"Zero?! What happened?"

Zero had his head down on his fists that were grasping the sheets of Yuuki's bed. He flinched at the sound of the Chairman's voice. He lifted himself off the bed and stared at the opposite wall. "I don't know."

The Chairman leaned around and saw Zero's eyes. They were wide and shaking, but he couldn't pinpoint the emotion that sat on the surface. "Zero…" he sighed and touched his shoulder. Zero cringed away automatically as if he was burned. His eyes glared at him from far away. The Chairman pulled his hand back out of the air and took his scarf off.

"What. Happened." He emphasized and his eyes grew cold and hard.

Zero seemed to snap out of a trance. He stumbled to his knees and looked at his hands. "Yuuki…" he began and then looked up at the Chairman, who was gaping at him.

"She… we were in the bathroom. And she was yelling at me for…" he swallowed his words and ditched the sentence, starting anew. "Before I knew it, she collapsed to the ground. I tried to lift her off the ground, but she was cold, and it felt as if her body would crumble if I did. She was cold…" he grabbed the hair on his head in despair.

"So cold…"

The Chairman knelt down beside him. He hesitated before touching his shoulders, scared he might jump up and choke him. The veins on his hands looked like they were going to pop.

He grabbed Zero by the shoulders. "Is Yuuki okay?"

Before he finished asking the question, Zero was shaking his head. "I have no idea. She hasn't woken up."

"She's breathing, yes?"

Zero choked out a very small "yes."

He pulled Zero to his feet. Zero refused to look anywhere but his hands. "Zero, look at me."

Zero didn't move. "Zero." The Chairman grabbed his chin and made them meet gazes.

Zero's eyes were forcing back tears. His lips were trembling from the effort.

The Chairman's eyes flew open in shock. He dropped his chin, speechless.

For Zero to convey such emotions was…

The Chairman shook his head, unable to find the word. 'Surprising' hardly fit the slot.

"Get some rest--"


The Chairman squinted his eyes at Zero.

"I won't leave Yuuki. Not until she wakes."

"So when she does wake, you're going to leave?" The Chairman snapped back at Zero.

He looked back up at the Chairman. "No, I…"

"Get some rest." He repeated. "Do you want Yuuki to see you like this?"

Zero looked at Yuuki for the first time in their conversation. Her face was emotionless and crusted with sweat. She lay over the covers, her hands still and at her sides.

"You're right." Zero admitted and walked to a chair in the corner of the room. The Chairman coughed. "A bed, please." Zero shook his head. "I agreed to sleep. You didn't say where."

He knew the real reason was that Zero didn't want to leave Yuuki alone. It was understandable. "Very well. Just go to sleep, Zero."

Before the Chairman even left the room, Zero had his eyes closed.

It was 3:00 a.m. when Zero sensed a stirring in Yuuki's bed. He opened one eye and watched as a slender figure pushed itself into a sitting position.

There was half a shriek, but two pale hands clamped itself over her mouth before it carried. Zero reached above him and tugged at a string. A light over him flicked on, and the room began to glow a weak orange.

Yuuki had her good, and her bad hand covering her soft lips. Her eyes were amazing large, and fresh tears had already been falling down her face. Her pale blue dress clung to her skin like her hair did her neck.

She looked dreadful and sweaty.

Yuuki's eyes quickly flashed to meet Zero's hard gaze as soon as the lamp was on.

From across the room, he could hear her heartbeat.

It was faster than he thought it could go.

They only gaped at each other.



"Nn…ngh." Yuuki scrambled over the blankets and launched herself into Zero's arms.

It took him a moment to recover before he clutched her to him. Yuuki's sobs of pain and sadness rang themselves in his ears. "Zero! Zero! Zero!"

"Yuuki, shh, it's alright. It's alright." He wasn't sure how to deal with something like this, so he just stroked her hair as she grabbed at his chest and cried.

A sudden thought came across his mind. Was she crying his name because she felt guilt and pain toward him? Or was she looking for comfort? Not in him. But anyone.

If Kaname were here, would she be crying his name?

He ignored the rhetorical questions, and continued to hold Yuuki.

"I'm sorry, Zero."

It was almost 11 now. Yuuki was laying back on her bed as Zero stroked her hair. He always had a hard time touching her like this. But right now, he didn't hesitate.

His eyes softened and he smiled, "It's alright."

Neither of them wanted to make this difficult. After he spoke, Yuuki blushed and looked up at the ceiling.

Zero smiled. I'm so happy.

She closed her eyes and focused on Zero's hand. The soft feel of it touching her was relieving. His hand was cold, but that made her warm.

Her own personal antidote.

"Zero, you know… after the meeting…?"

His hand automatically stopped and he quickly looked away from her eyes.


"It's nothing." he muttered.

She pursed her lips, uncertain, but then continued. "I had my suspicions about one of the members. The young one, with the black hair."

Zero turned to her then. The sudden mention of him made Zero pay attention. He locked his jaw.

"Well, all throughout the meeting, he was giving me these…strange looks--"

"Like what, Yuuki?"

She blinked at the urgency in his tone. "W-well… I'm not sure. He almost looked… pained. And frustrated. But he was staring at me, Zero. I'm not sure why, though."

Zero listened carefully, then spoke after a short moment. "During the meeting…"


"During the meeting, I felt a surge of power try to overcome me. I looked in his direction, and he had this look in his eyes. I know it was him, Yuuki. He was trying to possess me during the meeting. But I focused on you after that, and he could no longer touch me. He has powers. Extraordinary powers. Much too advance for a simple Aristocrat." Zero looked to Yuuki. Her mouth was open at this information. "I think he's a pureblood."

"Chairman, we need to--"


As soon as Yuuki walked into the Headmaster's office, he smothered her in hugs. "O…ow. That kinda hurts, Dad."

The Chairman pushed back but held her shoulders. "Y-you called me 'Dad.'" he sniffed.

Yuuki looked to Zero. He glared at the Chairman, looking frankly annoyed. "Er, yeah, I guess I did."

She pushed him away from his second embrace and looked into his eyes. He stopped his blubbering. "We have to talk to you about the Vampire Council. It's important."

The Chairman sighed and stepped back as he adjusted his glasses. "This is really sudden, Yuuki." He looked at her with uncertainty. She clutched her skirt. "But it looks like you really mean it."

He fell back into the chair and spun around to face the window. "What's wrong?"

"Look at us, Headmaster." It was Zero who had spoken.

The Chairman's eyes narrowed as he turned his chair 90 degrees and watched them from the corner of his eyes.

Yuuki cleared her throat, but Zero spoke again. She poked him, annoyed. "There was a member at that meeting. He seemed to be the youngest. His eyes were green and his hair was black. Do you remember?"

The Chairman folded his hands and leaned forward on them. "Yes," he sighed.

Zero nodded, satisfied. "He has immense amounts of power, am I wrong?" The Chairman closed his eyes this time. "No."

Yuuki was pleased that the Chairman didn't bother with lies. But because he wasn't lying, didn't that mean it wasn't that serious?

Zero didn't think that was the case, so he jumped to the point. "He's a pureblood, right?"

The Chairman didn't move this time. Zero sighed, "Headmaster?"

He begun to shake his head, not looking in Zero's direction. "That, I do not know."

Zero clenched his teeth. "You're lying."

Yuuki grabbed Zero's sleeve.

The Chairman's chair turned to face them, and he put his elbows on his desk as he cupped his face. "No, Zero. I do not know. I think the only person that does is Ichio."

"Keh," Zero spat at the name.

"He does, indeed, have amazing powers," said the Headmaster. "But he could very well be an Aristocrat."

"But his powers are--"

"Wait until I'm done speaking." The Chairman's eyes opened and he shot him a glare.

Zero hesitated, then fell back on his heel again. He nodded.

"There is no way to prove that he is either. We could search his family tree, but as far as I know, he doesn't have a family. The records of any 'family' he had would have been burned." Zero flinched.

"For a pureblood to appear out of the blue," he shook his head at the insanity, "is nearly impossible. The only two purebloods that anyone knows of is Kuran Kaname and Shirabuki Sara."

"You said it yourself though, Headmaster," Zero explained as he held out his hands, " 'that anyone knows of.' There could more out there!"

The Headmaster shook his head. "It's highly unlikely."

Zero frowned and tightened his fists. Yuuki looked down at his hands, worried.

"His name is X Takumi."

Both Zero and Yuuki blinked at that. "What do you mean 'X' Takumi?"

He leaned back and explained, "Takumi was found in the woods nearly ten years ago. He had no records. No parents, no name, no nothing. Ichio's father found him -- before he passed away -- and decided it was wrong to give him a last name until they knew who he was."

His story… was exactly like Yuuki's. This made her step back.

"Everyone called him Takumi for adroit, artisan… skillful. And he indeed is skillful. He's very handy in battle. He can handle a sword very well, and he's highly flexible. Not until later did the Council find out he had wonderful powers as well. He was accepted as a member right away."

Yuuki gaped. "They accepted him as a member when they didn't even know who he was?" The idea seemed ridiculous to her.


Zero took all of this in. "And Takumi," his tone was noticeably sour, "hasn't remembered his name. But he knows if he's a pureblood? You said that Ichio knew, but he can't possibly know unless Takumi told him himself. How does that make sense?"

The Chairman's eyes widened with those words. "I'm not sure. But you can tell a Pureblood from an Aristocrat…can't you?"

Zero's eyes narrowed.

"I can't," Yuuki shrugged, but her comment was ignored. Zero looked at his hands, "It's as if I can…feel them. I can tell the difference between a Aristocrat and a Pureblood. Their power pushes off them in waves." He put his hand down to his side. "But I didn't get that from Takumi."

"It's confusing," the Chairman agreed. "No one can say anything about the boy. There's too many questions to be answered before you find the answer to your original thought. There's no point in discussing this."

"What? So you have no suspicions about him? How could you not?! His powers are unlike any other Aristocrat's. You're changing your thoughts over and over, Headmaster."

"Maybe he's different," the Chairman snapped, closing the subject on an open note.

Zero's hands dropped from the air to his sides. He spun around and looked at the door.

Yuuki clutched his sleeve. "Zero?"

"I thought you were better than that, Headmaster."

Zero pulled away from Yuuki with a quick jerk of the arm. He stalked out the door.

Yuuki sighed and turned to the Chairman, who was staring out the window again. She didn't bother with a good-bye, but went out into the hall as well. She knew Zero had gone outside, but she wasn't sure where.

She walked into the refreshing air, inhaling. It was nice to be out of the building and somewhere where she could breath easily.

Her eyes traveled across the grass and trees. Behind bushes and rocks. Even underneath. "Zero, where are you?" she sighed and sat on the rock she just finished lifting. He's hopeless.


Yuuki lifted her head from her hands and blinked.

Zero 2 sat on his hind legs in front of Yuuki, his tail high and waving. "Mew?" The cat rubbed against her legs and began to purr as it arched it's back and slithered around her feet.

"Oh, you're so cute." She sighed and lifted it into her hands. She gazed at him for a small moment before she cradled him in her arms. "I don't know what to do with you."

Yuuki gasped at her own comment.

Was she talking to the cat? Or Zero? She sighed again. They resemble each other so much.

"Yuuki?" The familiar voice nearly made Yuuki drop the cat.

Standing ten feet away was Kuran Kaname. How long had it been?

He blinked at her, and the crimson of his eyes reflected in hers. He wore long black pants, that framed his legs well, and a blue v-neck that was open at the neck. Long brown material draped over the side of his arm.

Yuuki blushed, as she did every time she saw him. "Kaname?" her tone was identical to his.

"What are you doing out here? Isn't a little cold to be outside?" He approached her and snapped out the brown material. It was a coat.

He fitted it around her shoulders then stepped back to look at her. He eyed the cat that she was holding. Her hand was still frozen on it's belly. "Mew?"

"What are you doing with a cat, Yuuki?" he asked as he plopped down onto his knees and leaned forward so his face got a good view of the cat. It hissed and clawed at the air. He leaned back, laughing.

It didn't like Kaname. Just like Zero.

The thought made Yuuki jump.

Kaname observed it from afar. "Haha, the cat somewhat resembles you. Look at those eyes."

He smiled then, and turned his gaze to Yuuki.

His eyes were deep. Really deep.

She swallowed and looked down at the cat. "You're not the only one who's said that," she pouted very softly.

"Eh? I'm not?" he pointed to himself.

"Who else then?"

An image of Zero came to her mind as she studied the cat and thought about Kaname's question. "Ah, no one. No one really!" She shook her head and pushed away the red on her face.

Kaname frowned and looked at the cat. "You really don't tell me anything anymore, do you?"

"Wh…" Yuuki stared at him, but he continued to look at the cat. "Th-that's not true!"

Her tone caused him to look up at her again. Her face was red and stubborn.

He sighed and turned his head. "Yes it is."

Yuuki's face was a deep flush now. Her reply was loud. "No it's not!"

A bird fluttered it's wings from above and flew to another tree. Yuuki's eyes were tightly closed as she held her confidence. The silence grew still.

"Then tell me something…"

Yuuki opened her eyes only to meet Kaname face-to-face. Her heart skipped a beat. She had nowhere to direct her gaze but to his eyes. His dark red eyes held her own, and he did not speak. Yuuki released her breath, and captured new air. Kaname's eyes narrowed.

He fell into her chest and wrapped his arms around her back, sighing. Zero 2 hissed and jumped from her arms as he ran through a bush, disappearing.

Kaname's head buried itself into the nick of her neck.

Yuuki's arms were held outspread. She wasn't sure what to do with them. Her face held it's violet shade.

"Ah, K-Kaname…?"

He breathed contently. He was silent after that.

Her arms were too embarrassed to wrap themselves back around him.

"Tell me," he murmured into her skin. Her heart jumped at his voice.

He could hear it. He smiled in the back of his mind. "Tell me…" he repeated again but did not finish.

Zero was at the horse stable, relaxing against the door. He thought about what the Chairman had said, how many times he changed his mind, why he was so uncomfortable.

Indeed, he did not know whether or not Takumi was a Pureblood or not. But Zero could not pinpoint the Chairman's intentions. Did he have any?

Zero thought about that then.

After a long moments thought, Zero saw a small white creature crawl out of a tree.

The cat trotted up to Zero, and meowed at him.

"What do you want?" Zero asked, annoyed. The cat put both of it's front paws on Zero's leg and began meowing more. Zero shook it off, but Zero 2 only came back to do it again.

"What is it, Zero?"

Did I just call the cat me? Zero shook his head. Yuuki is getting to me. But that wasn't exactly the worst thought. Okay, maybe it is.

The neko gazed into the trees then back at Zero. He clawed his pant-legs again. Then it jumped down and walked a few steps to the trees. Zero eyed it as it moved.

It looked backed at him, then towards the trees. "Mew."

Zero blinked and stepped forward, putting his hands into his pockets. "You want me to follow you?"

"Mew, mew." It turned and pranced into the trees. Zero followed slowly.

Yuuki could feel Kaname breath slowly into her neck. "Y-yes?" He was so still that he could have very well been sleeping.

"Are you bothered by me doing this?" His arms scooted up her back so he could hold her more carefully to him. She blushed further and looked down at him. His body was bent over her legs in crouch, and his arms had tightly positioned them under her's and around her back. Yuuki relaxed at his question, but she couldn't keep the violet off her face.

She sighed.

Yuuki wrapped her slender arms around his neck. "No," she murmured into hair. "I'm not."

He continued to breathe. "Are you telling the truth?"

She hesitated for only a moment. Of course she was telling the truth. Why would he ask such a thing?

"Yes… Kaname."

Zero stepped out from behind a tree, keeping one hand in his pocket, and the other up the sleeve of his jacket where his fingers brushed the Bloody Rose. He didn't express any emotion as he watched the two sit there silently.

Kaname's eyes flickered in Zero's direction, aware of his presence while Yuuki was not.

Zero turned and walked away from them as coolly as possible. He shouldn't care that Kaname had done such thing. It didn't matter to him.

Zero's hands balled up into fists and he stalked toward his room.

Yuuki listened to the small breaths Kaname took. It took her a moment to notice the sudden change in pace.

Kaname's fingers clutched the back of her jacket, making Yuuki open her eyes. "Kaname, are you alright?"

He wasn't.

Kindled by the sweet aroma of her skin, Kaname's head leaned back and he eyed Yuuki's throat.

Warm, red blood was noticeable, even under the light pink of her neck. He withdrew one hand from her back, and ever so lightly, touched her sweltering flesh with the tip of his fingers.

Yuuki was shocked. "Kaname, you're…"

He leaned forward and touched his lips to the base of her throat. Yuuki's arms were holding air.

His tongue tasted her neck. Yuuki's head fell back. She was astounded, yet she found an odd pleasure in this.

Kaname's tongue traced up her neck to the very tip of her jaw line.

His hands grasped her back tightly, and he pushed away with equal force.

He wiped his lips with the back of his sleeve. "I got carried away. I'm sorry, Yuuki."

She blinked. Her head felt light. It was spinning.

"I won't ever do such a thing again. It was stupid."

Yuuki touched her forehead. "I…it's fine. Really." It was more than just fine. It was…

Thinking like this, she knew, was bad.

"I will leave you then." Kaname offered her his hand, and she took it. With her good one, of course. "Get better soon, Yuuki. I wish you didn't have to go through such pain. I'd heal you myself, but something large like this would take time."

He waved to her, and walked away. She watched him until he was completely out of view. Even then, she still stared at the spot where he disappeared.

Her left arm wrapped around her good one. The fingers brushed against Kaname's coat.

He forgot his coat.

She knew she couldn't possibly catch up now. She would have to wait until she saw him next. But when would that be? She'd have to carry it around everywhere.

Then the sudden thought of school came up, and she realized it began the day after tomorrow. That was when she would give it back. But until then…

Yuuki tugged the coat off and held it to her nose. It smelled like him. Kaname had his own special scent. She walked back to her dorm, in the opposite direction of Kaname's.

Zero's eyes were wide.

He watched Yuuki's departing figure, his hands clutching the frame of the window. He released it, and stared at the small indent his fingers made.

Why hadn't he done anything? It was Zero's job to protect her. Even if it was from Kaname.

Zero had stood there and watched Yuuki and Kaname. He watched his tongue travel up her neck, he watched his lustful eyes, he watched the desire for her blood take control of his motions, and he watched Yuuki. Sitting still and leaning back.

She had wanted him to bite her. To turn her into a vampire, she must've known. Why? Why would she want that?

But Zero stood there and did nothing. Only to see if Kaname would really do it. Would he turn her into a vampire? Ever? Why…

How could one want to turn the one they love into a vampire? Why?


Debris fell from the wall and rained on the floor. Zero stared at his feet through his hair, and didn't remove his fist from the wall.

He clenched his teeth and punched the wall again. And again.


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