Death and Return of Crono






I really don't know what the first thing I was aware of as I began to pull my burned, broken body up from the ground. Facing Lavos as he was now, we were completely outclassed. Magus was nearly unconscious to one side, his own attack easily shrugged off by the massive creature. I struggled my way through the waves of power rolling off the shell of the monster, dragging my sword behind me one handed.

My other arm was broken at the time I think.

I'm not sure where I pulled the strength from, but I managed to get my sword up and into a stance somehow, facing off alone against Lavos, devourer of worlds. Heh. Such arrogance. Lavos simply opened his maw and began drawing us in with a powerful suction. I held my ground, but the others were slowly being dragged towards his cavernous maw. With a cry I charged, determined to save my friends, my only reward was the sight of energy gathering before me, as he powered up for an attack.

I don't remember much after that. Something struck me in the chest with a wet sounding thud. After that, something rose out of me, and I stared at it dumbly for a second or two as it flitted away. I remembered then, the words of that boy.

"One of you...will shortly perish."

Then an explosion of light, and all went dark.




There were few lights and sounds, but after a moment they all came together and I saw that dream again. The one where someone is calling me, telling me it's morning. Someone, that isn't my mother?

I jerked, the dream fading again before I could see who it was. My eyes opened slowly, not sure of what I was seeing. Glenn stood nearby, a look of relief on his face, Robo was being hugged by Lucca, and Ayla was watching me expectantly. Even Magus was there. He looked away, hiding behind his cloak as I slowly looked up, trying to take in what had just happened.


I wasn't prepared for the hand that came out of nowhere to slap me in the face, hard. Then Marle had her arms around my neck and was crying into my shoulder. "Don't!" she sobbed into my ear.

"Don't ever do that again! Don't ever leave us again..." She broke into softer sobs as her arms tightened around me. Looking to the others for some kind of explanation, I settled for simply putting my arms around her when nothing was forthcoming.


That's it. Was listening to some CT tracks, and got "Depths of the Night" up, and this idea came to mind. It's a bit short and kinda cuts off at the end I know, but It's just a little idea I had. "Depths of the Night" is one of those songs I can't listen to without getting all misty-eyed. Simply because the scene it's used in is so powerfully associated with it, it's really the perfect kind of sound for that particular scene.

Little spoiler...

And come on, you gotta have Marle be the one to save Crono. (hehe. Only my opinion.)