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Dear Diary,

Link shot up from his seat on the bed, equipping his sword and shield. He looked toward Zelda, as if asking for permission to leave.

"That…" Zelda stood up as well. "That was Peach. I know it was. I'm coming with you."

I recently realized how much my friends mean to me. I've gained quite a few friends, ever since I left Hyrule and came to the mansion. People here… they understand me. Most of them, anyway. Especially Peach. A fellow Princess. Though, she actually enjoys being a Princess, and I don't. That's the main difference between us. She likes the pink dresses, and the high heels, and the pretty tiaras. I hate it.

The hero was about to object, but he decided against it, knowing that he shouldn't argue with his princess. With a slight nod of his head, he led her out of the room.


She also likes her hero, Mario. They fell in love long ago, and have been inseparable ever since. Mario's younger brother, Luigi, is one of Peach's best friends. Those three are pretty much always seen together. And whenever she's not with them, she's with Samus and I. Samus is the third member in our group, but she's more distant. I don't know her too well… we only know each other through Peach.

As soon as the two Hylians stepped out of the room, they were nearly shoved aside by Peach's hero, Mario. He seemed to be in a rush to make his way over to where Peach's scream came from.

Letting him pass, Link led Zelda to where the scream was heard, following Mario.

"N-no… my-a Peach…" Mario sunk down to his knees and gently touched Peach's cheek. There she lay, her body bloody and broken.

A small gasp emanated from Zelda's lips, as she stood there, shocked. This was her best friend, after all.

"Zelda." Samus' voice rose from behind the young princess, clear and calm. "You have healing magic."

I wonder what would happen if our little group was ever separated. I still have other friends… like all of the swordsmen… somewhat. Hm, if Peach ever left our group, I'm pretty sure that Samus and I would stop hanging out in general. Samus and I have never been close… maybe I should try to talk to her someday soon.

"R-right…" She kneeled down beside Mario, and moved a hand to Peach's neck, checking for a pulse. When she found nothing, she moved to feel the other princess' wrist. Still nothing. "She's… dead."

Zelda stood again, remaining as calm as she could, and placed a comforting hand on Mario's shoulder.

"My-a poor Princess…" Ignoring the hand on his shoulder, Mario brushed aside Peach's bangs and leaned over, kissing her bloody forehead and whispering to her dead body. "Who could-a do-a something like-a this…?"


Onto another topic… ah, I really should be reading or something right now. I read a lot. And I get a lot of paperwork sent to me from Hyrule. I should be working on that, too. Oh, well, someone will end up disturbing me, anyway. They always do. I hate it when people interrupt my work.

There was a soft knock at Zelda's door, causing her to look up from the pile of papers and books she had at her desk. She shrugged and looked back down at her work, calling out to whoever was at her door. "Busy, go away."

Unless it's a close friend, or something. Friends come before work. That's something I learned after a while of staying in this mansion.

The door opened anyway, and in walked a short, green-clad hero, who was known as Young Link. "Zelda…?"

She looked over at Young Link, and forced a smile. "Oh, Chikara. Come here." She held open her arms, and Young Link, or 'Chikara', ran over to her and hugged her tightly.

"Ness and Lucas… they were found… dead…" Young Link started to sob, burying his head in the princess' shoulder.

Zelda tightened her grip around the young boy, rubbing his back to try and calm him. "It's okay, nothing will get you. I want you to go find someone safe to stay with, so I can finish my work. Can you do that?"

He nodded and pulled back, running out of the door.

"Goddesses, this---"

But if I get disturbed too much, I do get a little snappy. After all, how can one concentrate on work with so many distractions?

Another knock at the door interrupted Zelda's thoughts, causing her to sigh in frustration. "Go away!"

Once again, the door opened anyway. "Sheesh, since when do you not want my company?"

"Roy, now's not the time. I'm working."

"While people are dying? Something is seriously wrong, Zels… we lost the Pokémon Trainer, and all of the Pokémon."

Zelda winced at the thought. "Does that include Jigglypuff, Pikachu, MewTwo and Lucario?"

Roy nodded, looking down at his feet. "We're all meeting in the den in about half an hour. Are you coming?"

"Aye, I'll be there."

The swordsman nodded and left, closing the door behind him.

That's when I like to take time to pray to the Goddesses. I know that they'll always watch over me, and they listen to my words.

"Listen to my words, Goddesses… Farore, Din, Nayru…" Zelda started her prayer, closing her eyes and bowing her head. "I pray for the safety of my fellow companions, and most of all, the hero of your land…"

In the midst of her prayer, the door to her bedroom slowly creaked open. Link entered quietly, and hearing the blessing, he too closed his eyes, head bowed.

"… I pray that whatever is happening will end soon, for all of these lives do not deserve such deaths. Goddess Nayru, bless my soul, and continue to lend me your wisdom…"

"And I, Goddess Farore, your courage," Link interrupted, his voice sounding serious. His princess didn't look up or speak, so he continued. "Lend us the power we need to end these series of unfortunate events."

For a brief moment, the Triforce symbols on the back of both Hylians' hands gave off a dull glow, and then dissipated.

"Please watch over us," Zelda finished, and then raised her head.

The blonde hero whispered something under his breath, before opening his eyes and smiling at his princess. "The Goddesses will protect us."

"Aye, they always have, and always will," Zelda stood from her desk, while giving a small smile back at the hero.

You want to know one thing that I've always loved? The way Link acts when he's protecting me. He always smiles at me to make me feel safe, and keeps me close. He'll even hold my hand. Maybe… just maybe, he likes me. Like that.

"Shall we go down to the den, Princess? I don't want you going down there alone, just in case something happens…" Link smiled sheepishly, rubbing the back of his head. He took another step toward the princess and bowed, holding out his hand.

"Yes, of course." Zelda smiled gratefully and reached forward, taking Link's hand, and causing him to blush in response.

Standing up straight once more, Link started to walk down to the den, intertwining his fingers with the tender, gloved ones. Zelda didn't mind this at all, and stepped closer to her hero.

Link blushed faintly at all of this close contact, but knew that this was no time to get flustered, and kept a confident smile on his face.

It's cute how he always acts so nervously, too. Whenever I get close, he blushes and gets all fidgety. This could be a sign that he really does love me…

"BOO!" A large hand grabbed Zelda's shoulder from behind, causing her to yelp and jump a bit.

Reacting instantly, Link pulled his princess close against his chest, using his other hand to pull out his sword and hold it up to the man now before them.

The other swordsman laughed loudly, moving out of the Master Sword's range.

"Not funny, Ike." Link pulled back his sword, sheathing it once more. Still holding Zelda close to him, he glared, resisting the urge to punch Ike in the face.

"Aw, come on, Link. You gotta admit, Zelda's cute when she's scared," Ike said, reaching a hand forward to run the back of his finger along Zelda's cheek.

"Don't fucking touch her, you prick." Link used his free arm to grab Ike's wrist and shove it away, flipping him off after. He kept an arm around Zelda and turned back towards the den, starting to walk again.

Ike shrugged and ran ahead of them, heading to the dining room. As soon as he was gone, Link's muscles relaxed slightly. "I hate that guy. He thinks that he can just touch you whenever he fucking feels like it."

"Link, calm down… he means no real harm," Zelda spoke quietly, leaning against Link a bit.

"You say that now… but you never know when he'll barge into your room in the middle of the night and try to rape you."

This made Zelda tense up, her thoughts wandering over to the shadow that occasionally disrupted her sleep.

Link noticed this and stopped walking, pulling away and placing his hands on Zelda's shoulders. Peering down at her, he raised a questioning eyebrow.

"It's nothing. I just… felt a chill." Zelda placed her hands atop of Link's, and removed them from her shoulders.

"If you say so, Princess…" He carefully placed his arm around Zelda's waist, and looked down at her, as if asked if this motion was alright.

She only smiled and leaned on him slightly, and they began to walk.

You know, sometimes it really does seem like he loves me. We even have those moments that make us look like a couple. But, this could just be hopeful thinking… but one can hope.


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