, I did once hear a rumor about him liking me... but that's just a fantasy for me. If it was true, I would be... I don't know... ecstatic? Sure, let's go with that. Maybe I should just take Peach's advice and kiss him or something. But, that would be a little bold. Just a little. And I'm way too shy to just do something like that.

After lunch, Zelda immediately went back to her room. Basically, because she saw Ike staring at her, and it put her a little on edge. Once in her room, the door was shut and locked behind her, and she sat down on her bed. She removed her long gloves, her shoulder armor, her boots, her tiara...

You know what? One thing I hate... dressing like a Princess. People tell me that I'm so beautiful and composed, but I would rather dress in sweat pants and a baggy t-shirt. Dresses can be so uncomfortable. The one I wear, though, is moderately comfortable. Easy to fight in. At least I don't have to wear uncomfortable heels. No, I wear boots. For men. Much, MUCH more comfortable than heels. And much easier to move around in.

She took her hair out of the long braid, and let her bangs loose. Her hair was long and wavy, due to being tied back in a braid all the time. Finally, she took out the earrings she wore, and placed them aside with the rest of the discarded items.

I really do hate getting all 'prettied up'. But it's how things are. And besides, I have to look good for Link. I can never let him see me when I don't look my best... that would just be embarassing.

But then, there was a gentle rapping at her door. She figured it was Roy or something, so she made her way over to her door and opened it, immediately flushing a deep red.

"Ah, Y-your Majesty, sorry... for interrupting..." there stood Link. The one person Zelda did not want to come to her door right now, since she wasn't dressed properly.

Zelda couldn't stop blushing, but she shook her head. "It is fine, Sir Link." It always amazed her how she managed to keep her voice so calm, despite how she felt inside. "What is it that you need?"

He cleared his throat and shifted his weight to one side, nervously scratching the back of his neck. "I..." a faint blush crossed his cheeks as he started, but he continued. "I, uh... I heard something from Roy a while ago... that..."

She froze. He told him. Roy told Link. This was bad. This was bad.

I wonder what would happen if Link ever found out that I loved him... he probably doesn't return my feelings, so I hope that he never finds out. That would be bad.

"... he told you?" Zelda interrupted the hero, and her blush deepened. "Goddesses-damn him!" she swiftly moved around Link and disappeared into another hall, leaving a confused and slightly hurt hero.

"She... left," Link stood there, not knowing what to do. "She wouldn't even let me say how I feel..."

... or maybe it would be for the better.


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